Cologne (Köln) – Germany Bucket List Travel Guide

Cologne (Köln) – Germany Bucket List Travel Guide

Hi guys welcome to another episode of
Ultimate Bucket List, and on today’s show I’m here in the German Cathedral city of
Cologne – Cologne isn’t your typical German city for one most of it is
actually brand new most of it was bombed in the war and most of the buildings
here in Cologne actually model but that intermixed with the ancient battlements
that are still here so this place is an interesting mixture of old and new and
cologne is a very walkable city indeed I mean yeah sure you can use public
transport but to be honest cologne is small enough for you to be able to walk
it I should probably start by telling you about that thing over there the
kölner dom aka the Cologne Cathedral the city’s most famous landmark and arguably
its most visited attraction it’s a Gothic cathedral that’s located
slap-bang in the middle of the north end of the city is located right here next
to the main train station so it’s pretty damn easy to find once you’re here
though look up because you’ll be impressed at the sheer size of this
place its massive and when you go inside you’ll be even more shocked seriously it
is literally this cavernous it’s pretty cool to walk around and especially on a
nice day like today it’s nice to see all the windows blow up parts of it we’re
under construction obviously but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this
Cathedral is actually pretty damn cool what is tempting to walk around by
yourself I highly recommend that you pay for an actual guided tour you get to
learn a lot about the Cathedral that you generally wouldn’t if you weren’t taking
the tour I must admit this particular lady here with the colored hair she was
very funny and educational and I certainly learned a lot more than I did
just by walking around the place she actually showed us around that thing
that the shrine of the Magi which is the most coveted relic here in the country
of Germany overall I highly recommend that you find cologne Cathedral and make
this your number one stop your number 2 stop is this the Hohenzollern bridge
this rather picturesque bridge spans the entire river rhine it’s generally a
railway bridge but as you can see from the walls here a lot of people use this
as a romantic bridge so here are the giant love locks that many thousands of
people have put on here and then they toss the keys into the river rhine now
you’ll be actually lucky to actually find some space to put your lock because
the locks pretty much spanned the entire bridge it’s actually kind of a cool
bridge to walk along whether it’s the day or nights and I highly recommend
that if you are God’s sake pictures take it from the other side of the cathedral
the actual city of Cologne itself is split into two pits the modern bits
which is basically your modern buildings full of modern shops and this organ
grinder guy and to be honest there’s nothing here
that you won’t find back at home or in any other European city the much more
interesting bits is this the old town which is directly south of the Cathedral
now spend some time wandering around here guys because if you do you’ll find
some very colorful buildings some typical German architecture and some
lovely other churches that we generally won’t find if you’re wondering just
around the Cathedral and also this is a great place to pick up some
stereotypical German food and drink and walk around some stereotypical German
streets if you’re looking for stereotypical Germany this is the place
to come to it’s kind of cool especially on a nice day like today also cologne is
famous for its unique brand of beer known as kölsch and I highly recommend
that you try some and also when you walk around the city don’t be surprised if
you see ancient battles like this ride alongside public buildings modern
buildings and modern roads this is the kind of city eccolo is if you want
something a lot more modern try going to the lightest arena which is home to the
city’s ice hockey team the coloured sharks and I must admit I’m an ice
hockey fan and the game day atmosphere here was pretty good and the tickets
rather cheap I highly recommend that you take in the game if they are indeed
playing ice hockey not your thing how about football this is the right energy
stadion and his home Zubair football team I Nev see Cohn again I actually
visited this place to watch ice hockey yes
in general they don’t play ice hockey here they play football but if you want
to check out what it’s like to watch an ice hockey game in a football stadium
check out my other video here but in general they play football here and it’s
a pretty damn good atmosphere this building right here is the triangle
generally it’s an office building but you can pay 3 euros to actually go to
the top of the observation tower well you get this lovely view of Cologne
at night however I was the only photographer to have this idea and the
windows were absolutely packed if you do come up here it’s probably not going to
be as busy but you do get some of the most lovely views of Colo when you’re up
here this will solder attractions that you’ll find here in Cologne such as the
