Cristiano Ronaldo: My playing style has changed | CR7 on his physique & dribbling

Cristiano Ronaldo: My playing style has changed | CR7 on his physique & dribbling

– Are you ready?
– Yeah! Good. Guys and girls today it’s one of those days when it’s difficult not to smile because I’m joined by the legendary, the all-time great: CRISTIANO RONALDO – What’s up, good?
– I’m good how are you? Perfect! – Are you happy with that intro?
– Yes I am! Perfect! So first of all I would like to talk to you about your physique which has obviously developed a lot since the beginning of your professional
career. What would you say motivated you to completely transform yourself to become the athlete you are today? Well, it’s not secrets. Since I was 12-13 I started to do like a program like gym for fun and after that I
started to see you know I was improving. I became, you know, more muscular. In the beginning I have good my family has good genetics, it helps you know, but if you don’t work your genetics is nothing. I started to do you know small exercises and small things and, you know, I see “wow the arm is better!” The veins you can see a little bit, the abs, the chest… You
know it was fun in the beginning And after I said well, if you can you know
transform your body for the sport for the football – it’s good you’re gonna help because you have talent and if you are strong it will be better because, you know, the impacts that you’re gonna get in the game you’re going to be more
strong, you know, it will be better for you. I don’t do gym for the pictures, you know, I do it for the sport because I know that helps me to be a better
player From the outside at least it seems like your style of play has changed a little bit over the years from like
being this step-over winger to you know… – I do it sometimes, yeah?!
– You still do it! But you know, I almost see you as a pure deadly striker nowadays. Do you feel
that way and you know has it maybe been a conscious decision? As you know with the age, you have to change a few things – doesn’t mean that
I’m not still able to dribble many many times during the game – I can do that. But I realized a few years ago maybe 6-7 years ago that’s the most
important thing it’s to win the game, to help the team and score goals and my
focus is always there. You win the games from… you have to score goals! And my energy I keep to be, you know as I said before to help the team, to win the game which
is the most important and after with the goals because I know if I score goals
it’s better for the team – and of course I changed during the era when I was in Manchester I was more pure winger: dribbling, cross… you know during the time when I come to
Spain I start to see more the goal and I started to score goals and goals and
goals and said “wow this is good I like to score goals!” The team is the most
important but of course I love to score goals. Guys and girls that was the big man
Cristiano Ronaldo dropping some knowledge on his physique and style of
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100 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo: My playing style has changed | CR7 on his physique & dribbling

  1. People who think Messi is GOAT because of dribbling etc. should know that scoring GOALS is the toughest thing in the football world. It is why Ronaldo is on par with Messi – doesn't do the flashy stuff anymore BUT he does win crucial games for Portugal and Real Madrid with goals at the right time (Multiple goals against Bayern, Juventus, Atletico, PSG, etc.).
    Messi was nowhere to be seen against Roma.

  2. I thought cr7 was just a damn attention seeker over all other things that he do..but after seeing this interview, I am just realising this guy just loves improving his physique to play better football for longer years as he said…and he speaks his mind and I don't think he is arrogant and selfish to grab attention…it's just what he is naturally and he is straight on the face guy..he earns every drop of fame what he got through sheer hard work…respect for this guy…

  3. This is what annoys me…what makes cr7 deserving of getting balon d'or when u have Mohammed salah, messi, Kevin de bruyne, sane and few these guys who have great seasons with their clubs meaning they played far better football than cr7 this season?..i think cr7 has a poor season overall especially in the first half of league season…if u think of cl final, then bale scored 2 goals and cr7 scores 0 goals.., so should bale be awarded balon d'or?

  4. Ronaldo is nothing but a goal poacher, he is not an all- round forward like Messi.

    Messi doesn't need anyone to create opportunities for him to score, Ronaldo does.

    Ronaldo can not dribble, he is a liar it is not that he thinks scoring is more important, he simply can not dribble past players and score like Messi.

  5. Did he just say "if you have talent" and was referencing himself hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaaaa. He has no talent. All Training…

  6. You cant base the Ballon D'or on only Champions leauge. You have to also look at La Liga which is much harder to win considering there are more teams and one slip up could cost you the trophy

  7. He definately would be such an amazing coach one day! I hope one day he will be the coach of United, Real and Portugal!!

  8. You guys should go watch the interview about Messi Where he him self admits Ronaldo is better than him How he looked up to him and try to learn from him

  9. Oh now i see why he's changed
    .I really like earlier cr7 but after this video I got my ans. N still i like him .Thanks bro what a right question ..U made lots of fans happier ..By giving there question 's ans.

  10. "with age, you need to change…" people really dont understand this. Thank you Ronaldo for explaining to the world. #TeamRonaldo #TeamMadrid

  11. Dribbling does not make one a great player, what a kak (basically shit) logic. Danilson of Brazil was a good dribbler but not a great player!

  12. Ronaldo fame because his goals and his body not because his skills , he has skills but this skills got by normal players not like skilled legends like Maradona or Ronaldino

  13. 1:42 "..I do it for the sport.."
    I respect his hardwork and dedication for the game, but I seriously don't understand what he meant by this statement.
    He literally tumbles over the moment someone accidently touches his feet while he's dribbling…
    Like, Dafuq Cristiano??

  14. I noticed he has changed into a team player around the season of 2014 who remembers when he wouldn’t celebrate when another player scored on his team ? No he does that and he used to be speedy dribbler as soon as he got the ball but then he changed to not keep the ball too long and keep the play going key plays

  15. …and Messi's fans watching CR7's video…while CR7's fans watching Messi's video..then argue who is the best, always like that..

    WHY DONT YOU PEOPLE ENJOY THEM, while you can…huff bitch!!

  16. Rolando can't pass one defender.He can't dribble.His strength is his powerful shot and head.Extremely overrated player. Even Hazard, Neymar can pass 1 or 2 defender. Rather Rolando is a best fox in the box player.

  17. doesnt even try to take defenders on tbh seems like he doesn't have the staima to keep running up and down the field

  18. He went to gym because to wrestle in field, he can dribble only in his dreams, his focus only to goal using his drama skills…..

  19. Ronaldo is Really a good player every style of playing he created by him self He was training hard he is now should be very proud of him self.but Messi is different with him

  20. I want his dribbling back.His speed dancing foot lot of dribbles.I love his game now.But when his dribbles get back he is the king of the universe of football

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