Blending Pictures Together in Photoshop

Blending Pictures Together in Photoshop

If you haven’t used a mask to create a collage
with brushes then you are really going to like what you learn with this video. This
is my document that I’m going to work on. And these are my two photos I’m going to use.
I’m going to select my move tool. I have show transform control selected and I’m just going
to bring my first photo into my document. And now I’m going to bring the second photo
in to my document. And here they are. You can resize your photos to get them the size
that you want. Just arrow them over and I’m actually going to make this a little bit smaller
and arrow to the right. You press shift and this little corner shift to keep your aspect
ratio. I’m actually going to make this smaller. Shift and arrow up and press enter. Now to
start your mask you will select the layer that you want to mask and you click on your
mask icon. Then you make sure you have your brush set to black and white and if you need
to reset it you can press this and press this. You click on your brush button and you choose
a brush, soft bristled brush. If you want to make it bigger or smaller, I like to use
the bracket key and click and drag it across. You can press shift drag if you want it to
be a perfectly straight line. Shift drag. And basically what you are doing is you are
just masking that part. It’s still there. If you right click the mask and disable the
mask you can see that it’s still there. Enable mask. Then if you switch then you can bring
back portions of it. See I’m bringing back portions of it. So that’s how easy it is to
add a mask. Now let’s say I want to take a part of this and just customize it a little
bit more. I can take my brush tool and make it smaller and just, always make sure your
later is selected. And you can just, undo that and go to my history, click back, and
you can make it very customizable around things until you get it perfect and if you think
maybe too much is gone you just switch these and you just add a little bit more back in.
And that’s how easy it is to make a collage with two photos. You can actually more photos.
You just drag more photos in, add a layer mask to those layers and continue to use your
brush tool. Have fun!

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  1. You need to make sure you click on the mask in the layers palette. It sounds like you have the image clicked and not the mask. I demonstrated how that can happen in the video, sometimes I do that by accident.

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