15 Tips to Survive and Not Kill Your Spouse When FULL TIME RVing

Hello from Senator Wash, North campground…
Outside of Yuma, Arizona! Hope you’re having a great day! It is a bright and
sunny one here on the lake! And if you haven’t been here yet…
We highly recommend it! There’s about a five-mile dirt road to get back here…
But the waterfront sites are worth the drive!… Before we get started on today’s
video, we would be remiss not to plug our website! www.hisandhersvlogs.com.
Tons of
resources for travelers including our flagship course on creating location
independence… As well as ebooks… You can watch videos, interact with us more… All
sorts of fantastic resources be sure to check it out!… It’s time for some
precursors, we’re using the word “spouse.” Yeah, it’s 2020 that word is rather fluid
and being used loosely… It could be a partner or pretty much anybody that you
can cohabitate with in a tiny space… And have the potential of reasoning with! The
title… It also says how not to kill your spouse… This is not what the video is
about! We’re trying to avoid you from killing your spouse! Do not do that, seek
help!… If you haven’t seen us before, you might wonder… What makes this qualified
to talk about this? Well, for the last eight years, we’ve owned first a 32-foot
Class A Motorhome and now a 21-foot Expedition Vehicle with a 13-foot box
which is our living space! So we’ve had some experience!… As we get started with
this list… The reality is it boils down to the little things… So both parties
have to change and give! Starting with number one… Live outside the box! So for
us that means, enjoying beautiful campsites! Spending time by the campfire…
There’s usually nothing that a little bit of fresh air can’t fix!… Number two; Be
open to experimentation! There are usually several ways of doing things so…
Give them a shot for a period of time… If it works, use it! If it doesn’t work, move
on and keep trying! Number 3; Accept that there are
things you’re not going to be able to change! Like the dimensions of the box!
Or the fact that no matter who’s using it, things are going to break! The reality
is you don’t have control over everything… So focus on the things that
you can change and manipulate… And just let go of the others!… Number 4; Don’t
be afraid to ask if you need something! It is quite wasted energy to just be
standing there… Just ask; “Hey honey can I please get my phone cord?” Number
5; Divide and conquer! The basic principles behind this are… Don’t step on
each other’s toes and two…The reality is only so many people can be on the floor
doing work at once! So… If you have things to do like cook… One cooks, one does the
dishes or… One works on the inside, one works on the outside! The idea is that
everybody can be part of the work… But maybe just at a different time in a
different way! Number six is a little different
perspective on number five! But when you only have five feet of floor space… Take
turns on the floor! Because it’s going to be inevitable… You’re gonna need
something from over there and then your spouse or partner is gonna be in your
way… And then you’re gonna need something from over here! But you’re always going
to be bumping into each other… So make sure you take turns on the floor!
Number 7; If things get tense, walk it off!
Because a little bit of exercise and fresh air usually does everybody a whole lot
of good! It’s also the perfect opportunity to reflect on what petty,
stupid, idiotic thing you were actually mad about… Because it’s amazing how that
happens in tiny spaces!… Number 8… Learn to say I’m sorry really, really
well! You are not always right, you can be wrong!! And a simple; “I’m sorry!”
Goes a long way even if you were right! Number 9; Learn to share! Let’s face it…
In something this small, less really is more! And you don’t need two of
everything! So find a shampoo that works for her hair or a body soap that isn’t
too foofy for him… The list goes on! There all kinds of things that you can find to
mutually agree on! But don’t worry, you can keep your own toothbrush!… Number 10 works whether you’re in a tiny space or not… But learn to compromise!
Everyone has their needs! You have your needs, they have theirs… There is mutual
ground and understanding involved to seek balance!… Number 11; Learn to work
together! And I think it goes without saying, this is good no matter where you
live! But a perfect example for us is… Leveling out the truck!
You can work against each other and scream at each other or you can work
together and talk it out, figure it out and get settled!… Okay, I got this one! What number are we on?… I already told you number 12!
Ah yes! Number 12; Learn how to communicate and listen! Almost every
problem can be solved with a little communication and active listening… It
will take you a long way in life!… Number 13; Respect and accept everybody’s
quirks! The reality is, we all have them! For me, I hate it when Ben steps on my
shoes! For him, he hates it when I have more than one pair of shoes out on the
floor! We don’t really understand each other’s quirks! And we can choose to
either mock them and make it harder for the other person or… We can respect them, accept them and maybe give a little bit on our own funny little quirks!… Number
14 is imperative!… Learn to pick up after yourself! Just spend a little bit
of extra time… 15 seconds… One minute, five minutes, ten minutes…
Whatever it takes, not to leave clutter! Because it’s a shared space and that is
a shared problem!… Number 15; Take time out of the rig! That might be
together like a vacation or… You can do it apart like last week, I flew to visit
my best friend from college, Jill… And Ben’s buddies from high school flew in
and met him for a camping trip on Lake Mead!… Well, that’s a wrap for learning how
to coexist with your spouse, life partner or anybody who you have the potential of
being able to reason with… When you’re living in a 13-foot box! Thanks for
watching… Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and we will see you on
the road!

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