Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion

Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion

– I feel like I’m a Kanye West model. I feel like it’s Yeezy season and I have arrived. (upbeat music) – Like, is there much to describe? It’s just like… It’s nothing. Like, nude equals nothing. – Nude is not an option for black women. – I would say it’s very difficult for me to find nude items for my skin complexion. – ‘Nude Embrace’ by Maybelline? – I probably won’t be embracing it. – Excited about this. – Who wants nude lipstick? Doesn’t that like totally
defeat the purpose of lipstick? – Ooh, I don’t like it. – I look like Ashy Larry. – I look like clown or something. I feel like I just look like I have ashy, chapped lips. – I’d probably have to go to the section that has brown lipsticks, which is interesting because
why is nude the lighter color? – [Voiceover] This is a
nude bra from Forever 21. – I like the nude bra. I think it’s sexy. – This needs to be about
three shades darker. – I don’t even think it’s close to a white person’s skin tone. – If I had to choose, I would probably choose the
bras with the clear straps. – I should look like a
nippless human being. – [Voiceover] I’m wearing a nude leotard by American Apparel. – This is beige. Like a beige paint on the wall. at like like, your Grandma’s house. – The bodysuit is mad cute. – I feel naked. They definitely got the
feeling of naked right. – It doesn’t match my skin tone. – I feel (bleep) fabulous
in it though (laughs). – It’s fun. The thing I’m worried
about with this color is just that if I spill
something on it, it’s a wrap. – I feel like how Beyonce must feel every time she steps on
stage with a leotard. – [Voiceover] These are
actually great, if I were 78. – I hate pantyhose. – [Voiceover] Who did this? – Who did this? – Like, I look ill. – I don’t really like nude tights. Like, I had to wear them in dance class, but, I always thought
it was extremely weird that we had to wear nude tights and none of us were that color. – You just look like, lumpy. Like gray, you just look
like a gray Grandma. – I think that if I really
wanted nude pantyhose, my best bet would be to
get some plastic wrap, and wrap it around my legs. – One option is having no clothes on. – Having the color of
a white person’s skin. – Hold up, are you serious? – I mean that’s just so blatant. It’s so bold. – When you look at what
I have on right now, my little nude ensemble, it all resembles whiteness. – These definitions don’t make sense. Like, having no clothes on. Me naked, is not the same thing as me having the color
of a white person’s skin. – Nude should not be a color in fashion. It’s making women feel
like they’re abnormal. – There needs to be a change in this. – I love my skin tone. I love my shade of brown, and I should be made
to feel bad about that. – I still can’t believe this
is actually in the dictionary. It is? That is insane. – So the only takeaway that I got today, was that nude, for me,
pretty much means ashy.

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  1. Why is this so enraging to them it's just a color it's not like they're saying everyone is or should be that color

  2. I get so frustrated when people just assume.
    Not all black peoples are criminals.
    Not all white people are racists.

  3. Nude is a color it's not a white persons color and the color nude just looks different on black women you know how one of the ladies said " I don't even think this matches a white person skin tone" yes because it is a color nude is a Color just like purple pink or blue

  4. I looked up the meaning on google and it says, "denoting or relating to clothing or makeup that is of a color resembling that of the wearers skin." Doesn't say anything about white people… buuuuut yeah I feel like stores should sell different shades of nude. That's real

  5. I think it's horrible when there's a product that only has one shade and is called "nude". It should be called beige or something else, and if it in fact is supposed to be a nude coloured product, then it should offer a variety of shades. "Nude" things are many shades darker than my skin, and the girls in this video have the same problem but in reverse. Whenever there's only one shade called "nude", my experience is that it fits tan white people and that's so wrong on so many levels. People already get shamed for their skin colours enough! Not all people can tan, and people with darker complexions surely can't make their skin lighter. With pantyhose, nude colours are especially awful. The lighter ones are yellow and the darker ones seem really ashy.

    This topic makes me so mad on so many levels.

