Better Shotgun Shooting with ShotKam Camera? | Gould Brothers

Better Shotgun Shooting with ShotKam Camera? | Gould Brothers

A camera that mounts to your Shotgun, captures
the shot, and helps you become a better shooter, that is exactly what the ShotKam claims to
do. Today I am going to put it to the test. Let’s go! Alright, so for today’s test I’ve got
a variety of guns out here. I’ve got a Winchester 101, thinking I am going to try some long-range
clay shooting. Then, I’ve got the Winchester SX4 – Upland Edition. I thought I would try
some crossing clay shots, see if the ShotKam can help me determine lead or incorrect lead.
Then, I have the Winchester SX4, my trick shooting gun. I am not going to come out and
do a video and not do trick shots. So, I’ve got a few trick shots in store should be really
cool from the perspective of the ShotKam. And then I am going to try it on a pump shotgun
and see what that’s like, maybe shooting multiple clays and pumping. I have no idea,
I have never tried the ShotKam on a variety of these guns. I have very, very little experience,
but today I wanted to really put it through the ringer and try some different stuff and
have some fun and see if it is a tool that would be good in your arsenal, a tool that
could help you become a better shooter as well. Alright, we are going to start out with the
Winchester Model 101. I think we should do a little long-range clay shooting. First,
we have got to mount it to the gun. This latest edition of the ShotKam is pretty cool, because
it’s got a quick mount, just one screw, screw it down and you are good to go. This mount
has a rubber gasket on the inside, so you are not going to scratch up your guns or do
any damage which is a good thing if you like your guns or have nice guns. So, that’s clamped down, that’s nice and
tight. Next thing we have to do is site in the reticle, because there is going to be
a reticle on this, we have to make sure
Point-of-Impact, or Point-of-Aim is the same as our gun. So,to get the reticle in the right spot, I had to connect my phone to the Wi-Fi on the ShotKam,
download the ShotKam app and now I have it good to go and I can see a live feed of what
the camera is looking at here. So, I position the gun so it’s pointed right at the Promatic
trap and if you look over here. If we do need to adjust the reticle, we can just easily
reposition it with these arrows so it is pointed exactly where the gun is. We are good to go,
hit “Save”. We’re shooting a “Shotgun Over/Under” at “Clays” – we can adjust
all those settings. “Clays”, “Shotgun Over/Under” we’re gonna shoot 1080/100
frames per second. Let’s stick with 100 frames per second, let’s shoot. I got that machine set up at about 70 to 75
yards. The clay is coming in slightly so probably 60 to 65 yard shot. Not incredibly long range,
but longer than what most people probably shoot on a regular basis. I mean it’s not
crazy like 160 yards or anything. If you wanna see someone shoot 160 yards then you got to
go searching on YouTube for that, you are not going to see that in this video, maybe
just one we made earlier this year. So for this shot I am going to try shooting
Winchester extended range, which is a Bismuth round. Bismuth, that’s kind of a funny word.
Bismuth. Three inch – this might have a little bite to it. 1200 feet per second, 5 shot,
1 and ⅝ ounce, this should be enough to get the job done. Okay, well. Clearly a miss and I have no idea
where I missed, let’s check out the ShotKam. Just has to quickly download onto my phone.
Here we go, tracking under it, take the shot. You know what, I think I might have been too
far under that one, when I look at that. Let’s try it again. Boom! Tracking up, tracking up, crushed it.
That is interesting. I was a little bit on the left side, because that’s the way the
wind was drifting. But that recoil, I am really letting the gun jump, aren’t I? I am moving onto another gun, another shot.
Let’s go Winchester SX4 Upland Edition. I think we should try some crossing shots.
Where we actually have to have a lead and we can visually see when we hit the clay what
our lead looks like, and when we don’t hit the clay what our lead looks like. Let me
get set up quick. Alright, as you can see here, I have got the
gun set up, pointed at about the distance I am going to be shooting. That is the important
thing is if you’re going to be shooting about 40 yards, you need to set it up to shoot
about 40 yards. So I’m gonna walk out here, down range and set a clay, the distance I’m
going to be shooting. I got the trap machine set up down right over here. It’s a crossing
shot. I’m going to set the clay up right here and I am going to go back and set the
reticle. So I have the reticle pointed exactly at that clay, I do need to change my settings
