APA Style CENTRAL®: The revolutionary new electronic resource for APA Style

APA Style CENTRAL®: The revolutionary new electronic resource for APA Style

Introducing APA Style CENTRAL, the new game-changing
learning, writing, research, and publishing solution for current and future generations
of scholars. The web-based, technologically advanced APA
Style CENTRAL has been developed for academic institutions by the American Psychological
Association – the creator of and authority on APA Style. APA Style CENTRAL features full integration
of APA’s best-selling and widely adopted Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association. However, APA Style CENTRAL goes well beyond the Publication Manual’s book
format by combining sophisticated learning and teaching tools, writing and content management
technology, and a growing repository of millions of citations from the world-renowned APA PsycINFO
database. Everyone – including students, faculty,
researchers, and librarians — who needs to learn about, use, or teach APA Style and is
engaged in the research and writing processes will reap the benefits of this extensive,
yet easily accessible, suite of integrated services and tools. APA Style CENTRAL is designed to change the
present and future educational landscape within and across academic departments, colleges,
and universities. APA Style CENTRAL features four integrated
but separate centers, providing expert resources for every stage of the learning, research,
writing, and publishing processes, while promoting optimal habits of scholarship and research. Users will find in the Learning Center an
array of tools by which to learn about and teach the proper use of APA Style as well
as how to master the art of scholarly writing. A host of tutorials, quick guides, and self
quizzes allow students to learn and progress at their own pace, while instructors also
have access to expertly created exam questions to build their own tests, along with the ability
to integrate learning objects directly into lesson plans via their institution’s learning
management system. The Research Center is an environment for
better understanding and facilitating the research process, including the planning and
tracking of research projects. Basic tutorials help students navigate this
process, while access to millions of validated and preformatted references from the APA PsycINFO
database and a helpful library of key reference works and specialty dictionaries are included
to support every project. In addition to these world-class resources,
interactive project planning tools allow students to develop, plan, and track their research,
describe the tests and measures used, and track the flow of participants in their study. The Writing Center provides a collaborative
writing environment with authoritative guidance for all types of scholarly writing in APA
Style. It incorporates a sophisticated authoring tool that carefully and expertly guides the
writer through the various sections of their paper and the proper application of APA Style
throughout. Users can select from a collection of different
paper templates, ranging from a basic framework compatible with any type of APA Style paper
to those reflecting the most common types of primary or original publications. Over 80 different reference types are available
that have been customized for strict compliance with APA Style, and users can import also
references from other popular reference management programs using the RIS format. At any point
while they write, users can also access relevant help text and samples directly from the Publication
Manual. The final step in the research and writing
process is publication. The Publishing Center provides users a tool
for browsing and searching the scholarly journal landscape in order to find the best outlet
for the publication of a manuscript. They can simply browse information or use an advanced
search feature to find the best match for their paper, based on criteria for more than
2,000 key journals in the social and behavioral sciences. It even provides direct links to
various journals’ article submission portals to expedite the submission process for those
who are ready to publish. This revolutionary product will change the
research and writing processes for colleges and universities around the world. Learn. Research. Write. Publish. APA Style CENTRAL.

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  1. Wow. A pretty big resource. I could see this being of interest to PSE institutions with large psych departments, or if the price of this product isn't much more than subscribing to PsycINFO and the other resources on the APA platform anyway. Good luck!

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