47 thoughts on “$35,000 LUXURY HAUL | Nicolette Gray

  1. If I got rich, I would treat myself, yes, but I would also be caring towards important things. I would donate a huge amount of money to charity, give money to those in need, support my parents, etc. If I had that chance in my life I would take it with respect and I wish that Nicolette could as well. The hundreds of comments haven’t changed her so I don’t think this one will either. But I do hope that it could, and I don’t mean to spread shade, I mean she should know better and it’s not too late to change.

  2. Don't usually comment on videos, but I had to come on here to say…I think you might be the most unlikeable person I have ever come across.

  3. I like luxury hauls then items are beautiful sometimes not all the time but I see people with the negative comments you knew what you clicked on don’t click 🤷🏾‍♀️ we know your broke like the rest of us but who cares it’s a damn video sensitive ass people. Keep coming with the videos girl so I can watch this while I’m in saving mode 😂😂 lord knows I’m going crazy after this is over I’m going back to spending spending can’t take it with me…

  4. 30.000$ , in my country is able to buy a house 72 square meters , in a strategic location .2km to hotels and shopping centers , 4km to a highway gate , 65km to an international airport . 300€ i spend it for One month living cost .

  5. ごめんうち日本人で、なんで低評価がめっちゃあるのかわからないんだけど、誰か教えてくれない?🥺

  6. You go girl ily Nicolette 😘🦄😍😊😃I dont like when people give you so much hate for your life style 🤨😥😭🙄#backofhaters

  7. She is sooo spoiled she bought two bags that are litteraly the same and did she say gucci was cheap is she stupid and she is so wierd no offence. And her mom spent 35 grand WTF

  8. im re watching all her videos because i don't have anything else to do🤣 im just mind blown shes changed so much🤯🤯

  9. I'm sorry no matter what the title of this video is on some level in this video there is bragging a little bit I'm sorry no matter if you have a fight or non fight with your mom she will always pay for you because she's your Mother and she loves you .

    and I'm sorry in my eyes and too many other billions of people's eyes you are still the Beverly Hills brat lol 👠👜👗👑

  10. she got the most basic “clout” things from each store.. if you’re gonna spend $35k buy some more impressive clothes. having the logo all over your outfit just looks cheap and tacky lol

  11. she could use that money for college cause you know, she doesn’t quite have an education or understanding of how things work in the real world 😬 feel like I’m watching a 12 year old do a haul lol

  12. when I went to a soccer game they only had the glass Evian bottles and they were like $5 each lol that's expensive to me like if u agree

  13. No one
    Absolutely no one
    Nicolette: btw this are so cheap like they only cost 2.090

    Me: 😧
    Also me: wtf I can’t even afford Clarise!

  14. "It's wrapped in this white usual stuff that they wrap your clothes when you buy them"

    Yea, uhm, wallmart doesn't do that

  15. Not hating when I say this but like man $1000 dollars is cheap for a backpack?! 😂 I got a kate spade mini backpack for $40 on sale when it’s originally $340 😂

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