Christina’s Story  – Launch Housing

Christina’s Story – Launch Housing

Everything went bad… so, I ended up homeless. I felt very unsafe, I was staying in very bad places. It becomes very dangerous for a girl. Every day was about surviving. Making sure that I could eat, making sure that I wouldn’t get attacked or robbed. And at the same time, I’m still trying to work out how I’m going to get my son back. Without Miranda and her organisation, Launch Housing, I wouldn’t be here where I am today. When Christina first came to the program she was transient for a number of years and was actually sleeping rough. The focus was initially stabilising her housing and then working towards reunification with her son. When I got offered a house, I was so excited. There I could settle, I could start rebuilding my relationships with my family. I was going around in circles, so without the housing that they offered me I don’t think I would have got my son back. Launch Housing provides housing and support to 18,000 people each year across 14 sites in Melbourne so I’d like to say thank you to the donors for their support. This program is amazing. It’s changed my life, so I’m very grateful.

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