Best Friends Style Each Other For Date Night! – Outfits Under $50

Best Friends Style Each Other For Date Night! – Outfits Under $50

– We’re going in public. She’s gonna get pregnant. – How is your confidence now? – Oooh! – What’s up Clevver Style? We’re coming to you live from the mall, because today we’re going
to be dressing each other for a date night. – So Drew and Sinead already did this. They dressed each other
for their trip to New York. – Excuse me, get out of here. – We’re supposed to split up. – Then go on the other side of the store. I’ll be on the other side of the store. – Okay, you go to the left. I’m gonna go to the right. – So we decided that
that looked really fun, and we wanted to do it too. And also we wanted to go to New York. We’re going to New York, right Erin? – Not today. Not today, but you know what. LA’s great too. So for our three looks today, we’re going to be picking
out an outfit that we think the other person would like. Then we’re gonna pick out
an outfit that we think the other persons husband will like. And then we’re gonna pick out an outfit that we would wanna see
the other person wear. – We are gonna go on a double
date with the husbands, and wear one of the outfits. We only have 150 dollars, which is basically 50 dollars an outfit. – We’re gonna get our credit cards, and go shop until they decline. And, we’ll see each
other in a couple hours. (upbeat music) – All right so, here is what I’m thinking. Since Erin can literally
pull off the weirdest things. I’m gonna try and get inside
her head and find things that like, I wouldn’t
necessarily ever pick for myself. And that is probably a good
sign that she’s gonna like it. – I’m not really sure what
Loryn is going to buy for me. I’ve given her some suggestions. But truth be told, I kind of
wear pretty much anything, because I have zero style. So, I think her job is
gonna be a lot easier than my job is. – I’m a little nervous, because
I have a hard enough time picking out outfits for myself. It’s why I like dresses. You don’t have to pick anything
out, it’s just a dress. – So I think for Loryn, I’m
gonna look for more fall inspired date night outfits. I’m talking hounds tooth. I’m talking plaid. – A style I’m loving right now is plaid. I basically love that. All the time, not just right now. But like. I’m kinda hoping she goes
that direction for me. I might do it for her. And then if she doesn’t like it. I’ll just be like, oh crap, I guess I’ll have to take
this one off your hands. – I got a shopping cart you guys, because that’s how confident I am that I’m gonna find some stuff in Target. Like look at this. Oh my gosh, I love mustard. On my hot dogs and on my body. I feel like Loryn would hate this color, but I love it so much. I really don’t know if
she’ll like the color. And I don’t think she likes jump suits. Crap. – Finding a look that
I think Matt will like, is gonna be really interesting, because he’s like a business,
super professional guy. But I happen to know
that he has bought Erin some crazy boots before. Like, pink cowboy boots. So you know that he likes weird things. – All right, I just left Target. I found one sweater that I really like. But I think I can dress it up with like, a really cute plaid skirt. I also spent like, 30
dollars on the sweater. When it’s 50 dollars per outfit. I have to get a skirt and
accessories for 20 dollars. I’m really starting to worry about the budget element of it. – Okay, I was on my way to Forever 21, because they have crazy stuff. And then I saw this bad
boy which looks super sexy. And right next to the number
29 which is in budget. So I’m gonna go see if
we can get this one. I am like pleasantly surprised with the selection of Guess in here. And I actually really hope
that Erin comes down here to shop for me. I think I’m gonna luck out. Let’s see what else I can get. Let’s take a look and see if
this one’s in our price range, because I really think Matt would find this to be super sexy. Oh my god, this top’s only 30 dollars. Ooh, it comes in like a blush. Oh no, now this is a problem. – So when it comes to Sean,
I have no freaking clue what he likes on Loryn. I’m barely into my husbands head, much less someone else’s husband. I dunno, I think I just have
to shop and see what I find. I think my shopping sprit will guide me. – Look at this red body con dress. This is super sexy. I know that Matt would
like something like this. But I also know Erin doesn’t
like to wear body con to dinner, because she likes to eat. So, maybe this will be
for a different date night that we are not going to be invited to. – Shopping in Forever 21 is like a sport. And I am a retired olympian athlete. Out of season, out of shape. But I think I did find an
