A Custom Approach to Protecting Unique Homes

– There’s no such thing
as one size fits all when it comes to protecting the places where your family makes its memories, and that fact drives everything we do. Whether your home is a family fun house, an oceanfront escape, a metropolitan pied-a-terre,
or all of the above, our team of risk managers
is at your service with answers and hands-on support and with a deep appreciation
of the care you’ve taken to design and build a
one of a kind retreat. – We also know that a luxury
of owning more than one home can sometimes bring unexpected headaches. We’re here to help you
anticipate the threats to your personal sanctuary. – While focused on loss prevention, our experts have
backgrounds in architecture, engineering and construction,
historic preservation, fine art and design, so that means the right
assistance is always available. – And while each home is unique,
some advice is universal, like the importance of smoke detectors and knowing that year-round occupancy is a home’s best defense or making sure anyone
working on your property is vetted with a background check. – No home is as special as yours. And there’s a lot that
goes into protecting it, but it’s not your job to know that. It’s ours. – [Announcer] As your
independent insurance advisor about AIG Private Client
Group and how we can help you. (bright music)

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