5 Clothing Hacks Every Guy Should Know –  Fashion Hacks For Men

5 Clothing Hacks Every Guy Should Know – Fashion Hacks For Men

whats up everybody george here from gp lifestyle and in todays video I’ll be going over 5 clothing hacks every guy should know well They should know you wanna just better than your friends is oma gentlemen There are timestamps linked in description as well as a link to all clothing Items use in this video as well as some bonuses and freebies for you guys further delay. Well, let’s get started one of those I’m going to show you how to add a taper into your pants without actually having to get them tailored and that Is with the pin roll the simple thing to do is put on the Panthers You’re gonna be wearing here and what you’re gonna do is strain them out at the bottom make sure you remove it as many wrinkles as possible and get them looking nice neat and straight and not Flaring out of any size what you’re gonna do you’re gonna go into the inside Hemline, hey that right and what you’re gonna do is you’re actually gonna fold it back a little bit to create a little bit more Of a snug fit around your leg then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna with the fold flip it over once flip it over twice and if need be Flip it over a third time and straighten it out a little bit and there you basically have it That is how you’re going to add a taper into an untied pair of pants now Depending on how snow you do it in may loosen up and you make may come off a little bit during the day But just make sure you get a nice clean even Cuff and make sure it’s not super tight. So it will just Flare out and you should be good to go But so what this is I’m going to show you how to keep your white sneakers white For a long period of time and that is the wet wipe your white sneakers Wet wipes for white sneakers are the cure for keeping your sneakers Pearly white now. Basically what you’re gonna do here is that every time you want to want to wear a white pair of sneakers before you leave the house take out a napkin a Wet wipe napkin and just wipe down both sneakers and basically here what you’re doing is you’re removing surface level stains You’re also creating a nice little layer of moisture that is going to help break apart any of those built-up stains? And there’s going to prevent deeper stains from building up throughout the day other type you wear them So that means when you’re going to clean your white sneakers it’s going to be so much easier to keep them pristine white because you already removed all the Potential stains and shit that could have built up onto them over the course of you’re wearing them This is actually what I always do with every single white pair of sneaker that I have That aren’t fabric if they’re fabric You gotta go with a type to go sticking. It’s a whole freakin operation But this is basically how you can get at least another six to eight months out of my white pair of sneakers Hoping that you didn’t increase them to death number three on this is I’m going to show you how to get an iron shirt faster Without actually ironing which brings us to today’s video sponsor and a new partner on this channel Tom and Cherie Thomas Sherry, basically make a iron and a bottle now. Let me tell you something Are you still using an iron and ironing board that old ancient technology from the last century? A lot of takes too much time and too much effort to get one shirt or one pair of pants Completely ironed and fresh to go. What’s Amish area done. They basically put the iron in a bottle in an organic vegan wrinkle release spray That’s a mouthful to say but what this thing does it it’s so awesome is that it cuts down so much time of you Getting a nice clean wrinkle free shirt All you basically do is you spray the front of the shirt four times evenly spray the back around four times evenly Shake out the shirt a little put it on a hanger and Bisaya narah eight to ten minutes later You have a nice clean shirt Wrinkle free and it smells like fresh laundry When I try the first I was actually blown away that actually smelled like fresh solid You have to get I have to go to my mom and like hey smell this it smells great And this for me is cut down on so much time whenever court outfit videos now because I don’t have to bust out an ironing Board and get a nice pressed shirt All I do is I spray the bunch of clothes that I’m using go over cord come back. I ain’t ready though guys This is the future and what I love is that they have a little travel-size ball You can put in your backpack just in case you forget So guys if you’re interested in picking up and trying Tomas Ruiz wrinkle release spray There is a link with a special deal for you guys in description Be sure to check out if you do end up purchasing something It does help out the channel and I can continue to make even better videos moving on number four on this list of the military tuck It’s adding a taper into a tucked in dresser to prevent muffin tops It is super easy to do what you’re gonna do once you have your dress shirt tucked in Unbutton yourself straighten on that dress shirt take that excess fabric around that hem line Fold and if you want to make sure it stays tucked in almost all day. You can add a paperclip to the bottom of it Works most of the time or you can tuck it into your unaware. So you take both fold-over tuck it into the undies Put your pants up boom ready to go you have a tapered shirt now now don’t be doing all this stuff moving your arms around because it’s obviously gonna get Untucked if you just need something just to look a little bit more presentable This is a quick and easy fix and you can do it every time you go into the bathroom or every time you sit down And get up. It’s just a quick and easy fix number five on this list It’s it’s a hack but it also builds good fashion And that is to have a lint roller on standby when I wear black or wear a pea coat or anything wool It doesn’t it doesn’t matter how great and how well coordinated outfit is if it’s covered in fabric in link in freakin beard hair It’s not gonna look Grainger’s gonna end up looking like wow, that would have been a great outfit if it was freaking clean Don’t be that guy invest in a paper lint roller and just every time before you leave a health double check, you know I covered in lint give yourself a good once-over and you’re ready to go and it’s gonna show that you are way better At presenting yourself professionally and clean cuz you’re gonna look coordinated from head to toe Not only is everything well and coordinated and beautiful, but it’s also clean neat and organized. So wish Fashion and attention. It’s gonna be you man. I swear I think super PTA guys I had a little bit more fun today and those are five Clothing hacks and in my opinion every guy should know if you want to dress better than you know, every other guy Thank you guys so much for watching If you guys enjoyed soon be sure drop like it’s to subscribing to the channel because on this channel I help you become the best Version of yourself because you know how to dress better how to look better ultimately how to be better I think you guys so much for watching. I hope to see you in the next video peace

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