Chapssaltteok (Korean style mochi)

Chapssaltteok (Korean style mochi)

(chopping sounds) (piano intro music) [ You will need:
For sweet red bean filling:
red beans, sugar, salt, rice syrup, vanilla extract
For rice cake:
sweet rice flour, sugar, salt, red food coloring, starch powder ] Hi everybody! Today, we are going to make chapssaltteok. It originated in Japan, but in Korea,
so many people love this chapssaltteok. We used to call this ‘mochi’.
Actually, ‘mochi’ is rice cake in Japanese. First, let’s start with sweet red bean filling. Azuki beans. We are going to use one cup. Let’s wash this. Wash the red beans this way. Measure three cup of water and pour this into the pot. Close the lid. Ten minutes later, over high heat, cooking. Lower the heat, really low heat. And simmer. My red beans are now really
fully cooked and easily mashed. It took one hour and twenty minutes. Wow! See? All the water is evaporated. Now red beans are very very soft and tender. Easily mashed. Like this. Turn off the heat. We gotta mash this. This is a small amount,
so you can use any wooden spoon, like this. But I’m going to use food processor. Grind for around one minute. Okay. We put all the red bean here. Three quarter cups brown sugar. Quarter teaspoon salt. Vanilla, one teaspoon. I’m going to reheat again. Until all this sugar is melted. Mix this well, under low heat. I’m going to add two tablespoons rice syrup. The color is a little dark and a little shiny. Wow, delicious sweet red bean filling we made. So, turn it off. Mm. Mmm. So sweet. Delicious. I placed saran wrap here. We are going to make sixteen. Sixteen balls. Same size. So this is three quarter cups water. One cup sweet rice flour. Salt, quarter teaspoon. And add one tablespoon sugar. Tiny amount of red food coloring. Stir this well, until the food coloring dissolves. So beautiful pink color. Okay, well mixed. Close this with wrap. But make sure to leave a gap for the steam to come out. Three minutes high heat. Cooking. Three minutes after. Okay, wow. So hot hot! Inside, you still see the really white part it’s not cooked, so I’m going to mix this again, around twenty seconds. Close this. So cook this one more minute. Knead vigorously, so that this rice cake will be more chewy and elastic. Circular motion, like this: one two three Like this, one hundred times. Okay, done. I’m gonna put some starch powder on the cutting board, so that rice cake won’t stick to my hands. Place this rice cake on the starch powder. [ Put some water on your fingers
when you deal with sticky rice cake! : ) ] I’m going to turn over. [ Make a nice, flat rectangle ] [ Divide into 8 pieces. ] Cover this with wrap while you’re making. And then, flatten this. Sweet red bean. Easy, rice cake is sticky, so easily you can seal this. Okay, done. So, I’m going to add this. So, make a nice ball. Sealed with your love~ Finished. Next. We made some eight beautiful pink rice cake balls. I’ll show you a really great idea for gift. See, isn’t it? So cute, it’s going to be a great gift. Really pretty. I made eight rice cake balls, and this is for gift, this is for myself. [ pink mochi / green tea mochi ] [ Let’s taste this! ] Mmm Mm So sweet and chewy. Melting in my mouth! Make this and give it to someone special. Okay, enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye bye~!

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  1. The first one of your recipes I've had the courage to try and make, and it actually turned out pretty alright! I'm not a fan of red beans, so I made them with crushed granola mixed with honey – the texture is really strange and my flour-to-filling ratio is way off, but for a first attempt I'm happy with how it came out. Thank you for the recipe, and for being so supportive and kind to all your followers <3 I'll let you know when I'm brave enough to attempt bibimbap (probably a long time in the future!)

  2. I use to watch this when I was 4 years old and it inspired me to cook something like the rice Cake witch was soooo Easy to make!!!

  3. How long will these stay fresh? I'm hosting a party with Korean food and I would love to prepare a few foods a day ahead. What's the best way keeping them fresh, do they need to be covered?

