100 thoughts on “5 HOT Fashion Products You Will LOVE From Amazon

  1. Erin, you read my mind! I love my Amazon Prime but I wondered what to order clothes wise! If you have other recommendations for affordable belts, shoes and other basics, please let us know!!! I love all your videos, but this might be my most favorite yet!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I love that you actually tested all these yourself!

  2. Girl you always look great in everything!! I love hearing about Amazon products from youtubers I trust to give us honest reviews! Thanks for reviewing these products, Erin! ♥️💋♥️

  3. Ordered the basket bag in large! So excited to carry it next weekend to my niece's bridal shower!

  4. That ruffle bikini top is adorable! I really liked the striped bikini with pink pom poms on you! Happy Memorial Day Erin!

  5. Erin, LOVE this video!! I am 5'1", 120 lbs., small frame, but a 34G. I just ordered the -xsmall tee shirt dress, so I hope it's not too long. I want to order the pj's, but not sure if the small top would be too tight for my bust size. It is a loose fit?

  6. Erin,
    You always wear the sharpest & funky necklaces. Love your style.
    Where can your viewers get those necklaces you wear ? 💃🏼

  7. Erin, great video! Thank you! How did you purchase the bathing suit bottoms separately??? I’m not getting that option…

  8. Lovely lovely lovely… I have only one tip, the plain white bikini gives a "naked look" at the genitals…I think it will be a little disaster when you go for a swim😉

  9. Thank you, when ordering on Amazon, it's helpful to know what sites to order from. What size are basket purse are you carrying?

  10. I loved everything! I’m definitely ordering the bag, pajamas and beach cover up, you have such a beautiful figure ❣️❣️THANK YOU!

  11. Hi Erin, it’s so good to be watching your channel today. Kinda binging!! I used to watch you a while ago and, while I liked your videos, I was frustrated because I could not come close to buying the clothes and makeup on your channel. I am so very grateful you are offering affordable alternatives! I am a 62 year old widow on a fixed income . I love your kind and understanding heart. I’m hooked on Busbee Style❤️

  12. I love them! Now if i could pinky get them to fit on me the same way they fit on you🤣! Great video!

  13. Thanks so much for the video. Would you be able to list the sellers? As I live in Canada, my amazon store is automatically switching to the Canada store and asks me to choose the seller.

  14. Thank you Erin! Love Amazon & love your help in sorting through some of their products. Please do more Amazon videos as you find more products you like.

  15. I own both that swim cover kimono as well as the t-shirt dress and tested it out in Key West- loooved it. stayed cool and was chic

  16. Love your hair! Colorado becomes you. Please give any suggestions for my 5’3” very apple shaped body as I continue on my weight loss. So frustrating because everything so tight on my waist yet loose on my hips/legs. Thank you !

  17. Loved all 5 items. And I also loved the gray T-shirt you wore with the leggings. I would love to know where to buy it. ❤️

  18. I love, love, love this video Erin! I'm def going to buy more than one of these recommendations! I can't wait for the fall edition! Seriously, who disliked this? Do you not like saving money & buying quality products?

  19. Great finds! I’ll check these out. I really like the Oalka cropped leggings and the 90 Degree ones. I order both from Amazon. Great quality. I’ll look at the ones you found as well.

  20. HI Erin, I couldn't find the long workout pants, If you can tell me or anyone else that knows where to get those off the links? Thank you ahead of time. 🙂

  21. Do you feel like the first bikini you showed had enough coverage on top? It looked great on you, so I'd guess yes, but unfortunately, the colorway I love isnt available through prime but it is available through the company.

  22. I appreciate the affordable options Erin! Wish I could pull that Pom pom bathing suit off- so cute! I think I might pick up the coverup!

  23. Thank you for this, Erin! I am always so concerned with the quality and sizing of the clothing on Amazon

  24. Hi, Erin. Your bob looks so chic and I love your necklace too.Thank you for choosing budget- friendly options.

  25. Hi Erin, could you possibly do a tutorial for your make up in this video please? It looks great xx

  26. I bought the swimsuit unfortunately it didn’t work for me, the bottoms fit perfect but the top was too small for my larger cup size. It’s a shame because if it fit it would have been adorable.

  27. Hi Erin and I want to order the first suit in white but not sure if I need the medium or large ? My sizes are very similar to yours but I may be a little bigger. I’m a 34 C size bra and a 4 dress and have jeans in a 26 and some 27 and am 5 ft 2 in a half and 110 so I’m thinking the medium unless it has no wiggle room on you lol I can usually take a small too. Love this video and TFS !! Hugs and love ❤️ xoxo

  28. I really like your hair, Erin. Oh I love the workout pants! The maxi t-shirt dress looks so cute and I bet comfy, too. I really liked everything and you can't beat the prices! Lots of love to you, Melissa

  29. Ok, trying the leggings and bathing suit. I love the lululemon racerback tank. It’s fitted with a scoop neck. Any chance u could wrangle a dupe on Amazon? Thanks!

  30. Erin, have you ever bought any of the "dupe" jewelry pieces from Amazon? Like the Celine necklace, Lagos bracelets and David Yurman dupes? Just wanted to know because I have seen a few nice pieces on Amazon.

  31. Hi you look great I've been offline for awhile. Love your hair and makeup!! How tall are you if you dont mind me asking as I love the maxi dress and wonder if it will fit.

  32. Erin, you are the cat’s pajamas! I have purchased a few things you’ve recommended and they have all become my favorite purchases. I really love the Amazon finds- I’m an Amazon Prime member so everything is simple to purchase and ships for free. Keep the videos coming, or I won’t know what to wear! Haha!

  33. Erin, I loved this video! I ordered almost everything. I love the maxi dress and the pajamas. I can’t believe how nice the leggings are!!

  34. High waisted is so unflattering! Try a string bikini. I am 46 and that’s what I wear. I am lean and sculpted with abs so I like string best.

  35. OMG! I ordered the same kimono swim covers in Kelly green and coral… LOVE THEM. Almost ordered the Pom bikinis but was worried about fit… will order them now bc they’re SO CUTE. ALWAYS love your videos and style 😊

  36. Love you outfits! I am also doing Modelling videos. May I ask you what kind of backdrop do you have? Is it paper and how big is it? Thank you!

  37. Hi Erin, I have been shopping at Soma for years and love their pajamas. I ordered the set you featured, hope the sizing works out, will let you know. I had been thinking about trying some of these since so many are talking about their Amazon finds.

  38. so much confidence in this woman 😍❤️ i love it! makes me feel more secure with her advices 😊

  39. great vdeo – adding some to my cart now. For the T-shirt dress – do you find it shows bra strap in back? Or is it not that low?

  40. Thank you for sharing the information on the basket bag for the Cult Gaia dupe. Can't wait to get it.

  41. Thanks SO much for this video! I ordered 2 sets of the pajamas & they are SO FAB! I also fell in love with the leggings (in the non-highrise bootcut version the same seller offers–a replacement for my expensive Athleta leggings). Thanks so much for posting your size info–it helps me out so much when I need to pick out my size. I'm a busty competitive cyclist, usually a size 4 (sometimes a 6) & I'm 5'5": size Small in both the pajamas & leggings fit PERFECTLY!!

  42. Hi Erin, I love your channel and your style. I am interested in ordering the T-shirt dress but don’t see your link.

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