Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Body & Operations

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Body & Operations

♪♪♪ The EOS-1D X Mark III body
continues the Canon pro camera tradition of remarkable strength
and durability with an all magnesium-alloy exterior shell.
Weather-resistance is outstanding; matching the previous Mark II camera. In spite of its solid build and
reliability, the camera is actually about three ounces lighter
than the previous Mark II version. What’s new is the Smart Controller,
an optical pointing device for autofocus point positioning. Press it
straight in for AF-ON activation, and slide your thumb lightly across
its surface to move AF points during viewfinder, Live View, or
video shooting. And, the traditional 8-Way Multi-Controller can be
used for moving AF points, as well. Select buttons on the back of
the EOS-1D X Mark III are now illuminated, supporting the
camera’s excellent low-light capabilities. And, there’s now
full touch screen operation. Canon has switched to two
high-performance CFexpress memory cards, which transform the camera’s
burst rates and 4K video capabilities. Even with the added performance and 4K video enhancements, the Mark III
uses the same Canon LP-E19 battery pack as the previous
model — and, the older Canon LP-E4N battery pack, with
gold-colored lettering, is also compatible. Battery life has more than
doubled versus the Mark II version to over 2,800 still images,
and over 600 with Live View. And, shutter durability
has been enhanced, as well. The entire camera — not just the
shutter mechanism — has been durability-tested to 500,000
exposures. It’s the highest durability rating ever for a
Canon camera. A lot has changed inside the EOS-1D X Mark III,
but the body and controls follow the same proven, reassuring layout
and operations as previous versions. For Canon USA, I’m Rudy Winston. ♪♪♪

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  1. I never felt that any high end camera was grate value really… Until now. Hope that some of this goodness will come down to whatever Canons next 5D style body will be.

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