21 Questions with Peter Hurley

21 Questions with Peter Hurley

INTERVIEWER: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever
said to a client to loosen them up? PETER HURLEY: Oh gosh is that B&H? That’s–I can’t say that on the B&H. I don’t think that that’s that’s–I don’t think I could say that! [chuckles] [upbeat music]
[Peter directing model] INTERVIEWER: Hey Peter! PETER HURLEY: Hey, what’s up? INTERVIEWER: Do you mind if we ask you 21 questions? PH: As long as you don’t mind if I’m working.
INT: That’s okay!
PH: Okay, cool! [Peter continues directing model] INT: So what kind of photography
do you shoot? PH: Well, I should mostly headshots and I do portraits as well. INT: What camera and lens are you using? PH: This is a Canon EOS R, and it’s got the RF 70 to 200 on it. INT: What was your first job? PH: [to the model] Stand up straight.
[to the interviewer] I started shooting models. I was model myself and I started shooting models, testing models. And I think I charged them… 20 bucks for a roll of film. INT: Is it true that you were an actor and a model? PH: Yes that’s right I acted and I had
talent… And luckily I picked up a camera! [chuckles] INT: Is that why you got into photography? PH: I was an actor, model, bartender guy. And I wanted to get out of the bar, so I picked up a camera to try and make some extra money, and I fell in love. [upbeat music continues] INT: What was your first camera? PH: A Mamiya 645 INT: What’s the Headshot Crew? I see it on your shirt. PH: The Headshot Crew is my coaching platform and referral engine for photographers
interested in headshot photography. It’s a global, uh, organization. We have 16,000 photographers on it. And there’s over 1500 in my coaching program, and that is culminating at Headshot Mania 2… In February in Vegas, which is gonna be
amazing! Sponsored by B&H! Shabang! [Peter continues coaching model] INT: What’s your favorite part of your work? PH: Oh!… That I get to photograph a new human being every day. So cool. INT: What’s your least favorite? PH: When a human being doesn’t like their
appearance. [upbeat music continues] INT: So, what do you do for fun, aside from photography? PH: I sail! I sail all over the world. INT: What’d you have for breakfast?
PH: …Coffee. INT: Who is your favorite photographer? PH: Bruce Weber. INT: Any good shows you’re watching?
[Peter directs model] PH: I don’t really watch TV, but my wife has it on, and I… She sticks me with the Bachelor
and the Bachelorette on occasion. INT: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?
PH [to model]: Stand up straight. PH [to interviewer]: I’d attempt to be a professional sailor. [to model] Turn the body this way a little bit. Drop the front shoulder down. [continues directing model] INT: We all know “shabang.” What’s the next catchphrase? PH: Does there need to be one? There’s only one shabang! I mean, the shabang works. We
got stick with it! INT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? PH: One of my
mentors Bob Proctor told me– actually, I think this comes from Napoleon Hill–that
whatever you can perceive and believe you can achieve. I always loved that. INT: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever said to a client to loosen them up? PH: Oh gosh is that B&H? That’s–I can’t say that on the B&H. I don’t think that that’s–I don’t think I can say that! [chuckles] Actually! [laughs] I have a whole list of them! I started I say these crazy things to people, And I put it into a little app on a browser
called Hurleyisms.com. Go there and check it out! [upbeat music continues] INT: Peter, we’re trying to have
an interview. PH [on the phone]: I’m just– They’re filming me right now. If you know where you’re–yeah. Okay… INT: what’s one thing that makes your job
easier? PH: Oh my gosh, my number one coaching tool is through tethering. I love tethering. I use tether tools, and I tether to the computer. It makes my job so much easier because humans have the ability to learn, and they can look at
themselves, and they look, and then they get better! INT: Would you rather photograph with a cell phone or with no lights? PH: No lights. INT: If there were to be a movie about your life who would play you? He’d have to be tall dark and handsome… I’m going Ryan Reynolds. [upbeat music] INT: Can you give our viewers five tips to up their photography game? PH: Sure, but give me a second. I just got to go over here and look at some images. Remember tethering… Number one tip: tether! If your light’s
good, you tether! People can learn from that. Number two: get consistent! You want
to be able to have some consistency in your work. Number three: work on your
ability to coach your subject. The better you are–the more confidence you have behind the camera, the more confident that person’s going to be in front of your camera. Get your lighting down. Nail your lighting. That’s another tip. And be consistent. You need to be consistent. You create a consistent look, people know what they’re gonna get from you. And most importantly, photograph
as many people as you can. The good ones, the people that are amazing in front of your camera are the easy ones. It’s the tough ones that get you up a
notch and get you to be a better photographer. The ones that give you a challenge, that’s where you really learn I’m in that state right now [laughs] INT: So, who should we interview next? PH: Why don’t you get my buddy Jeremy Cowart? Go bug him, get out of here! INT: Alright, thanks! See ya! [music continues]

14 thoughts on “21 Questions with Peter Hurley

  1. So staged.. just set the man down and interview.
    Tether… I shoot Canon.. blah blah… you treat the customers like dumbed down money spending fools.

  2. Hello great video I have a question for you, when shooting in macro mode in a studio strobe light setting I have my lens approximately 12 in away from subject, jewelry. How far away should the strobe lights be from subject?

  3. A good video, concise but with great content. Yes, repeats what was said before, but repetition is a good tool. Eventually, I might retain all the advice and be able to apply it.

  4. I liked this light-hearted interview format. Peter was so conversational and he gave a lot of information in that 5 minutes. Looking forward to Jeremy Cowart!

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