Companion Plants for Roses

Companion Plants for Roses

Hey again, it’s Jason from Fraser Valley Rose Farm Well, someone asked me recently for some recommendations for companion plants for roses And I’m happy to talk about that This time of year while there’s lots of time for you to order your seeds Lots of time to get your shopping lists together and get your plans together for your beds for the spring So I have some recommendations of some of my favorites. I want to put up some pictures. Let’s look at those now We have Echinacea with is characteristic drooping petals Hydrangea to class up the joint a bit Trollius because it looks like a giant buttercup Eryngium for that silvery blue Hemerocallis because daylilies go with anything Melittis because it’s common name is “Bastard Balm” and Amsonia because it’s tough Beautiful and not everyone has it in their garden Salvia for repeat bloom and so many varieties flowering Allium because Graham Thomas said not to Astrantia to help attract beneficial insects Lamium for something bright to grow down low iris sibirica as a vertical accent Limnanthes because they attract hover fliess and hover flies eat aphids Physostegia, which is not nearly as obedient it claims Heuchera for fancy fancy foliage Physocarpus because it’s a stunning backdrop Digitalis and digitalis and digitalis Iberis to come in with the earliest of roses and Asters to accompany the final flushes Agastache are so easy and go with anything Achillea, like this or like this Rudbeckia to brighten any planting scheme Geranium because it’s a classic combination Dictamnus for something a little out of the box Rogersia if you’re not afraid to be a little bold Crambe for early sprays of white flowers and Gaura because they look like floating butterflies Campanula with many many forms Hypericum for both flowers and fruit Cleome just because it looks cool Nepeta because anything blue looks good with roses Penstemon for another full season performer. Viburnum because it adds class anywhere it goes Nigella an annual but it’ll probably self-seed Acanthus for those amazing flower spikes Lysimachia, but maybe not every lysimachia Lavandula because what could be more romantic than roses and lavender Thalictrum for a fine textured foliage of flower Delphinium – d’uh! Verbena squeeze it in wherever you want and Finally Pennisetum because there deserves to be an ornamental grass on this list well There are so many good reasons to have companion plants in your rose garden not the least of which is that everything that was on that list will do a good job of Complementing your roses as they bloom both in bloom form and color and bloom timing So you fill in those gaps throughout your season But the other thing is that the more diversity you have in your rose garden the generally the better The healthier roses will be it comes down to that issue of monoculture So if you have one full bed That’s fully dedicated to roses when one gets a pest those pests have an easy time spreading amongst the same species Whereas if you have a whole bunch of different species in your gardens, it actually tends to be more resilient in those pest levels They tend to support those beneficial insects much much better And so your outbreaks are less frequent and less severe There are some families of plants that are really really good for this and I included some on the list above For instance. The mustard family is a great cool season Crops or has a whole bunch of cool season plants in it. So it covers that front end of the Beneficial insects supporting and beneficial insects just as your roses are starting to bloom I had things on the list like Iberis and Crambe but there’s all sorts of other small annuals and perennials like Aurinia or Aubrieta that also will fill in those gaps Another really useful family is the carrot family because they are characterized by having these little small but numerous flowers that do a great job of supporting beneficial parasitic wasps and on the list I had Eryngium and Astrantia, but you could also look at something big and flowering like angelica or all sorts of little herbs like dill and fennel Another one. That’s a great one is the Daisy family which does a fantastic job of supporting pollinators and on the list I had echinacea I had Aster you could look at something more finely textured in flower like eupatorium as well and finally let me put in a word for the mint family because those aromatic leaves will deter pests from your garden and I had on the List things like Agastache and salvia But a lot of herbs things like rosemary oregano or even the silver leaved Stachys that I’m putting up on screen right now are in the mint family So the point of this would not just be to stick to one or two Families to but go wild add a whole bunch of diversity to your garden because it will stabilize those pest populations experiment a little or Experiment a lot and if you have some successes, I’d love to hear about it I’m sure other Rose growers would as well, so leave those in the comments below. All right Thank you so much for watching. And again, if you have any questions leave those below and I’ll do what I can

21 thoughts on “Companion Plants for Roses

  1. Nice. What a wonderfully diverse list of plants. I have planted many of them in the gardens of the various properties I have lived on. I hope to incorporate many of these into my latest garden come Spring. I had forgotten about a few of them so this is a great reminder. Thanks so much for sharing, the pictures are lovely and have definitely started itch to garden. I especially love the perennial ones. : ))

  2. Thank you for leaving the list and spelling. I will be saving this particular video to do just as you advised.

    Your channel is a "must. have" as far as I'm concerned. Thank you!

  3. Any thoughts on having hardy Hibiscus near a rose? I know the flowing season of the hibiscus is short, but other than possible competition for space would it ok? Been growing them from seed and need somewhere to put one. I also like to put Sedum close by as well, another nice late summer/fall plant that keeps the bees coming late in the year. I used to have Gaillardia's in a well, but I find they spread too much for my liking, replaced with Asters. We also plant lots of marigolds from seed, and boy do they bring in the late season pollinators. Our English Marigolds were still flowing, in a pot right through the beginning of January, crazy (also in south western BC)

  4. Im going to surround Boscobel with Geranium, Campagnula, Salvia, a little lavender and a few orange liliums.

    And for the rest of the flower bed i will come back to this video. 👍

  5. Complimenting my Roses? Now there's an appealing thought – even tho I've come late to the game : ) TY for the great list of possibilities you offered as you "give credit where credit is due" for the photos! How beneficial. Will review list w/video & write down my favorites. Have the Spring 2020 Territorial Seed Company Catalog right beside me! Opened kitchen curtains as I was loading my dishwasher a few days ago & saw my pots of herbs waving back at me. Put on my jacket, went out & spruced 'em up. Brought in a bundle of parsley & rosemary. Now I want to go dig in my flower beds but it's just too wet here in Northwest OR! Must settle for dreaming & sketching plans by the fireplace for now. TY, Jason & GOD bless💫 What fun…
    Sa-01/11/2020 @ 19:44

  6. Thanks for so many ideas about diversity. Of course I clicled like.
    I am cought in surprise that in almost 100 views of this video there are 0 dislikes. I am confused because everything good on Internet must have at least dozen of dislikes. 🙂
    The dislike people must be sleeping on Sundays.

  7. Great info,but unfortunately only one of the plants you mentioned grows in Central Florida, zone 9b-10. The rainy season will begin soon and mom is lucky if her rose bush survives the fungus or black spot. Any suggestions would be appreciated, what could mom use on the roses for black spot ,organic and not chemicals?

  8. Excellent video. I love the purple and blue flowers the best. I was wondering how you deal with Japanese Beetles? You may have already done a video on that.

  9. Hi I'm new to your channel. I know you said in the ground but can I plant roses in a pot with other plants like salvias?

  10. lamuim really enjoys shade so i wouldnt plant that with roses who need tons of sun. not sure if id list it as a companion to roses….maybe only list plants with similar light requirements to help begginers so they wont get discouraged. thanks for the ideas.

  11. What does amsonia look like in winter. My front entrance has roses and i want something that looks good in winter too for the front of the border.

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  13. Those asters bloom in the fall, right? Do you know the name of that particular cultivar you displayed or is that just a stock photo?

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