Бокс: длинная “советская” двойка в челноке/Boxing: soviet-style one-two

Long one-two. Sit on the right foot. Long, long straight right, send it with your shoulder. Again! Jump with two feet. Two feet. Here is you. Because your hand fires too early. Footwork. Rotate your hip. Why do you go up like this. Jump forward. When you jump forward you will go up a little anyway. Throw the punch, rotate your hips. Corkscrew your shoulder along with the fist. Faster. Sit on the back foot. You should jump forward on your back foot. Do not bend. No extra movements. Rotate on your back feet. Put your feet wilder. You are doing well. Do not bend. Just rotate your hip. Rotate your hip, rotate your butt. One more time. More power now. Explode with your feet. Explosion. Clench your fists. Long one-two!. Power comes from the shoulder, throw the fists forward at once. The fist should be corkscrewed at once. Throw your fist with your shoulder. Almost there. The hip power goes right into the arm. Throw one-two in the single mitt. Why did you stop? Put your left foot further forward. The left foot should be more forward, where is your second jump? Faster. The second jump. Jump with both feet. Where is your second jump? You don’t feel it? Look. You did this. Here is the jab and then you just go up. You just go up. And you can not continue, your right hand fires too early and you loose your tuck in position. You must jump for the first time then jump again and rotate. And you stay in one place and go up without rotation. Try again. Two jumps forward and up. Ok but why are you straightening your knees? Why? Aha, you are trying to put more more in the punch. More power? Right? Ok, it is logical. Look. One-TWO! But is thrown from flat feet without movement. Ok some extra power can be generated with a little foot stumping. It is possible to jump and straighten your feet. If you throw one-two from flat feet. But it there will be a pause. And this will be a short one-two. Here we are training a longer one-two. I want your straight right to be long. It is a little bit different one-two. Besides, if I want to generate extra power I do this foot stumping. And you are making this movement. You go up like this. Ok? And this movement stops you. We do not need this extra power generation at the moment. Just throw long one-two. Accelerate your body. Put your weight in the punch, place your feet wider. Put your left foot more forward. Yes, rotate your butt. Yes. Punch. The fist should fire at once. Ok it is getting more interesting. Do not loose you balance. Throw your fists along your central line. Rotate your feet, you are doing well. Rotate, everything is OK. Rotate your hips. More rotation from your right hip. Yes. Your left hip. Pretend that you have a tail and try to whip me with it. Right there. Wider feet position. Put your left foot more forward. Sit on your right foot. Little lower. Yes, yes. Yes. Once more. Go! Sit, sit. Yes. Almost. Now maximal speed and power. I know, I am tired too. Faster! Explode! Go! Yes. Do like this. Throw it from your hip. Ok, now it is something. Do you understand the idea? Look at this. When you jump forward you do up anyway. But never do this movement. It will stop you. If you loose your stance just a little… This one-two is very inertial combo and your brain will not let you to continue the movement. Ok? Now throw power right from standing position. Powerful straight right. Penetrate the mitt with it. Bend your knees, put your feet wider. Punch. You are loosing your balance. More power. No steps. Put your feet wider. No steps. Generate the power with the shoulder movement. Yes. Do not bend your back. Yes. Catch the elbow on nonpunching hand your hip. Yes. Stick the elbow in the hip. That’s it. This elbow will not let you loose your boxing stance. Same with one-two, stick the other elbow in the hip. Ok? Good. Not bad. Look like you have a blister on your foot. [Yes I have the blister on the left foot.] Why did not you tell me. I guessed anyway but it is too late. Ok. Where is yor “thank you”? Ok, goodbye. That’s it, guys.

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