  4. help! so i made triple this recipe and i followed it to a T. somehow, there was a lot of left over water and alot of the beans broke. so i strained it to get the excess water out but it wasn’t corse and dry like hers. i added only sugar and not the syrup and its so runny. i put it in the fridge to sit overnight in hopes that maybe it will thicken back up. im afraid its gonna be too runny to roll into the balls, anyone have a suggestion?

  5. Chinese (China) caption is up now! One of my viewers submitted the caption for our Chinese speaking viewers! Thank you very much!

  6. Thai caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you so much!

  7. You're so cute this is 2012 video…im watching you May 2018… Never aged….still pretty and young looking….like your videos…i did some for home business selling to my friends the twisted donuts….and they loved it for breakfast…and snack time

  8. I loooove Korean rice cake! But I don’t have microwave. How do I make this >_<. Help please!!!!

  9. WARNING the mochi eating dangerous, more mortality happens in Japan Mochi because of consumption, read for this then, with what the mochi-t onto drawn concentrated and gluey little pieces you cut it and alone in no way animals for his consumption!!!!

  10. اتمنى إضافة اللغه العربيه ايضا لأنني لا اعرف تكلم الانجليزيه

  11. Hi mangchi, how can I make mochi if I don't have glutinous rice flour? Can I change with other flour?

  12. Hello! I am from latin america and i really really love the korean culture so, thank u very much for your channel. is a really good place for loving more and more the korean gastronomy

  13. "Green-tea" version: Green tea powder! Only difference is to mixing ¾ cup water with 1 ts green tea powder instead of pink food coloring (keep the leftover in the fridge or freeze. You can keep it in the fridge up to 1 week).
    ^Taken directly from her website. Since the video is in Korean, I figured I'd make it easy for you 😉

  14. Is it okay to eat it with the uncooked flour? I mean when you put the sticky rice cake you add more flour. And its there until the mochi is served. Someone pls help…

  15. hello maangchi i want to make chapssaltteok for my boyfriend and his but hes living in korea so i thought about sending it with package. Would it get bad on the way there? it would take 10~15 days. I would be happy if you reply 🙂

  16. I think this is something I had the other day. But the filling they put inside I did not like. I’m not sure what the filling was made out of, it was light green and I did not like the consistency. I like trying different kinds because people make them different

  17. I make mochi like this but After a few days it goes rubbery. I wish I could make it the traditional way with rice but who has time

  18. I watched so many different mochi video and the results aren’t what I’m looking for so I’m hoping this will turn out good cause I’m learning from a professional:)

  19. 헤어가 너무 잘 어울리세용~~~ 회사원님덕에 알게 되어 매일 매일 틀어 놓고 있어용~~ ㅎㅎ 영어 배우려다가 요리도사 되겠네요 ㅎㅎㅎ

  20. Your recipes look delicious 😋😋😋, thankyou for sharing, it's interesting, entertaining and I learned a lot♥️

  21. мне очень нравятся ваши видео!вы очень вкусно готовите

  22. Well, I tried out this recipe today. I had to make the rice flour first. The mochi came out OK, and since I have extra red bean filling, tomorrow I will try your Fluffy Bun recipe. I am also using your method for mung bean sprouts. Using a flat tray make sprouts rooty, but your method using a tall container makes nice long straight sprouts. Perfect. I thank you for all these wonderful recipes, but especially your bean curd soya sauce recipe. That is an absolutely precious piece of wisdom. I will have to find my bean crocks, but when I do, I will be trying that recipe out too. I will be back for kimchi too. Thank you so much Maangchi. I have enjoyed these foods many times in the past from neighborhood shops, but never imagined I would learn the secrets of making them at home!

  23. thanks allot
    i live in marocco
    but we dont hava red beans
    and also sweetend rice flour
    so i decided to make the flour sweet with pouder sugar
    can i?
    and also although we dont hava red beans im trying to do it with dried peaches i hope it 'll be ok 🤗

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