Breakfast For Dinner – 2 versions of Sausage Casserole – Healthy Lifestyle

Breakfast For Dinner – 2 versions of Sausage Casserole – Healthy Lifestyle

hello welcome to happy trails hiking my
name is Kay and tonight for dinner we’re making breakfast casseroles I’m gonna
make two of them one is the original recipe and the other one is a lightened
up recipe so that I can have it and it’ll fit into my nutrition plan well we
first had it in our first house and that’s why it’s important so we closed
down our house and we got the keys and we immediately went to the house and
took a few boxes with us and stayed the night there and sleeping bags and we had
enough food and dishes to make of this casserole for breakfast the next morning
but it really is a nostalgic family recipe because it always reminds me of
our first home as family the ingredients needed for this recipe are you’ll notice that we have two separate
kinds of meat going into each casserole so I will use a half a pound of regular
sausage for the first casserole and it’s pork sausage and then turkey sausage for
the turkey or lightened breakfast casserole and this picture shows you the
difference in nutrition so the turkey has only 100 calories in only one and a
half grams of saturated fat per each two ounces when the pork sausage has 220
calories for two ounces as well as six grams of saturated fat that’s a big
difference and I think the turkey tastes just as good the first thing we do is
add a little spray oil into the pan this is a cast iron skillet again and then
this is the pork sausage so we’re going to brown it up you think it looks all around oK we’ve
reaped the skillet I didn’t actually wash it but read it and got all the pork
out of it now we’re gonna put in the turkey kidding and then when your turkey looks
ready you’re gonna want to bring it as well
make sure that there’s no pink spots in it and then drain it into a bowl just
like the process this is our sauteed pork sausage onions
and peppers and this is our turkey sausage onions and peppers and this
whole container this whole container and this whole container will each go onto
the top of the casseroles this is a layered casserole and so for the first
layer that are going to go into our baking pans is a Bisquick layers there’s your batter for the bottom of
your baking dishes I’ve sprayed the bottom and sides of each of the baking
pans and they’re 8 by 8 pans with cooking spray and we’re going to add
half of the batter into each of the pants it just is what it is and everything
else is gonna go on top and it’s gonna rise in the earth so while you’re
getting everything ready are your oven set for a 350 be ready for
it to go okay we’ve got our sausage and onions and peppers and this is the pork
one and all you have to do is sprinkle over the top this is what happens when they kind of
look the same pork turkey now I’ll know for sure each of the casseroles has on the top
with sour cream in it the pork casserole is going to have two whole eggs and one
egg white and the turkey casserole is going to have two egg whites and one
whole egg this is your egg mixture for the turkey
sausage casserole then it’s just going to pour over the top and this is the forecast and you can tell that the color of the
egg mixture from the casserole is yellower then the one from the turkey
casserole of course that’s because more yolks went in to the to the mixture same
amount of sour cream in both though and it’s a light sour cream and there we are no the more egg yolks
more egg whites you can see them both now side by side alright for our turkey
we’ve got a fat free shredder notice that it is 45 calories for a quarter cup
and there’s no fat in it so that’s awesome 2% milk reduced fat cheddar
cheese and it’s sharp cheddar and it is 90 calories and 3 and a half grams of
saturated fat for each serving and so it’s still a quarter cup serving alright
they’re both in there 25 to 30 minutes at 350 thanks for joining us today if
you make this recipe we sure would love to hear how it turned out for you until
next time thanks for watching

17 thoughts on “Breakfast For Dinner – 2 versions of Sausage Casserole – Healthy Lifestyle

  1. We just had pizza casserole for supper. It had venison burger and pepperoni with black olives. Your casseroles look delicious 😋

  2. The best meals are the ones that bring back memories. Both recipes look very yummy! Good idea to label the pans. I would've definitely gotten them confused. Love all the dietary information, as well. Excellent job!

  3. Omg this looks sooooooo good!!! I love that you did both of these, because my roommate is on a diet and will love this! Plus aw I love the cute backstory!! Also it’s cool that you showed us the difference in the nutritional value because I honestly forget to look sometimes, but there is quite a difference! Whoa the two casserole egg colors are so different! Great video!! ❤️

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