Aputure Light Storm COB 120D Review + Portrait Shoot using the Light!

Aputure Light Storm COB 120D Review + Portrait Shoot using the Light!

hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today I’m doing a review on the Apurture Light Storm 120D before I
continue I did want to state that did get this light from aperture but the
review itself is my complete and honest opinion if you guys are not familiar
with this light it’s basically just a beast of an LED light that’s been
getting a lot of attention lately and for a lot of good reasons which I’ll be
going over in this video but before I do that I wanted to show you guys what
exactly comes with this light when you order the kit version this light comes
with a red and black soft carrying case and on the inside it has the aperture
120 D a small reflector for the light in case you wanted a more focused beam and
has the power supply and cords the light control unit a remote to control the
light a manual and a warranty card and a couple of different opportunities ioan
stickers like I said before this light has a lot of great features and the very
first one that I wanted to talk about is the color accuracy the aperture 1:20 has
a CRI and a dlci rating of 97 and that just basically means that it’s gonna be
able to reproduce close very accurately to both the naked eye and in photo and
video typically when you use a light that
doesn’t have a good CRI or t LCI rating you’re gonna have some weird skin tones
and experience some magenta and green shifts and the colors and you definitely
want to avoid that another great feature of the light is the design of the light
itself it’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes the light look
really cool but also tough and durable aperture design is light with a nice
handle at the back which not only helps in directing the light exactly where you
need it to be but just carrying around the light in general especially because
it only weighs three and a half pounds now that control unit being designed to
be separate from the body is not only helping reduce the weight of the light
itself but it’s gonna be helpful in case you need somebody to control the light
even when the light is mounted pretty high that’s gonna be very helpful and
very much appreciated in case any of you guys or myself this is the remote and
speaking of the remote it’s able to control the light up to a hundred meters
away or 328 feet in case you have several aperture lights like I do you
can use a remote to control up to three channels and four groups with two of
those groups being able to adjust the color temperature I’m actually using the
aperture 120 D as the key light and the aperture HR 672 as the rim also related
to the design of this light is the fan system which is
actually really really quiet producing only eighteen decibels of noise so you
never have to worry about this light producing any unwanted noise to your
videos the design of the light unit itself is also pretty cool it has a
little antenna on top to help with that 100 meter range for remotely controlling
the light it has a little power button a little brightness dial to control the
brightness a channel and group button that you can use to change the channel
of the light to be either 1 2 or 3 or the group to be a B C or D a fan button
that has two modes to be either auto or you can force it to be on and a nice
little LCD to display the group the channel the fan mode and the power level
of the light which can range from either 10 all the way up to a hundred percent
the control unit also comes with a strap that you can use to attach the control
unit to the light stand you’re gonna be using the back of the light continue
either has a Sony V mount or an anton bauer mount which you can use to power
the light wirelessly on location for me personally though I didn’t have either
of those types of batteries and they’re a little bit pricey so what I did was I
used my existing vagabond mini lithium from policy buff I tested how long this
light would last at 100% 75 50 and 25% in case you guys have the vagabond mania
theme as well I must were those measurements on the screen so you guys
can see how long it’ll last for you to be honest though using the Vagabond mini
of the theme wasn’t ideal it was just another cord to worry about another
thing to add to the lights and so eventually I do want to get a Sony V
mount battery but until then I’ll be using the big one the very last thing
that I wanted to mention about this light is probably my favorite thing
about the light and that’s that it uses the Bowen s type mount the reason why I
was excited that this light uses the Bowens mount is because Bowens mount is
very Universal so there’s a lot of different options for modifiers that use
the bones mount for my off-camera flash photography I tend to use a Bowens mount
strobe so I have a lot of different Bowens type modifiers so I can use those
modifiers with the aperture 120 D in case you don’t have any bones type
modifiers this light also has an umbrella mount as well so you can use
any existing umbrellas that you have with this light and speaking about bones
type modifiers aperture actually offers a couple themselves with my favorite
being the light dome which is an octa box that’s around 34 to 36 inches and
offers really nice soft light especially when you make use of the inch
and the external diffusion panel it’s a great modifier but the only thing I
don’t like is how you have to assemble it it’s one of those types where you
usually want to assemble it and leave it be because it has those rods that can be
pretty difficult to assemble I usually like the modifiers that open and close
really quick but there’s good news to this story because aperture actually is
coming out with a second version of this light dome which opens in like two or
three seconds and closes even faster just gonna take a quick second to pause
the video and show you guys how I set it up if you’re having difficulty setting
up the light dome and what I could advise you guys to do is to put the rugs
in the the red slots these little red circle slots on opposite ends first like
this one then this one and then maybe this one and then that one right there
and then that’s just gonna help make it a lot easier and then when you’re
tearing it down do the same thing just go on opposite ends and that should be
easier I’ll show you guys how I set it up right now all right so now that’s done you just
have to put the velcro up and then put the diffusers on hope the help if it feels a little loose that’s
completely normal it’s just kind of it’s kind of designed like that
well that’s tip I can give you guys is that if you’re wondering where to put
the outside the fusion panel where you like where you would attach it I would
say not to put it towards the outside edge but more so towards the middle if
you do that then you’ll be able to comfortably attach it throughout the
very last tip I can help you guys out with with this octa box is that if you
intend to use both diffusion panels then I would say so just leave them on when
you’re assembling it or disassembling it because it’s just another step that you
don’t have to do and it’s not going to mess up the diffusion panels at all so
go ahead and just leave them up alright so that’s pretty much it for this video
if you guys are interested in getting the aperture 120 D or any of the other
lights that aperture offers I’ll be leaving a link to a couple of my
favorites in the description area below to end the video I want to leave you
guys with a behind-the-scenes look into a portrait shoot that I did using the
aperture 120 D and the aperture hr6 me2 which I also did a video on hope you
guys enjoy the photos and this video and if you did don’t forget to give it a
like alright take care guys and I’ll see you in the next one

