AKS Homes   Adrian & Anna Darbellay Testimonial

AKS Homes Adrian & Anna Darbellay Testimonial

Basically I had an idea of what I wanted and
wanted to build but had to find a professional that definitely knew how to do it.
>>But even if you don’t know what you want, you can, you know, put something together.
I think you brought a lot of reality to the situation as well, Iike, I think sometimes
you can have all these big dreams, but the reality check has to hit home, and I think
it was good.>>Talking to a couple of other builders and
companies, we did speak to a couple of others, but they just weren’t as flexible and …
>>Flexibility was what we wanted>>Yeah
The contract was fixed from the start, it didn’t go over that, it was within our budget,
and it was within what prices that was promised to us, and it was more than competitive than
a lot of the other builders out there. Came in a lot …
We actually got more included, at a better price, with going through yourself than what
we would have got through other builders and .. uh .. the display home builders and project
builders.We actually got more included. Bigger house,
better inclusions, at a better price than all of them.

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