100 thoughts on “American Boyfriend Dresses Korean Girlfriend | YESSTYLE FASHION HAUL

  1. Let us know which outfit you liked the best on Sunny! Or if you didn't like any of them, that's cool too…
    Check out Sunny dressing me here with kpop fashion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T49vsS_aylY&t

  2. wow mr bucin fashionista 不不
    all basic mister..
    but the one with blue jeans is cool..
    the first one.. yass its like gee era 不不
    the red one.. 不不不 idk how to say
    the office style

  3. Idk why I just got notification now, an hour after the real upload time
    Anyway, I like the option number 4 too

    The last one will be Sunny that dress up to a formal job interview in Indonesia, maybe like a goverment /civil servant job interview, lol
    coz that's the exact dress code for it

  4. Omg!! Love it sunny rocks in every style actually but i like the fourth one since it was so summer and cannot be used daily but still pretty

  5. Is it really a necessity to write 竄American bf罈 and 竄korean gf罈 ? anyways he did a good job ~
    And the little simba is wayyyy to cute!

  6. That was so fun, I really enjoyed this so much. Not gonna lie I died laughing when ' Chris fell out on the couch laughing . . . Sunny really good in the skirt. I watched this video like 3 times was fun to watch. Sunny looked very attractive in this good job 'Chris 休荊

  7. She looks very pretty in your styles and I love the last one x loving the style but I might be a bit biased as its similar to my own style x

  8. Mbak Sunny, menurut aku emang gaya american yang simple emang gitu deh wkwkkw maaf kalo sotoy aoalnya aku liat di utup2 lain yg Amerika2 gitu emang sesimple itu

  9. +Sunny and Chris Yo, my man, Chris… yes you! Pay close attention to how your girlfriend Sunny rolls her eyes at you 7:01 when you weren't looking. She bored of your blue simp behavior bro. Better start paying attention.

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