21 thoughts on “Best Hearing Aids in 2020 | Receiver-in-Canal Style (RIC)

  1. Today I got a FULL RECOVERY from -25 dB loss to -5 dB loss after 3-4 months!!! I am so so happy!! It took 10+ ear doctors to find one that would inform me in the 4th month that all this time it was a nasty Eustachian tube dysfunction, not any earwax. I had my nostrils blown on 5x sessions and I am like a new-born :')

  2. Great program as usual Dr. everyone can learn a lot about hearing devices by watching your broadcasts. Thank you for sharing your superb knowledge so freely and accurately with all of us out here in the field suffering from hearing loss.

  3. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Dr. Cliff. I'm about due for new hearing aids, and my professional follows best practices. It would be ever so helpful were Dr. Cliff to post a chart to show features of these aids for comparison, especially when given features are present or absent. Thanks again for a terrific video.

  4. Another well done presentation Dr Cliff. If possible at some future point, perhaps do a review of the best CROS hearing aids? More and more I’m finding people with serious deficiencies in one ear that are not seeking help.
    Thanks again for all you do for the hearing impaired community!

  5. I so enjoy your videos and have learn a great deal regarding hearing loss and the many devices offered today. I'm excited about the many aids and program options especially given my level of hearing loss. The technology is amazing!  

    It's pretty obvious I should be seeking consultation from a licensed Audiologist and not a person employed as a Costco hearing aid dispenser After 2 horrible months dealing with the latter and still not hearing any better than my 8 year old aid, I returned the Phonak and hit the internet. I spent hours online researching Audiologists, credentials and patient reviews. Seems I may have found one with all 5 star reviews and outstanding credentials! You should see the questionnaire I gladly completed. No one I've seen for assistance ever asked so many questions regarding my hearing loss, emotional state, frustration level, etc. So far I'm impressed and believe this Audiologist not only is capable, she has the knowledge, educational training and experience and really cares about her patients' quality of life. I have an appointment on the 23rd!!  

    I've got to say if it weren't for your videos I'd probably be in an ASL class right now brushing up on my sign language instead of seeking an Audiologist. Given my hearing issues and great percentage of loss I'm thinking the Widex Evoke Fusion 2 could be the game changer I'm seeking. Thank you!!

  6. I think a real toplist might be better. (Bias or not – It´s possible to rank them from a general standpoint) And just to underline the problem. I think everybody would have picked the ones you have on your list just on the basic that they are the top-modells from all the mayor brands. (This doesn't give us anything more than a side by side comparison between them.) Or more precisely. The only thing we get is a orally presented list of the features – But no real advise.

    I have just picked out the Phonak Marvel myself because I like a couple of the features. (The ability to answer the mobile phone is one of them) But I really would have needed a ranking in different specific categories to decide more carefully if this was the best model for me. (I need really good soundqullaty in noisy and windy conditions.) Now I just gambled and hoped for the best.

    Why not give 5-10 people the possibility to try them all for time-period and then give their verdict?!

    The video was good, don´t misunderstand me. Just stating that you need to have the courage to make the list for real.

  7. I plan to see you this year as a new patient. Do you have a questionnaire that will help guide my choice of hearing aid based on my needs? I don't want to show up in my current state of confusion and then have to make a hasty decision.

  8. Another advantage of a telecoil is for use with a "plane old telephone". Believe it or not, many of us still use regular phones in addition to cell phones, especially if you work in an office environment. Even my iPhone 8 still works with my telecoil and this is very handy in a noisy environment because placing my aids in telecoil mode mutes the mics so I only hear what's coming from the phone.

  9. Dr. Cliff,
    Love your very informative videos. Does age related hearing loss continue to degrade even with HA programmed with best practices?

  10. Been using OPN S rechargeable for a while. During the first week, it was horrible. Took some tinkering while exposure to OPN-S for one week to adjustment with your brain.

    After two weeks later, much much better. Brilliant on focus in speech, love open sound booster. And no feedback nor sound leakage either.

    Much better than Resound Linx Quattro in terms of feedback and sound leakage however its’ app customizable and portable charger with three loaded chargers are those features I will miss badly…. 😢

    Anyways, thanks for the reviews but it would be better to go with ranking based on merits to get better clarity on the technology of hearing aids. There is nothing wrong with that despite sounding bias in some degrees.

    Ranking might be influencial in decision process but with reasons explained why which would help clarification on those hearing aids as to why. 😀

  11. Another very informative video! Maybe I selected a "wrong" setting, but I don't have to touch anything to answer calls with my phone…Samsung 6S. Just say hello (or whatever) when a call comes in.

  12. I notice the time slot given to Starkey was shorter. Does this mean you do not recommend them ? Would have liked some further info and your opinion on them

  13. I would be disappointed if I went to any Doctor that couldn't even prescribe the best surgery choice, prescription drug, or diagnostic test. All of this information is readily available on each of the manufacturer's web sites. I need desperatly new hearing aids and I am certain one or two of these 7 are best overall. We tune into videos like this to have an expert opinion and ranking.

  14. I have an Apple Watch, I am curious if any of the hearing aids would be able to link with it? Now I use my AirPods and my watch when I don’t have my phone close to me. As in hands-free driving.

  15. When are you posting your Custom In The Ear video? Your info is a big help. Thank you for taking time to provide this service.

  16. Every review of the Starkey Livio AI seems to focus on the AI and not much is said about the audio quality related to actual hearing. How do they compare to the others?

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