outfit that Loryn is gonna like. At least I hope so. This plaid skirt. So I found this sweater, which I think goes really well with it. It gives me like Clueless vibes. And it’s only 20 dollars. So that would bring this outfit to like, 40 dollars, which is definitely doable. Because I wanna get some
stockings or something to go with it. – Okay, I really lucked
out at the Guess store. Surprisingly affordable for how super cute the outfit I got for Erin was from there. So I did go a little over budget. Now I’m gonna go try to make up for it with Forever 21. – She’s here. You stay away. – I saw you looking at plaid. – I thought you were coming here first. – I got sidetracked by
a really cute store. – Which one? – Guess. – Guess? They have a Guess here? – So that plan back fired. We had to abort Forever 21, because Erin was in there
looking at some very cute plaid skirts for me. I don’t think they’re gonna fit me. I think she’s gonna
have a really hard time finding something that
fits me in Forever 21. But good luck to her. Now I gotta find another store here that Erin won’t be in. I don’t know what this store is, but that is sparkly. Let’s go to Q. I feel like I really
struck the jackpot here, and I’m having so much
trouble deciding what to do. This is definitely very adventurous. Very sparkly. If anyone could pull this off, it’s Erin. – So I know Loryn wears
a ton of floral prints. I feel like Loryn just
would wear this generally. But I secretly just want it for myself. Maybe this will be my pick for her. I’m so torn. – Urgh. I only have one outfit for Erin. I’m a little concerned. I’m going back to Forever 21. This is my last hope, because
I only have one outfit. And I went over budget, so here we go. This is like a kinda cute puff
sleeve, little crop sweater. Doesn’t really push her
out of her comfort zone, but I’m running out of options. Okay, I really like these
orange pumpkiny pants. They’re so fall. And Erin can pull off,
like a good flare leg. So maybe with the puff
sleeve cropped sweater. I’ve just put together
an outfit, possibly. – So I’m leaving H&M. I think I found a skirt that will work. – All right, I’m actually really excited about this last dress I just bought. I went back to one of the earlier stores. I didn’t see this dress
the last time I was there. And I’m really excited,
because I actually think Erin’s gonna love that one. And now I know what piece
goes with which assignment. I kinda feel like, if this
were a competition I would win. – We just got back from shopping, and we are sweaty. We are exhausted, we’re dehydrated. – I am giddy. – Stop rubbing it in. The longer I hang around
Loryn and her excitement, the more I question everything that just happened at the mall. It was a very difficult challenge for me. – It was so easy for me. – Shut up Loryn. – I am so excited. I am more excited for you
to see the stuff I got you, than to see what you got me. Mostly, because I don’t
think I’m gonna like what you got me. – So first up is going to
be the outfit that I think you’re gonna like. – And the outfit I know you’re gonna like. – Oh, okay still
confident, still confident. I like it. (upbeat music) – Oh my god. – Do I look like Lizzie McGuire, or what? – You look like you’re
ready to go to Paris. – Patty. – I feel like you’re
wearing the hat wrong. – It’s because I have this top knot in. – Oh, right you don’t wanna mess it up. You’re right, that’s okay. – It’s giving me enough of the idea of what it’s supposed to look like. So this outfit was from Forever 21. The hat was 15. – Yup. – The top was 19. And the pants were 27. – So you went over your
budget a little bit. – Well I just was like, you
know what, Erin’s worth it. Two things. One, you told me you like puffy. I know you like puffy sleeves. – I do. – And you also said you
don’t like cropped tops that are too croppy. So, you said you usually
are a small in tops. But I got a medium, because I was thinking maybe it would come down
a little lower for pants. – Yeah. – And the pants I love. How do you feel? – You know, Forever 21’s pants
are like the most impossible. – It was just small, medium, large. Small, medium, large in corduroy. – And you almost always
have to try on every single pair of pants, because every
pants is made different. These are like way too big. – What? – But, we are going to dinner. So it’s quite nice to
have a little extra room. So if this had fit me better,
I would like this more. – If you didn’t have a top knot in, would you ever try a beret? – Yes, I would absolutely. – Because you’re so adventurous. – My mom used to force me
to wear berets as a kid. – Because of like dance? – No, just because she
