Camp: Notes on Fashion

Camp: Notes on Fashion

Narrator 1: This year, The Met Costume Institute’s
spring exhibition is all about camp. What exactly is camp? Camp has deep historical precedent. The word first appeared in the era of Louis
XIV . . . Narrator 2: Camp, verb. Camp about on one leg, strut like a comedy
king. Narrator 1: . . . meaning a certain theatricality,
impersonation, and masquerade. In Victorian England, it became associated
with queer subculture. In 1870, two Londoners were arrested for,
among other things, impersonating a woman. Narrator 2: Camp, adjective. My campish undertakings are not at present
meeting with the success which they deserve; whatever I do seems to get me into hot water
somewhere. Narrator 1: And then, there was Oscar Wilde. Narrator 2: Camp, noun. Actions and gestures of exaggerated emphasis. Used chiefly by persons of exceptional want
of character. Narrator 1: It was to him that, in 1964, cultural
critic Susan Sontag dedicated her essay “Notes on Camp.” Susan Sontag: I disapprove of cheap, shallow
feelings. Narrator 1: Sontag defined camp as “a seriousness
that fails,” as the “taste for the androgynous,” as “the love of the unnatural” and of “the
exaggerated.” Something with ambitions of greatness that
ends up going too far. She wrote, “to talk about camp is to betray
it.” But once she talked about it, camp entered
the mainstream, where it continued to be redefined. Camp is the sizzle without the steak. Camp is the heroism of people not called upon
to be heroes. Camp taste is a kind of love for human nature. Camp is extravagant posing. Camp is a woman walking around in a dress
made of three million feathers Camp is a holiday for consenting adults. Camp is big business. Camp is eternally hopeful. Camp is a refusal to grow up. Camp is generous. Camp is happiness. Camp is a question mark that won’t let its
line be straightened into a exclamation point.

100 thoughts on “Camp: Notes on Fashion

  1. I’m so sad no one recreated that iconic silver sequinned bodysuit Freddie Mercury used to wear!!

  2. Billy Porter, Cardi B, Ezra Miller are my tops and RuPaul, Rami Malek and Trevor Noah are my bottoms

  3. So basically, camp was not invented by black drag queens like Lena Waithe's gorgeous suit stated, but it was definitely boosted and spread by them.
    A queer culture creation and icon.
    Some very interesting choices at the gala by some guests. (not the straight men tho)

  4. translated to Indonesian: “Lebay” (lèbai) means excessive style derived from berlebihan means exaggeration. words of origin: lebih (more)

  5. wow straight men (EXCEPT DARREN CRISS) this year were so underwhelming. Yes Frank Ocean, Yes Kanye West. Yes Shawn Mendes, I'm talking to yall.

  6. Am I the only one who loved how extra lady gaga was but thought her outfits were a little boring. It was literally a plain black dress, a plain pink dress and some boring bralette

  7. It's such a great theme, but I don't think many of the guests got it. Most just went with avant-garde, which isn't camp.

  8. Okay but Ezra fucking slayed and ruled camp. Honestly, I could care less about fashion, but then I saw Ezra’s camp fit and I was living!

  9. Gaga and her team were camp their movements were much drama! Especially with the hands, facial expressions, poses !

  10. OMG. Thank you. I finally understand what's happening with all these gala fashion statement…. Definitely not camping

  11. How to dress camp: This video
    Met gala happens:
    Me: 👀👄👀 lemme out this place this ain’t it

  12. The concept is very much peculiar. And I couldn't understand what's the exact purpose of this exhibition. And even it doesn't give any suitable message to people. The concept is very much unclear to people. I don't know why nowadays people are loving those things which have no meaning. Just wasting money on some beyond natural things. Money is important but it doesn't mean you will waste it on some meaningless and unnatural exhibitions. (I had no intention to hurt anyone's emotion)

  13. La France est à la base de la création de toute l’élégance qui existe aujourd’hui 🇫🇷❤️

  14. Exquisite video ❕I’m dearly excited to see how this can help evolve today’s streetwear trend as it is very tiring ✨☀️

  15. Such an awesome theme, but most celebrities really missed the brief or played it too safe. Very disappointing.

  16. You can dress up in camp but not making it Halloween . Katy pery burger outfit is Halloween . Priyanka’s outfit is not camp but her makeup is Halloween. Those who nailed camp was gaga , Kylie and Kendall, mark urie, zendaya

  17. Very intresseting, very learnful, i love all things about fashion and love learning more about it 👌

  18. Watching this makes me realize retrospectively that ezra miller was probably the best dressed 'camper' at the met.

  19. Basically, theme like that every kid dressed like everything in a kindergarten school play? From a mountain, to a tooth or a toothbrush?

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