100 thoughts on “AJ Styles challenges The Undertaker to “Boneyard Match”: Raw, March 23, 2020

  1. Aj : Let us do the bone yard match
    Undertaker : REStttttt Innnnnn Peeeeeeeeeace
    Corona : Resttttttt Innnnnn Peeaaceeeeeeee 🙂

  2. Meanwhile in TamilNadu there were stories in the 2000s that the Undertaker has 9 lives and ppl believed it😢😂😂

  3. Please, don't do this bikertaker & wife thing. It's awful & a boring character & storyline. Old Western/gothic/horror Undertaker is what most people want to see. The bell toll, lights dropping out, fog & that slow steady walk to the ring. Worst thing to happen regarding the gimmick was/is this church going come to jesus turn
    god didn't bring Undertaker to the top of the wrestling pyramid nor did he have anything to do with what he has today. In a odd way it takes away from the character. Now, if they have him come out dressed like Brother Love, gets whipped, humiliated & buried to setup a full-on,full circle back to the very first incarnation of the Old West Undertaker, even better

  4. For some reason I want to see a Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles in AEW. I see both these guys massively talented, so similar in promos, looks, in ring styles. While Jericho is getting tremendous credit for what is doing for AEW, AJ Styles' efforts are going unnoticed in a roster full of talents. So, at least for one storyline, one match I want to see Styles in AEW.

  5. WWE is blurring the lines too much between kayfabe and real life. Why are they mentioning Undertaker's real name? Keep storylines as what they are, fictional and entertaining. Stop digging into personal lives and putting them on the show.

  6. For all the people saying AJ will win

    OH HOW WRONG YOU WILL ALL BE also Taker still is better than styles will ever be

  7. Man WWE sucks now a days.. like who are these new clowns? they all suck and the fact wwe is trying to do this show while covid-19 out just makes this whole situation be cringe worthy

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  9. I know undertaker is far past his best but with how good styles is I think this could have been wrestlemania classis in the right circumstances

  10. The Undertaker is old now,he not young anymore so his strength will not like the old time
    Many WWE star can beat him now but with me,he still the legend, the phenom

  11. It really doesn't make sense to have Taker come back as the Phenom or the Deadman. They have acknowledged his wife constantly, the only time Taker's character has ever had his wife acknowledged on TV was when he was the ABA 🤷

  12. keep rolling rolling rolling… keep rolling rolling rolling rolling… keep rolling rolling rolling rolling keep rolling rolling rolling rolling…..

  13. Aj: did you see undertaker's twitter?

    Me: i was too busy looking at AEW'S Twitter, wondering how the real oc ( the elite ) is doing

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