thought I looked unusual. This dress is from Nordstrom Rack. – And this is on the rack. – It looks like it should be
17 dollars, not 30 dollars. My though process for this look. Number one, buying multiple
pieces is more expensive than buying one piece. So I was like looking for a dress. I have to admit I do not like this on you. I don’t think you’re
a small flower person. – I think that this is what it is. Small flowers feel like, very girly. And big flowers are like, ‘sup. – Write that down everyone. – I like it more than just
pulling it out of the bag. Because the pattern itself
wasn’t enough to impress me. – Yeah. – It’s the type of dress
that you order online, and you’re too lazy to return
it so you just keep it. And you wear it maybe. That’s what this is. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. I think it’s too girly for me. I think the sleeves are too puffy. – That was my goal, it was to get you out
of your comfort zone. – Lies. – (laughs) – Now we’re gonna try on
the outfits that we think each others husband will really like. – It’s down hill. It’s down hill you guys. – Great, this is the best it gets for me? (upbeat music) (both laugh) – How is your confidence now? – It’s so weird. I really was like, man this color, perfect for Erin’s hair and skin tone. But like, I think you’re too,
you’re too good for this. – It’s so trashy. This is like what I would
go out in in college. – Man, I really felt good about this one. I was like, oh man,
she’s gonna get pregnant. So the top was 29.99. And the bottom was 34.99. So basically like, a 70 dollar dress. And it does not look
like a 70 dollar dress. Now I understand why Guess
is in the Clover City Mall. – Even though I’m
covered, I feel so naked. But I will say, this round
was for our husbands. And I gave Loryn a lot of tips,
she gave me none by the way. That Matt loves me
looking a little slutty. He likes it when I look a little sexy. – You said the word prostitute. I think if that is the
only criteria, I nailed it. – Lady in the street,
but a freak in the bed. You know, you have to
have a little bit of both. And I feel like this outfit
is the freak in the bed. – I’m a starfish in the bed. – For Loryn’s look, I think
I got pretty much everything from Forever 21. The top is 22.90. The skirts 25 dollars. And the bralette was 12.99,
but I don’t see the bralette. – I don’t understand the bralette. – What? Did you choose not wear something? – I’m wearing it but like, where are you supposed to see it? It’s where my boobs are. – It looked a little like a deep v. And I wasn’t sure if it would be too deep that you would need the bralette. But maybe I should
deduct that from my price since you don’t find it valuable. – Put the sweater on me the way you envision
the bralette appearing. – I’m nervous. I actually kinda thought. – Oooh! – I thought we would just
open it a little bit. – No! – Because Sean would like it that way. – We’re going in public. – I think it’s really cute. I don’t know if it’s
dressy enough for dinner, now that I’m looking at it together. – Well it depends. Are you wearing this when
we’re wearing our outfits? – I don’t know if you would
describe this as dressy. But I do like it for like
an everyday, like look. But you don’t like it. – Wrong. – Oh you like it? – I really like it. – What? I thought you hated it. – No, I really like it. Honestly, when I pulled
this out of the bag I was like, eh no way, right. I like this pairing together
way more than I thought. – It looks really good. I’m kinda jealous. That you look like that
and I look like this. So this was kind of an interesting round. But it’s not over yet. We have one more round to go, and that is the outfit that we think the other person will love. – I no longer have any confidence. – I’ve been clenching my hands so hard. I hate this look so much. – Let’s get out of here. – Let’s go change. – I’m sorry. (upbeat music) – Wait, where are we gonna go eat? Like, Cheese Cake Factory? Like, where could we
actually go where people aren’t gonna think we’re out of our minds? – I actually have to go back to like, the library, you know. I got a final tomorrow. – Loryn, I think you look adorable. – I love it. – Really? _ I love it. Plaid, obsessed. This is great, love it. I don’t have any blue plaid, I love that. Wouldn’t have chosen blue plaid, which makes me love it even more. I love fuzzy, I love
Carolina blue, turtle neck. This whole situation is super flattering. Everything about this I love. I’m just a little sad that the skirt, it’s buckling out, because
it’s a little small and it feels like real short. – I feel like it’s really cute. It has like a school girl Britney Spears. Like sexy but not like overly
