4 Amazing DIY BRIDAL ACCESSORIES | #Fashion #Wedding #Bride #DIYQueen

4 Amazing DIY BRIDAL ACCESSORIES | #Fashion #Wedding #Bride #DIYQueen

I too dream this type of wedding matching dress, latkan blouse, potli and these awesome floral jewellery oh..you’re planning your wedding Ok then I’ll book Sabyasachi Lehenga, latkan of Rs. 50,000 potli also cost around 50,000 and jewellery is around 10 lakh so in all total you’ll be ready in 25,000 Lakh I wanna to marry not to waste my money but its so obvious if you dream like this you mean I shouldn’t dream about why not..instead you can fulfil & thats too only in 1,00,000 Likes really!!! so friends hit 1,00,000 Likes and start planning of your own wedding let’s make this beautiful floral jewellery first cut papers in this shape then wrap Thermocol ball with this paper likewise prepare some more balls colour the ends with water colour and cut like this now arrange these pop up like this to give a flower shape and fix artificial flower in the centre likewise prepare some more in different sizes now put beads in this white thread which is attached to the golden thread so our neck piece is ready here now will make its matching bracelet for this we need now follow the steps shown in the video likewise make ear rings and maang tika and our floral jewellery is ready These latkans made this blouse more beautiful so now let’s make these diy latkans for this we need now fold the fabric like this write the quotes or else as per your liking and stitch the beads over them fold the excess fabric towards back and stitch it either sides now turn it and then fill cotton inside it likewise prepare other pair To make it more beautiful we need attach the tassel at the thread’s end and not put all the decorative items like these these are ready to get attached in Blouse now let’s make diy pouch to keep our stuff safely for this we need all these stuffs Cut the fabric in this shape now write any of your favourite quote stitch beads over them now stitch lace all around the corner like this stitch both the prepared portion like this and turn to its front side then attach golden chain on both the corners fix velcro inside like this if you want to can attach a zip this is my old kurti but looking awesome na… first take thin lace and fix it on both sides all around the length’s corner on sleeves too and stitch other fancy laces towards the next portion and our casual kurti converted into a party wear outfit

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  2. Jewelrys aur dresses to bhaut sundar thi, ab inko phen ke bhar jayogi fir to koi bhi proposal lekar aayaga usse shadhi zarrour karna aur uska Volg bhi dalana

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