however from an “Over/Under” to a “Semi-Auto”. Hit “Save”. Let’s try a few crossing
shots here. Definitely missed that one. Okay, let’s watch those clips. So on both those shots I could tell the clay
was going up like this. My gun was swinging like this, I was not tracking with it, I shot
underneath both of them. Let’s see if I can make the correction and crush them this
time. Yes, there we can see the clay comes out and
I chase it from behind, follow the trajectory of the clay and shoot as I accelerate and
pull through. That is called the Swing-Through Method, that gives us a great visual, great
idea of our shot, our mechanics. Now I can go back and start to diagnose things I am
doing poorly. Like too much gun movement, swinging past the clay, pulling up short and
stopping, all sorts of ways to use this ShotKam now to diagnose my shot and learn how to improve
my shot, I love that. I’m going to switch over the SX4, the exhibition
gun, do some trick shots here. Just really curious as if this is a tool that even I can
use for trick shooting. There we go. Let’s just start with one clay
over the head and see what that looks like. That’s what one looks like, what does it
look like when we step it up to 4. Should’ve really loosened up before I tried this. Let’s take a look at the ShotKam. Now that was really cool perspective, over
the head that I have never seen before. Gives a little bit more insight, I mean it happens
really fast, but when you break that footage down and look at where the sight picture is
when we shoot over the head, that’s helpful. Here’s what happens with a lot of new shooters,
they go out to the range, the clay goes out and they take a shot, but they really have
no idea where they were. Visually, they can’t see it. People tell them left, right, over
the top but they just don’t see it. Then we go to the ShotKam, look what’s going
on here. I kind of want to see what the ShotKam looks
like when we blow up some produce though. First up an apple. Woah, see ya. How about
a little pumpkin action. Woah, it’s raining pumpkins. Few of you health nuts out there,
I know you stay away from that soda, away from the pop, away from the Coke, whatever
it is you call it. How about some Bubbly, try to stay healthy America. Woah, what a
waste, what a waste, I should have shot a Coke. Squash, took this right out of my wife’s
kitchen. Oh, this is a new tool for the kitchen, I think I’ll bring this right in. Oh lookie
what I found, some sonic-boom rimfire targets. Let’s see what a sonic boom looks like through
the ShotKam. Holy cow, I think everyone in the neighborhood is going to be coming over
going “What the heck just happened”. That was loud, that was cool. The good-old fashioned pump action. Just like
that, check out that ShotKam action. I got one more shot for y’all, this is one of
my favorite shots called the “180 Shot” where I throw two clays, shoot the clay, spin
a 180, and then shoot the clay upside-down over my shoulder. And I am going to do it
in a way I have never done it before. This is going to be a brand new trick shot, in
this video that I have never even attempted. Because I am going to do the same shot I just
mentioned with a pump shotgun. So now I have to shoot the clay, eject the shell, turn a
180, and shoot the second clay. Yes! That is what I am talking about. Well there you have it guys, that is the ShotKam
Camera. A pretty cool little tool if you’re looking to capture your shots whether that
is in the field hunting birds or whether you are looking to up your game shooting sporting
clays, trap, whatever it is with the shotgun it is really cool to give you that point-of-view
feature, easy to use just the app Wi-Fi no problem. I think most people watching can
figure it out really quickly, I enjoyed it. I would encourage you to check it out, if
you would like more information there is a link in the description. As always guys thank
you for watching and remember it’s impossible to hit those shots you never take. So pull
that trigger, and shoot for your dreams. See ya!

26 thoughts on “Better Shotgun Shooting with ShotKam Camera? | Gould Brothers

  1. Hahahaha $499 love your vids guys but there is no way I can afford a $500 camera. If you find something closer to $200 I would be game.

  2. I think you should actually use it in a hunting environment. Iโ€™d like to see how it works on birds whither itโ€™s dove pheasant or geese.

  3. I took some of those sonic boom rimfire targets and taped them to clay pigeons. Had the shooter use his goose choke tube so it would have a better chance of igniting the powder when it hit. It worked about half the time. You should give it a try and put it on camera.

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