27 thoughts on “5 Reasons NOT To Buy a Tiny Manufactured Home

  1. Greee as t video Kristina . And I think helping veterans with some kind of tiny home mini city is an amazing idea . So many people should get behind this . I think it’s something mr beast should help you with . Also that tiny shower is great I love how your hands touch the top lmao

  2. In a country this wealthy, no one – no matter the reason – should be homeless. The fact that 40,000 of them are veterans, is obscene. I've heard of some of these tiny home communities set up specifically for veterans, and I think it's a wonderful idea. States, municipalities and the insurance ind. need to catch up with the tiny home concept. It would solve many problems for many people.

  3. Have to say, that I’ve been apart of building 2 Tiny Homes (not in city, but w/in county limits that had septic & well water, etc…) & the process was interesting & fun. Had a great time w/ the crew, subs, & the owners. It’s pretty cool seeing all the “spaces” that get “used” & the ingenuity that goes into finding the “space” w/in a tiny home……it’s pretty cool👍🏻
    The zoning, insurance, & loan process was a little “interesting” after talking w/ the home owner & architect (from the 1st build); & it is stuff I didn’t even think about…..as I thought would be similar to a “normal home” construction process😉
    Cheers Kristina✌🏼

  4. Your an idiot! You can find places to stay just as you do in a mobile. The biggest reasons you are not allowed to live in them is they dont meeting building codes. That includes the park model you are looking at. They are made with 2×4 walls …not to code…insulation is minimal…snow loads are pretty much non existant. That's why most are not allowed.
    I have talked with many manufacturers to build to code but they dont want to. And the couple that say they can custom build for you dont want to take them more than a state away. They can go in an rv park a mobile home park.
    So I suggest you do some more research

  5. Awesome Kristina! Thanks for the heads up, although I don’t really have the moola for a tiny home, my YouTube studio will have wait!

  6. Kudos on your efforts easing homelessness, including among our veterans. With median home prices pushing many would-be buyers out of the market, we should all demand better solutions from both our respective states and the federal government.

  7. In my opinion tiny homes depending on the size I consider them basically a mobile home and or manufactured home and if you look at mobile homes it has similar issues

  8. I read recently that, if a tiny house is fixed-site (not on wheels), it is treated like real estate; however, if it is on wheels, it is treated like personal property. That affects various issues, like real estate taxes, but I don't know the specifics. Another point to research, and the answer may well vary according to where one lives.

  9. So glad I found your channel. You are a wealth of information. I never would have thought about the drawbacks of purchasing a tiny home, loans, insurance, no tax write off, etc, Thank you so much. What a great idea to provide homes for veterans. We owe them so much.

  10. The system do it on purpose .I mean the state .why? Everyone will have the american dream and the idea is making the bank richer and richer .Might as well get a mobil home .The best thing will be to have your own land .But you do the best you can .If you are not minimalistic and have pets then its not a very good idea .

  11. Good stuff Kristina! I love the homeless veteran idea for tiny homes! Keep up the good work my friend!!!

  12. Great info Kristina!! Too bad there can be restrictions on permits and insurance. For those lucky enough to get a HELOC, their interests would be deductible if I'm not mistaken ( I have a HELOC account but haven't had any use for it for about 7 years now).

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