100 thoughts on “10 Spring Style Essentials | Men’s Wardrobe & Accessories Must Haves

  1. No socks for penny loafers would work well in California or any warm areas, but for Canada or the North East of the U.S., wearing socks with penny loafers is almost mandatory due to the cooler temperatures. When I mean socks, I mean black dress socks.

  2. So much inspiration! I'm actually uploading my first video tomorrow morning on my Spring Lookbook focusing on Olive Greens!

  3. Come to India, n u'll burn in the Indian Summer. Btw please do a video on work-wear for super hot climate!! like 38*C or 100*F

  4. It was very nice that your lists didn't match, made the video more entertaining and fun to watch and also more informative.

  5. This video would have been better with Dorian and Carlos joking around and modelling your top essentials in the background 🙂

  6. glad u have hipsters on your channel like this. it shows that YOU really know what u r taking about. there is a reason why none of your top tens were the same.

  7. Actually really like Jordan's pic on Huaraches. Never knew what those shoes are called, I only saw them once when a client brought in a pair of Huaraches to show me, and they were beautiful…

  8. Jordan look so good in here, totally love the round hat and the clear eyeglasses. Yes i have 2 stripes clothes 1. T-shirt 2. Long sleeve shirt pair it with blue or navy short and complete it with nice loafer or gladiators sandal.

  9. Most of Jordan's seem like good fashion for hanging out at the gay bar…not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'd hardly call them "essentials" for all men. Otherwise, both are gearing more toward younger people, which is fine.

  10. Jordan's outfit is on point for this spring…but this girls recommendations are soooo boring! i wouldn't wear any of that.. Did i listen correctly or she said jean jacket in SUMMER?? i don't think even in Alaska can wear it..

  11. Some great stuff on the list. I like picking and choosing what works for me from these lists so I appreciate the variety. I guess I'm not so traditional. Not a fan of white sneakers or short sleeve button ups. Polo shirts remind me too much of working at taco bell as a kid haha but I go with lightweight button-ups (and roll up the sleeves) and v-neck shirts as an alternate.

  12. For spring I do like to have a lighter wash denim for the weekend, when I'm taking the kids out to the park.

  13. Jordan seems scandalized in this video. I think he had a decent list too, the not so expensive kinds 😛


  15. It's really sad that it took me a whole 30 minutes to realize that you only appeal to the beta males of society.

  16. I live in the Hill Country of Texas, so not a lot of cool evenings here! By spring time I am in Polo shirts and jeans, usually with hiking style boots ( bad ankles from playing football for many years necessitate the added support ). As for watches, not a fan of the NATO strap, so I usually wear my lighter weight sporty watches, like my Pilots watch on a leather strap. Oh…no little 40 mm watches for me…I have a 23 cm wrist, nearly 9 inches, and I usually wear something around 46-48 mm's ( Breitling makes some really cool larger watches )….as a 40 mm watch looks tiny and ridiculous on my wrist!
    Since the Austin TX area is football, you gotta have some UT merchandise, but that almost goes without saying no matter where you live in Texas. We are football crazy here and everyone wears team merchandise from their favorite team! That an essential part of anyone's attire here in Texas.
    Sign me, the 6'6" ex-football player!

  17. That hat and those glasses should be burned. Looks like something a neckbread hipster crossover would have on.

  18. Linen suits always look slept in. Border shirts look infantile. Denim looks like a high school kid. Wind breaker too. Glad guys are dressing like that. Makes me look that much better!

  19. Hi. Are you suggestions geared towards younger men (say up to 40s)? Could an older man (say mid 50s, not in the best shape but not too bad) pull these off?

  20. mentions hats:   I would love to hear your ideas about Fedora or Trilby.  I see lots of celebrities wearing hats.  You say men cannot pull off hats, but I would like to hear your thoughts more in depth.

  21. Agreed. Jordan is less essentials. You should at first master basics then you can check out Jordans's channel. He is more trendy and playful. Not everyone can do it.

  22. FFS Jordan, snap the front of your fedora's brim down, because you look just like another pretentious hipster with it snapped upwards.   Seriously now, wear it the way it should worn and not like a hipster clown.

  23. Can you do fittings for men that dont have the slim and model body because all i see is skinny guys no average guys or guys that have extra mid-section. And someone in there mid 30s and above

  24. Pacifiers and testicle tape to keep you more macho creeps down.
    This video is for posers who give a shit what other people think.

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