7 Folding Homes That Define Innovative

7 Folding Homes That Define Innovative

– [Man] Hey, everyone. Have you ever wished you can
pack up the house and move? This is Reacher with Mind’s Eye Design and here are seven folding
homes that do just that. Number seven. How cool would it be to
just ship your home anywhere in the world? If you own one of these, that’s an option you can take advantage of. The wing house is a little
bit of prefab awesomeness integrated into a standard
shipping container. The ease with which you can
be transported makes for a dwelling that is suitable
for long or short term needs. It starts with a 20 or 40 foot container providing 452 and 883 square
feet of space respectively. Each unit comes completely
wired for T.V, internet, and telephone. There’s also pipes in the
walls for AC and plumbing. Units can be joined end
to end, side to side are stacked to create larger structures making them suitable for a
wide range of applications. After arriving on site, it
takes only four to five hours to have a fully functioning
unit with no special skills or equipment needed to set one up. A variety of floor plans are
available to suit housing needs with prices ranging from
$65,000 up to about $90,000. Number six. Designer Richard Perkin
not only sold his house, he also quit his job of 10
years to invest everything into his dream of living a
more conscious way of life with no environmental impacts. Noha Bios is a two story
800 square foot house that folds down into the
size of a shipping container for easy transport if needed. Each floor of this not so tiny
house is 20 feet by 10 feet with a seven foot ceiling below and a five to eight foot ceiling up top. An open plan kitchen and
bathroom provide enough space to service storage areas for belongings while the unit is being transported. Perkin’s goals is for the
house to be sustainable no matter where you move. He plans to incorporate a
garden in the apex of the roof composting systems for all organic waste as well as gray water recycling. He also wants to make the design available to as many people as possible
by creating the structure from off the shelf
materials and components so that anybody can
build it for themselves at a minimum cost. The cost of the prototype
is expected to be in the $22,000 range. Number five. EBS block is a modular prefab created from a 20 foot shipping container. Each has a basic structure
of steel, aluminum, and glass and comes in three models. The structure is open and
folded via remote control in about five minutes. And since the deployment
is fully automated, there’s no construction needed. Its innovative design
provides a total living area of 581 square feet. This space can be partitioned
for one or two bedrooms, a dining area, kitchen,
living room, and a bathroom with laundry facilities. There’s also the option to place
more than one unit together if extra living space is needed. Thermal insulation technology
provides a reduction of the internal building
temperature down to 80% of the outside which helps the
house stay cool in the summer and maintain warmth in the winter. Pricing is dependent on
the buyer’s requirements and specifications. Additionally, the company
will ship worldwide which offers limitless
possibilities and applications. Number four. The MADI is a 21 foot high A frame that comes in several sizes
ranging from 290 square feet up to 904 square feet. Each two level home
comes with a dining area, kitchen, and bathroom on the lower floor with the bedrooms on the upper. Rooftop solar panels, LED
lighting, water tanks, and a gray water system
can easily be installed. Additionally, the
electrical wiring, plumbing, and h bag systems are already in place. The multifunctional prefab
structure is shipped flat via truck to its building site. Once there, it can be
unfolded and set up in about six to seven hours by three workers. The home can be installed
with or without a foundation as a temporary or permanent structure. Owners have the option
to extend the structure by adding more modules
as each one can support the home’s opening and closing movement. Each home takes about 30
to 40 days to complete from the day of the initial order. The approximate price range is
between $26,000 and $73,000. Okay, everyone. Before you run out to
invest all your money in shipping containers,
I’d like to remind you to hit the subscribe button below and don’t forget to click the bell icon to stay up to date on all
the latest and greatest from Mind’s Eye Design. Number three. This luxury home by
Bluehomes is our largest and most iconic today. The house is designed
and built around their signature breeze space which
is the center of the structure. Expensive glass windows
and doors allow for an open interior that maximizes
the use of natural light and clean air flow. The house itself is 2,140 square feet. It has three bathrooms and
a standard three bedrooms, offering an option for a four. The house comes with
all standard appliances, electrical and h bag systems and low flow fixtures to help save water. Each home is factory
build and finished on site in less than three months. There’s also the option of
adding blue home models together offering the flexibility
of having more living space or a home workspace. Unless most of the homes on this list, the breeze house does
have to have a foundation to deploy on. Companies currently only
building in northern California with a base cost for the
breeze house of $545,000. Number two. The Tri-Tainer by Excalibur
Shelters is mostly intended for use in situations where
a turn key shelter is needed such as disaster relief areas
or scientific expeditions. There are two floor plans,
one with 388 square feet and one with 431 square feet. And like most on this
list, these utilize the 20 foot shipping container. Once on site, the
structure is anchored with self lifting jacks. Deployment can then be
done in about 20 minutes by two people manually
or via remote control hydraulic system. Each unit comes with a
built in water system and has a 172 gallon tank for fresh water. An integrated skylight
composed of a translucent polycarbonate 250 times
stronger than glass allows natural lighting in
addition to the LED lighting. Solar panels at a 185
gallon gray water tank are options as well. The interior can be
modified to fit any budget. It’s also possible for
the roof to open via the remote control, allowing
for the interior to be changed for use in multiple applications. Before we show our number one pick, we’d like to ask you to
let us know after the video which of these folding
homes you’d like to live in. As always, we read every comment
and welcome all suggestions Number one. Ten Fold Engineering has raised the bar on what a folding structure should be. These homes incorporate the
performance characteristics of a solid building into a
transportable prefab unit. Each one is made of only three components, the pods, the panels, and the chase. They’re designed to be
moved again and again yet ready to use upon deployment. No foundation is needed
due to legs and out riggers that adjust for uneven ground. Additionally, no builders
or special machinery is needed on site. Once the unit is set, the expansion occurs from the central chasi. It self deploys with a touch
of a button in under 10 minutes to about three times its transport size. Furniture and appliances
integrate seamlessly into the unit with room for power systems,
water storage and treatment, h bag, and any other needed equipment. The modularity of the components
allows for easy upgrading or replacement without
disruption to any of the other systems. The interchangeable pods
let the user incorporate any arrangement of
windows, panels, and doors to suit almost any purpose. They can even be stacked and
connected in almost any way to create larger structures. There are no geographical
boundaries to where these can be installed which allows
for a variety of applications including offices, restaurants, schools, and medical facilities. The company is licensing their technology so that existing manufactures
can adapt to build and assemble the product
closer to where it is needed. They help lower production
cost in addition to promoting employment on the local
and regional level. There are multiple
buildings to choose from on the company’s website. Pricing will be depended on
size, complexity, location, and other logistics. – Hey, guys. This is Katsy. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe
button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time.

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