Cologne Botanical Gardens the Cologne zoo there’s numerous museums that you go
to and in general there’s a lot of things here to do in Cologne but one of
the things I do actually recommend that you do is visit the chocolata Museum the
chocolate museum you can actually have a go yourself at making link Brown
chocolates it’s actually pretty cool to see how they make it or indeed how they
sell it and it’s incredible to know that requires lots of it it’s still actually
done by hand sometimes it could be a painstaking process hence why the Lindt
chocolate is so expensive you can actually watch the production assembly
line from start to finish you can actually watch it spits out lots and
lots of chocolate bars and you can actually eat chocolate all you want
because they actually give you free samples of that chocolate fountain over
there don’t be fooled though because it’s sickly sweet and you’ll be done
after it 1 or 2 but overall I highly recommend that you visit this place
cologne is a lovely city to go to at any time of the year and cologne is actually
famous for its Christmas markets yes I know I know everywhere has
Christmas markets these days but here in Cologne it’s all authentic and it’s all
German it’s a lovely place to just walk around take in some German food taking
some Christmas souvenirs etc and as night falls it glows like a Christmas
tree unlike the fix stuff we have in the UK
this is actually pretty damn awesome the atmosphere is pretty good and I highly
recommend that you check out the area directly south of the cathedral because
it is actually quite stunning especially when it’s all lit up
I highly recommend that you come to Cologne wants in your life either for
the Christmas markets or during the spring when you can watch a whole
plethora of ice hockey football and take in the sights when it’s not too busy
with tourists okay then I’m sold
what do I need to do well you need to come here to the city of Cologne
it’s surfed by cologne Bonn Airport and that’s about 15 miles away from the
actual city it has its own train station so getting to the city is pretty easy
just take a train any train that will take you to curl Hagen huff which is the
cold train station and once you get to the main train station you’re literally
right outside the Cathedral the public transportation here is actually pretty
good but to be honest you don’t need it because it’s actually a very walkable
city if you do decide to use public transports I care a the s Barnes and the
trams you might be waiting a while especially if there’s an event on like
the football or the ice hockey it can actually be quite problematic to even
get on a tram so bear that in mind if there’s an event on don’t be surprised
to see the trams fall like this if you’re looking for
somewhere to stay try staying next to the Cologne
Cathedral or the train station as you can and if you do everything is pretty
much going to be walking distance for you the cost to do the attractions well
to be honest the most interesting things ie the bridge and the Cathedral are
completely free of charge obviously if you do want to watch ice hockey or
football or go to the chocolate Museum or whatever that’s going to cost you
some money but to be honest it’s all pretty reasonable and I highly recommend
you taking some sports games if they are playing here the food and drink costs
are actually quite reasonable especially alcohol here in Germany is actually
cheap compared to pretty much most of Europe is there anything else I need to
know yes if you are using public transportation
please have a valid ticket and have it validated the fines for traveling
without a valid tickets are severe so please don’t get caught out cologne is
famous for its unique beer known as Kush and if you get a chance try one of the
many brands of course I guarantee is the nicest beer you’ll ever drink and
finally if you are visiting the cathedral there are various rules upon
entry such as no hats covered up skin etc if you have enjoyed this video guys
please be sure to like share and subscribe comments on the comment
section below and if you’ve got any other ideas for bucket list ideas feel
free to tweet them at me if you get enough suggestions I’ll go ahead and do
that so guys thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next
episode Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

15 thoughts on “Cologne (Köln) – Germany Bucket List Travel Guide

  1. Hello Ninh I was in Cologne around a year ago and I instantly fell in love with it. Keep up the great content as usual mate!

  2. When I was there for a day layover en route to Krakow (highly recommended), I visted the Farina House, which is the original manufacturer of "eau de Cologne". Farina cologne is remarkably pleasant and the museum is very informative. I recommend.

  3. @Ultimate Bucket List you can't go to Koln and not go to the Olympiastadion in Berlin Ninh 🙂 Nice job, as always!

  4. Hi Ninh,
    if you want a "real" German City to visit with a castle and old buildings and THE Christmas-market, then come to Nuremberg!
    I'll even show you around, if you need a tourguide!
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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