68 thoughts on “Bold and Beautiful Fashion Portraits – Big Results with Small Lights

  1. I had not finished watching this video yet, but 2 mins in and is already inspiring 🙂 thanks for sharing Joe

  2. This is the first time I've seen you teaching before a live audience. You're an excellent instructor. I like your pacing and the explanation of your technique. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Awesome! The live composite is simply amazing, and the final image looks like you spent hours on the shot.

  4. As always your creativity is absolutely amazing Joe , such a great and inspiring show , thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about great photography , now i have to go shoot some photos , have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  5. Please,….take this as a compliment……….I bet you only had to watch Mork and Mindy one time to get all of his lines………you both work at the same speed !………….Wow – good presentation Joe ! !

  6. I loved this video soooooooooooo much ……..please keep making more photography seminar videos more often.

  7. Joe – Thanks for sharing the video. That last photo was amazing truly inspiring tip to push the boundaries out of the traditional.

  8. Sorry not in Las Vegas, staying in old Europe. Thank you so much for sharing your passion! Magic. I would be interested in watching the monitor while using the light stick…

  9. Joe, of all the YouTube channels I watch, you are hands down, the best, clearest, most concise, and knowledgeable presenter. I concur with your philosophy and I thoroughly enjoy your artistry. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  10. This was great. Love your attitude and work. Wish shows like these came to south africa. I'd be there in a flash

  11. Joe, awesome presentation!!! I don't know how you do it, but kept me hyped throughout the whole program. Thanks!!

  12. So Great ! Love your creativity, your hability, your enthousiasm, and What a picture at the end, Wow !!! I enjoyed seing a few videos on your channel, so much to learn !

  13. Fantastic video. Sir Joe Edelman, you are a real talent. I am really impressed by skill showed in this show (especially startwars session) and im not easy to be impressed. Im still waiting for OM5 MKIII but last picture made me tempted to get the EM1 mkii :). Subbed + alerts.

  14. Inspirational! You make everything seem so easy. But Joe , that's not a real Olympus tattoo though, right?

  15. Hi Joe, I did some shooting line this a while ago but on “bodegones” “naturaleza muerta” not with models so I will give a try, but the setting show at the end do not make sense for me , I mean2 second exposure? You have been painting for much longer than that, it is a mistake, or I ‘m missing something ? Thank you.

  16. After seeing this I am officially an Olympus curious individual. Thank you Joe. Also just subscribed to this channel.

  17. Excellent tutorial,and very speedy, but efficient always. I can do something similar with my d750 of multiple exposure,combined in-camera, but limited to 3 shots.

  18. Thanks for the Olympus Capture software tip. Awesome that Olympus provides such software for free. They should advertise it more. Also installing the Olympus Workspace software to try it out. Let's see if it can replace Lightroom for me.

    And thank you for this video. Learned a lot!

  19. Wow! I can't believe that I'm watching this for free! Thank you Joe, Best regards from Honduras Central America.

  20. Fantastic presentation Joe! It's funny you mentioned Glamour Shots in your presentation as I used to be a photographer for them 20 yrs ago. Oh how the trends have changed over the years.. however you're spot on about partnering up with local beauty shops for special promos! Kudos to for always presenting an opportunity for others to learn!

  21. 11:27 Well I guess my secret is out. Gee thanks, Joe 😁

    For anyone who missed it, these are the steps that I find work best (i.e not buggy) when "tethering" an Olympus camera to CaptureOne:
    Launch Capture One and create a new session. Make note of the location of your capture/hot folder.
    Connect camera to computer and switch it on. Choose the tethering icon.
    Launch Olympus Capture. Select to save your shots to both camera and computer. Point the capture location in Olympus Capture to the Capture One hot folder. Close OC's live view and capture view windows.
    Take a shot, impress your friends and sweetheart. Or not, because this is pretty nerdy.

    Note that if you are shooting in monochrome or another profile, but you are saving only raws, the raw image will be displayed in C1. You can elect to save both your SuperFine Jpgs and the raws, and both will show up, but this is slower.

    Have fun!

  22. In the old days, I was crazy about Olympus cameras, I had them all, the OM1-2-4, the Pen, all kind og Zuiko lenses, from 18mm over the 35 tilt/shift to some solid telephotolenses. Even when the autofocus became better and better in Nikon and Canon, I held on to my OM4's manually fokusing, until my eyes could'nt do it no more, then I made the change to Nikon because Olympus' SLR sucked. I followed Nikon into the DSLR era, and 8 months ago purchased a new D500 and several lenses. Now I discovered your YT channel, and see what you can do with the Olympus system, I kind'a regret that I did'nt discover that before my spendings. I would have loved to have Olympus back. (I still have some of the old gear thoug – for historic reasons). I am blown away over the sharpness and definition of your instagram images.

  23. I took a break from playing with my newly setup home studio for product photography to watch this very informative and entertaining presentation. Count me in as a subscriber, Joe !

  24. Simply Awesome, I had attended your session in 2019 Digital Photo Expo by Kenmore Camera at Lynnwood Convention Center and the session was so much informative.

  25. Joe, I think it's a bit scary to tattoo the Oly label onto own hand, but your video is absolutely super :-)! Thank you and Greetz from Swiss

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