  6. You should make a video with pale girls or girls with red undertones wearing nudes because I can't wear any of those items either. It's like putting a light brown item on.

  7. I hated the definition of nude where it was having the color of a white persons skin completely excluding all other skin colors except white. is that what this world has come to?

  8. How come they don't make tights for like really white girls bec I'm pale ad and when I were tights I look like a pumpkin bec of the color difference

  9. But brown lipstick is "nude" aswell. And some pinks. And it kinda seems like they picked out REALLY light clothing on purpose i have "nude" bras and the way i see it that's a white bra

  10. If theres nude clothes for one color of skin, why cant there be nude clothes for different colors of skin? Im sorry, but COME ON. Weve gotten so far that we could go to Mars, but there isnt stuff like good makeup or nude clothing for different colors of skin, or clothing for different body types, or just… gah! Why??? I mean, its not like its not in demand!

  11. I mean it's unfair that women of colour have trouble finding nude items which fit their skin colour yet I think they look amazing in this "light nude" shade. They can truly pull it off!

  12. Nude is the lighter color bc 1. white is majority and 2. Most clothing store owners are white…….. don't look too far into it, just like they wouldn't imagine a black skin tone in the mirror, you wouldn't imagine a white one. Buy products made by black people?

  13. You go ladies! I am white, but it is wrong that they dont have too much of things that are nude for people with beautiful brown skin. This video really opened my eyes to see that. You girls are beautiful, and never forget that!

  14. Obviously these items don't match black people at all, but they don't even match white people well! I'm a dancer and I've never seen a "nude" item match anyone's skin of any colour. Especially considering how expensive "nude" dance wear is, they should at least have a few colour options – and none of them should be the weird orange-y colour that some of them currently are.

  15. Im a little upset that there are plenty of products that would resemble their skin tone (shown in the next video) but in this video they only picked light colored clothing referred to as nude to show.

  16. Who also watches this in 2018 and realizes that in the last 3 years there's been so much development in 'nude' Fashion? It's still not perfect but there's so much more stuff for all the skintones.

  17. Beige paint on grandma's wall… I'm literally watching this at my grandma's and it perfectly matches the wall right next to me lol

  18. I support all races but why is it so hard for ppl to understand "nude" is a color. A COLOR! I don't mean to be rude but it just is annoying

  19. Nude fashions are not centered in skin color rather than the feeling of feeling naked and free under hour clothes. The fabric is supposed to be softer and thinner giving that feeling. But I agree changes need to made. I'm white as white can be being Scottish/German decent but those do not even look right on me!! Under clothes it shouldn't matter as they are not fashionable outfits,its under garments. Those chicks were funny BTW!!

  20. Ugh, nude tights. I feel like where I live they come in only one shade… The weird orange-ish shade (which they label as "nude").

  21. Nude is always way to dark for me. its a color that so many companies try to get right, but most of the nudes Ive seen in stores are like a yellow beige, and t just looks ashy. Ive never seen a person that matches the colo of nude

  22. If you have problem with pantyhose in USA, lets switch it. I my country, where is 99% of white persons, are "nude" pantyhose mostly in shades, that can suit only black person.

  23. In first grade, my teacher called the peach crayon skin color and I was like umm there are brown people too and then the next day I got in trouble for skipping.

  24. I honestly feel like if you're going to "define" A word it should be done correctly. Nude isn't defined as "white persons skin" The definition of nude is "clothing or makeup that resembles the wearers skin color."

  25. Im white and some of that stuff isnt even my skin color. There just needs to be a bunch of different types of nude.

  26. Why do you even try the items on and then complain about it? I know it isnt fair that there are so little items for persons with darker skin, but I just dont really get the sense of this video…

  27. Actually to be honest, I HATE BEING WHITE SKINED. It is just sooo not for me, belive me or not i always have wished to have dark skin. I mean, their hair, their faces and bodies are just gorgeous. (sorry if i wrote something wrong, i am not good at english)

  28. My dream is to one day have a makeup line where I either make a random darker tone nude or call everything nude followed by a number (ex. Nude #69)

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