sexy kind of vibe to it. Oh, but it’s so cute. I’m so proud of myself. – This is, I freaking. I’m obsessed, I love it so much. – So I got this entire
outfit from Forever 21. Top and bottom were both 19.99 each. And the bow was 2.99. – So the whole outfit was under 50. – Yeah. – You’re the only one of
us to play by the rules. – Okay so, you told me you
like things that sparkle. – I do. – And I know you like wrap dresses too. – Yup. – And you like the low cleavage. And you like the whatever
sleeve situation. So I was like, this dress screams Erin. If I get this wrong, I know nothing. – Oh my god, I love this so much. – Oh, thank god. – I think it’s like, the perfect length. It’s like got a little
sex appeal, here, here. Will have to say, it’s a very
itchy experience in here. – Oh no. – Yeah, you just have to be scratching me if we go to dinner. – Hey, maybe that’s like a,
you know a little foreplay. – Okay well, we have some thinking to do, because we have a double
date tomorrow with the boys. I’m still kind of on the fence about what I’m gonna choose. Do you know what you’re gonna wear? – No, I mean I love multiple things. So it’s like, what am
I gonna wear tomorrow? I have so many choices. – Must be hard. – Let’s talk about the prices. Our totals Erin. – How much did you end up spending? – I thought this was an
argument in my favor, but it’s clearly not. No so, my grand total was 173. I went over budget. – Three outfits for 173 dollars. That’s still a pretty good
deal, at the end of the day. – What did you spend? – I spent 133. – Well that first dress
cost you a dollar, so. There’s where, that was your savings. – I think we should go
our separate ways now. Make some decisions. Mull over it. Think on it. Ponder it. And then come back
together for a double date, and surprise each other with
which outfit we’re gonna pick. – Yeah. I’m very curious to see
what our husbands think. – Same. Three days later. All right, Matt and I are running late to our date night with Loryn and Sean. But I just changed, and I
paired this little outfit with some silver Sam Edelman shoes. – So this is the outfit that I chose. I feel really good about this. I love this outfit. – Now Matt, looks like he’s getting ready to go have some coffee in LA. He looks very casual. Got some jeans and a button down. So I’m not sure what he’s
gonna think about this outfit. But I’m gonna reveal myself
to him, are you ready? – Moment of truth. Let’s bring in Sean, see what he thinks. – You wanna come see my outfit? You wanna see how cute I look? What do you think babe? – It’s kinda like a Hugh Hefner inspired, disco ball inspired. Like if Hugh Hefner was
wearing a disco ball. But it’s very dressy. Like you should be hosting the Academy Awards with that dress. – In a 45 dollar dress from the mall? – Ah. – Do you like it? – I do like it. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Erin picked this out all by herself. – It’s Carolina blue. – Exactly. – I like the plaid. – Uh huh. – I feel like the restaurant
that we’re going to is dark enough that you
won’t be able to tell that you and I are dressed for two very different adventures. – We’ve got our date night outfits. We haven’t eaten all day. I’m very excited. We’re gonna go have some pasta. – Hi! You look so cute. – I knew you were gonna pick this one. Because it’s the only one you liked. – Yeah it is, it is. But this one, I thought
you were gonna pick the one that I thought that Sean would like. – So he liked this one. – Oh. Also do you love that
everyone here is in like, flip flops and like jeans. – Yeah I didn’t really know
what to tell Sean to wear, because I knew what we
were gonna be wearing. Because I had a feeling that
you were gonna be wearing this, and like that we
all look under dressed next to you Erin. – I look like I have somewhere to go, but like maybe my plans got canceled. Anyway, are you guys hungry? – [Sean] Starving. – Well guess what? We got a table right next to the cheese. (funky music) So we’ve eaten a lot of pasta. And luckily Loryn and I haven’t taken all of our clothes off yet. – What? Was that part of it? – From date night,
we’re gonna say goodbye. You have to subscribe. – Yes. – And you have to hit the bell. Also let us know what else we should. Like what other occasions
should we dress ourselves for. – I think Erin to just dress me for life. – Maybe we’ll dress our
husbands in the next video. Let us know in the comments you guys. And that is it. And we will see you back here on Clevver Style, probably like tomorrow. When there’s another video up. Bye! (upbeat music)

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