22 thoughts on “Aputure Light Storm COB 120D Review + Portrait Shoot using the Light!

  1. Great addition to existing light equipment! This unit comes with fixed color temp, or is it adjustable (mentioned around 2:00)?

  2. Can you do a comparison shoot with the xplor 600 and the 120d as it relates to the power these light puts out? I'd love to see that.

  3. Hi Francisco, great report on the LS 120D. I would still be interested in the performance of the LED light in the photos. For example, at the first photo with the lanterns the camera stood at ISO 100 and f / 1: 1.4 1/250. Was that 100% power of the LEDs or 50% …I would still be interested in the performance of the LED light in the photos. For example, at the first photo with the lanterns the camera stood at ISO 100 and f / 1: 1.4 1/250. Was that 100% power of the LEDs or 50% …

  4. I really like the finished shots. I think LED continuous lighting will play a major role in the future of photography.

  5. This appears to be a Phenomenal product, thanks to the phenomenal review you provided Francisco. When I first got into photography, I employed continuous lighting into many of my projects. But due to the energy continuous lighting consumes and the HEAT it creates, I got into flashes and strobes. Plus, I love the effects strobes and flashes produce when used with light shaping modifiers. Now I can see continuous lighting making a comeback with many of today’s and future photographers with the advancements of LED technology. The photos you produced are magnificent. Thanks again.

  6. Why are the reviews saying there are a lot of problems with these? Turing off, not working for more than a couple of days. Your experience?

  7. In terms of The dome, You could just get the new EZ LOCK octobox from Adorama . I have the smaller version and its awesome! It only cost me like $68.

  8. How easy is to go around public places with such a big dome? do the police or other security ppl stops you and ask for permits? or what to do to avoid being stop when shooting in public with this light/dome?

  9. Hi FJH.. I want purchase one of this led (newer version) for wedding works. But I don't have much idea about v mount batteries. Can you pls suggest me proper battery +charger combo details or links. In my country (India) its very tough to find. Thanks in advance 😊

  10. Amazing review about this product! I currently do not have the Aputure 120d, but I'm getting into photography and I'm titling towards continuous lighting for Portraits, I'm glad to see how awesome the final images turned out. Thanks for this awesome informative video. What are your thoughts on continuous lighting for a home studio setup ?

  11. Hi there, Is there anyway you could let me know at what shutter speed the flicker becomes visable. Thanks in advance!


  12. Thank you for this. Wonder if you can do similar test and review with the Godox SL60W with the light dome. Especially on output. I see it's getting compared much to the Aputure 120D, but at more affordable price.

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