Commission Yourself! How and Why?? · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #13

Commission Yourself! How and Why?? · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #13

Hello my loves, welcome back to my sketchbook. Today I wanted to use my morning sketching
time for something peaceful- I really can’t stress just how calming it can be in times
of anxiety to take some quiet time to yourself with some paints, if you get a chance, I’d
really encourage it. For me, I found a reference for this bird
that I’ll leave linked below. I went with the flow with this one, just sketching
and then deciding to go over the top with watercolours, and as always, info on everything
used will be down below, but for now, let’s get into today’s topic. So last weeks video was the first in what
I hope to be a series on my channel going forward where we set our own personal commissions
based on a certain type of project, so last time it was an album cover, in the future
we could do greetings cards or home decor or product packaging or any of the other limitless
ways that art is used in day to day life. And the goal is to get you guys involved so
we can all get out of our comfort zones or have this task that we’re seeing through to
the end, and exploring our art in different ways in our own time. But today I just wanted to talk a bit more
about how to take on self-commission projects on your own and what you should hope to get
out of them. When you are commissioning yourself like this,
you take on the role not just of the artist but of the potential client as well. You can either be really specific about what
you want from the project, providing specific dimensions it has to adhere to, style or colour
limitations, time limits on the completion of it, and to make things extra challenging
you can throw in two or three key words that the piece has to somehow emulate. So for example, I could set myself the task
to complete a book cover design. If I want to just explore that in my own way,
that could really be all I ask of myself, or if I want to pose more of a creative challenge,
I could say that the finished piece has to be 6×12″ with a design that wraps around from
the front cover, onto the spine, and onto the back- in which case, I’d have to figure
out the width of the spine etc. I could use an existing story as a starting
point, let’s say the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and again, I could let myself just read the
story and see what imagery it conjure up, or I could push myself to think more outside
the box by actually putting myself *in* a box. I could say that…. let’s pick three words…. Yellow, I want the dominant colour to be yellow,
I’m looking for a piece reminiscent of the art of Cezanne- you can interpret that as
closely and literally or as loosely as you like, and I don’t actually want to see the
caterpillar, just his surroundings. I know that that probably didn’t make sense,
it was really on the spot. But what I’m getting at is you can really
have fun with… even just an adjective generator online, just to narrow down the scope of your
ideas and challenge you to get into more of a problem solving mindset. So what kind of commissions can you set for
yourself? Look around you at all the things that use
art. Billboards, murals, animation, food packaging,
all packaging, magazine spots, articles, ads, stories, poems, invitations, business cards,
clothes… art is everywhere, the projects you could set yourself are endless. And it’s up to you how much time you spend
on these things. For me, I think a week, maybe a week and a
half out of the month, an hour or so a day, is enough to stretch those muscles and still
have time for other things, it’s all about what works for you. Because this isn’t for anyone but yourself,
the most important part is really getting those concepts, and getting at least a first
draft down. You’re not necessarily doing it for a finished
product, although that could be very useful for your portfolio so bear that in mind as
well, so just weigh up what you aim to get out of it personally, and how much time you
can dedicate to that. Building your portfolio is a good part of
the ‘why’ you might want to do this. Especially if you’re looking to go into a
particular field in art, you could really just focus on commissions centred around that,
to build your experience there but also to put out there to potential clients that will
be looking for that kind of thing, to say ‘Hey, this is what I do’. But there are plenty of other reasons. It keeps art fun and exploratory in times
where you’re maybe doing a lot for other people or a lot of practice and study, it sets your
mind alight with ideas and just that excitement that can go away after the day after day of
making art. It keeps your problem-solving muscles warmed
up, probably builds them even. It creates a safe space for you to experiment
in and maybe try things that you wouldn’t have before. All in all, I think it’s just a great way
to get in tune with your creativity, get some practice in without feeling like a chore and
build the habit of committing to a project. Hopefully I’ve encouraged you to at least
consider trying something like this yourself. If you’re looking to take part with the album
cover designs, check out last weeks video and I’d love to see what you come up with
using the hashtag in the description. Let me know if you have any ideas for commissions
we could work on in the future. And for now, thanks so much for joining me,
take care of yourselves, stay inside if you can and I’ll see you soon for the next video. Bye!

34 thoughts on “Commission Yourself! How and Why?? · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #13

  1. I love you aesthetic and your accent! Every thing about is inspiring and makes me so happy! I'm a beginner artist and watching your videos encourages me everytime! 💛

  2. Your voice is so calming , lifts my mood and gives me so much inspiration to my channel as well. Always looking to learn so much from you!

  3. Considering I've been flitting from one drawing to another while stuck indoors, this is something I'm going to try next week. It'd be nice to have some projects that I actually end up seeing through to completion 🙂

  4. Greetings from quarantine in the us! Definitely love seeing your sketchbook chats during this time. It helps keep me motivated to work on projects. Being at home— a place that is used for relaxation— it is super hard to get into work mode for classes and self projects

  5. I draw commissions for myself to see if it is something I myself would buy so I can see and know what others would receive from me, I think it's a really good thing when preparing to sell artwork or just setting a healthy deadline for yourself to improve♥♥♥

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  9. This is a very peaceful painting and a very peaceful video <3 🙂
    I would love to see an updated video on how you film and set up for filming, including things like lighting!

  10. I love these videos. 🙂 And I enjoyed hearing the concept behind giving yourself a commission, very cool exercise!

  11. Since our county's whole "Shelter in place" thing, I've been trying to be more productive and get work done. My art it so important to me and this home time is really making an improvement!

  12. Minnie, thanks for sharing your passion for Art. Being quarantined here in the US, I was expecting to be busy creating with all this time on my hands. Nope. Been is a divot and my mojo is gone. Your sketchbook is an inspiration. Go Small!

  13. I have too many personal commissions/projects I can't keep track of them all lol i think its from being in uni and having 4-5 things going at the same time

  14. That music in the end… ahh, reminds me of the soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet of 2014. This is perfect time for commision yourself, since we all are stuck in our apartments and houses. Thank you, Minnie, as always for great video and advice!

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  16. I think comissioning your own art is kind of learning how to self love and love your art. Because you HAVE to like it somehow.

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