7 Easy Style Upgrades ANY Guy Can Do

7 Easy Style Upgrades ANY Guy Can Do

Today I’m gonna switch it around, instead
of talking about complicated tips or tips that require too much of an
investment. Today I’m gonna go over seven easy style tips anybody can start doing
today. Number one, lose the logos. Unless this brand is sponsoring you or you have
equity in the company, there is no reason why you should be repping the brand, like
a walking billboard. Why would you give him free marketing? For example, remember
Ed Hardy? Now look how ridiculous it looks. Today when it comes to shirts and
tops, avoid these huge branded logos, and I’m not talking about your graphic tees
or your band tees. I’m talking about for example, your Polo Ralph Lauren’s, that
have literally a horse that takes up a quarter of a shirt, that you want to
avoid. Number two, wearing clothes that are too fitted. Yes, for years blogs have
been preaching to you to get the fit right and opt for the slimmer cut verses
that fuller classic cut. But now I think it’s going just a bit too far. When your
clothing is constricting your range of motion and actually showing off your
jelly rolls, instead of making you look better. It’s too tight. Number three*, you
want to avoid any tacky belts. So if you have those in your closet you probably
want to stop wearing them. Again, referring back to my first tip of
avoiding huge brand logos you don’t want a huge billboard in your groin area. This
is not an area where you want to be directing attention towards. Think about
it, a belt chops your body in half. Why would you want to have a big plaque
sitting right in the middle of your frame? Number four, is for those guys that are constantly ruining their t-shirts, their polos, their shirts with sweat
stains. I would say about 90% of the guys suffer from whether, it be profusely
sweating or just enough wear yellow pit stains start forming and it ends up
ruining your dress shirts. If that’s the case and you’ve tried everything under
the sun to stop this, all deodorants, all hacks, then you need to start wearing
undershirts. This is one of the most effective tactics to protect your
clothing. Now the crappy part of undershirts is that it just ruins your
overall image. If you don’t get it right. You don’t want to get those white
undershirts that you can spot a mile away. The ones you want are the invisible undershirts. That’s right, I wear
undershirts almost all the time and you won’t ever notice under t-shirts, under
the dress shirts, under polos. Because the ones that I choose I make sure you most
can’t tell I’m wearing one. I wear it just to protect my clothing from any
pit stains. The ones I recommend hands down are some of the best undershirts out there. If that’s your goal, it’s Sloane. Sloane is a
sponsor of our show and Sloane produces undershirts that are basically invisible.
If that’s what you want, undershirts that protect your shirts, but also can’t be
seen. Sloane is a brand you need to check out. The cool thing with Sloane, is that
they produce undershirts that are different colors to match different guys
skintone colors. That’s how they are able to make it invisible. So even when you
are wearing a super light shirt, I mean this shirt is very, very thin,
you still can’t tell I’m wearing an undershirt. Because my undershirt matches
my skin tone color. Therefore, when I throw something on top you see no
contrast, you see no shadow, therefore you never see that I’m wearing an undershirt.
It’s honestly genius idea. If you guys have never checked it out, go ahead and
check out that link below and look at all their undershirt colors. And see if
you can find one that matches your skin tone color and what if you do buy at
least one and just see how amazing this shirt is. Definitely check out Sloane, I’m
going to have them linked below. Also with the special discount code, that way
when you pick up your first one you can get it at a great rate to start trying
out these amazing undershirts and once you do you’re gonna be hooked on it. The
fifth thing you can do to upgrade your style, fix your pants, your jeans your
chinos, your trousers take them to the tailor. A simple hem job cost around $10 and it
will refresh all your pants, make them look more expensive just because they
fit you right. They’ll look almost custom. Keep in mind that most guys buy their
pants off the rack, and around 90% of the time pants will never fit you perfectly.
And those excessive breaks just makes guys look shorter and stumpier. So take
them to the tailor, ask for a light break, get them hem for around 10 bucks and
you’ll have refresh pants that instantly make you look stylish. Number six, is to
take some risk. Something I encourage you is to try new things. Don’t be afraid to
try things that you think you might like, or you think will look good on you. Try
to cultivate a personal style and not just what you see. I honestly recommend for you to get out of your comfort zone a bit and try
something you might have otherwise never done before. If it doesn’t work you can
always go back to your regular style the next day. The thing is that once you
start trying some pattern and color combinations that you’ve haven’t done
before; yeah you might get some fails but you’re
also going get some successes, and you’re also gonna
expand your style. Again, with the clothes that you already own. Just by
wearing it outside the norm and taking a couple of risks. And finally number seven,
is severely over dressing or under dressing. This is something again, it’s a
style tip that you need to keep in mind and you use with the clothing you have.
When you have a certain event you need to know what clothing is appropriate for
that event, and so many guys don’t. When it’s something formal, they’ll severely
under dress and just look out of place. On the other hand, when it’s something more
casual, let’s say like a brunch date but they really want to impress this female,
they’ll severely overdressed and again make her feel uncomfortable and awkward.
So your mission is to understand the event you’re going to and to make sure
you’re never severely either over dressing or under dressing; both can be
catastrophic to your style. That’s it for today’s video guys. I hope you enjoyed it.
Those are seven easy style tips anybody can implement that will upgrade your
style today. If you guys want to check out our sponsor, Sloane. I’m going to have
them link below with that discount code. That’s it for me today, see you next time!

100 thoughts on “7 Easy Style Upgrades ANY Guy Can Do

  1. I dont think it's bad to wear some hype shit. Like if you're repping supreme or some flashy brand every single DAY of your life thats a problem. but if you're subtly flexing its aight

  2. hey Im a big michael jackson fan so I like bad boy style I got a leather jacket but Im a little fatty…
    ok fuck it Im fat help plz

  3. I have a tip for business shoes. I hate why their meant to fit an old women or at least a homo. Wear some nice manly boots.

  4. Explore personal style… but ditch some types of belt 🙂 I typically enjoy these shows, but this is a bit too much hand-wavey.

  5. So what you're saying is that I can't wear more than 5 of my shirts outside of my house? Do you know how hard it is to find a shirt that fits you correctly when you have a really long torso?

    BTW, your "invisible" undershirt is all I could concentrate on, even before you mentioned it…

  6. I always wore standard teenage boy shirts, but i took a risk one time: i took a bikerjacket home.
    And iT looked amazing (iT felt good too), since Then i try new kinds of prints on shirts, new jackets, new colors, new hairstyles, different kinds of watches, (steel, silicon etc), caps etc

    And iT works amazingly good

  7. this dude created a channel just to sabotage hype clothings streetwears and luxury brands! If you are angry for those hypebeast out there just STFU! they have plenty of money unlike you! stupid fashion suggestions

  8. So happy he mentioned getting pants tailored. Honestly think learning to sew just for the purpose of tailoring your clothes is really helpful. Having all of your clothes fit just right forever seems like a pretty big confidence booster. Feel good, look good.

  9. Boi I’m still rocking my polo and dressing better than your simple ass, get yourself some tactical pants and some vintages tees or sum bro u lookin dry out here

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