Describe Your Style In ONE Word | RMRS Style Videos

Describe Your Style In ONE Word | RMRS Style Videos

Style in One Word
[0:00:00] “If I had more time, I would have written
you a shorter letter.” I absolutely love that quote from Mark Twain. It talks about the difficulty in being concise
with your language. So, when it comes down to your style, gentlemen,
can you concisely describe your style? What is the message you want to send to the
world? Today’s video, gents, we’re talking about
how to describe your style in one word. [Music]
So, I’m going to break this video up into three parts. Now, the first group this is going to be the
guy that understands clothing that he’s going to use terms which specifically apply
to men style. Next up, we’ve got the guy that’s more
goal-oriented. He’s using style as a tool to get what he
wants out of life. Now, the third guy, he’s dressing for himself
he’s having a lot of fun and the terminology is going to reflect that. All right, gents, so here’s the first set
of words that could perhaps concisely describe your style and if does, one of these words
is like that is me. I want to hear from you guys down in the comments. Are you ready? First up, we’ve got the word bespoke. The word bespoke means to be spoken for. This guy is all about customization. He loves everything made for him. Next up, we’ve got the gentleman who describes
himself as dapper. A dapper gentleman, he is neat and trimmed
in appearance and it’s synonymous with the words smart, spruce, trim, and debonair. Next up, we’ve got the gentleman who describes
himself as elegant. Elegance is being handsome, but still being
very simple, yet very effective. There is no frills, there is no excess. Next up, we’ve got gentleman who will describe
their style as English, as Italian, or perhaps even American. Now, if you’re an English gentleman, what
do you see is you are prim you are proper you are well put together and in general you’re
clothing is very structured. Now, Italian style is going to be more individual. This is where the jackets actually don’t
have much structure in them, the clothing is going to be lighter built, even the shoes
are made for a more tropical type of climate. Now, if you have an American style this is
all about practicality. This is realizing, hey, we are on the frontier,
yeah, we may be not as well put together as the Italians, we may not be as structured
as the English, but when it comes down to practicality when it comes down to hard wearing,
that’s where we shine. Next up, we’ve got the gentleman who will
describe his style as preppy. So, this comes out of Ivy League universities
in 1890’s, they were taking a lot of cues from the English, but they wanted to make
styles that were their own. So, they would take go over to Brooks Brothers
because a lot of classic pieces, but they started to adjust it, so all of a sudden on
the jackets, they became more sack suits. What we saw with the colors instead of earth
tones, we started going with brighter colors we started bringing in pieces with interesting
fun logos and that all of a sudden became the preppy look. Next up, we’ve got the word rakish, dashing,
daring, unconventional and in fact, if you look at the origin of the word, the rakish
mast on pirate ship. It’s all about speed it’s all about being
unconventional, all about being different. Know what you stand for, understand the message
you want to send and it may not be aligned with what society tells you you should actually
be doing. No, you go your own way and you kind of mix
and match unconventional combinations. Next up, we’ve got the word rugged. If you’re a rugged style, gentleman, you’re
wearing purpose-driven garments. This is work wear that actually is going to
first be functional and just happens to be stylish. Next up, we’ve got the sophisticated gentleman. If you’re sophisticated, you’re well-travelled
and you’re well-educated. You’re not afraid to wear older historic
pieces which are just not seen very often, but still functionally serve and are classic
pieces because you understand that classics never go out of style. Next up, we’ve got sprezzatura. And this means that you just wake up naturally
looking good, a nonchalant that you just naturally have style. And the key with sprezzatura is never to tell
them, don’t let them see you sweat. They just see, oh, he looks amazing all the
time. They never see the work and the effort. So, now, let’s talk about the words that
are very goal-oriented. If you’re using these words to describe
your style, it’s all about using style as a tool to get what you want out of life. So, first off for the man that describes his
style as casual, as business casual, as business, as formal, or as semi-formal, you probably
know that those were all dress codes. There are actually particular pieces of clothing
that you want to wear within that. Now, nowhere in there is sloppy and I like
this because the guy that describes his style here, he understands the environment he’s
going into and the uniform the clothing he needs to wear to be able to send the signal
he needs to. So, if you’re in, you know, a law firm in
New York City, you understand, okay, it’s probably going to be more business or business
casual, more probably business. However, if you’re in the let’s say entertainment
industry in Los Angeles, it’s going to be more maybe business casual or even casual,
but casual is never going to be sloppy. So, if that’s how you describe your style,
I think in many of these cases, it’s simply understand that you’re using clothing as
a tool and you’re trying to fit within the conforms of what is expected. Now, breaking away from that, we’re going
to see the words such as professional. If you describe your style as professional,
it’s all about being serious and your clothing oftentimes is simply a reflection of your
mindset. [0:05:01]
So, if you are dressing professional, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wearing a suit,
but it does mean that when you put on this clothing it’s like your suit of armor, you
are showing up and you are actually giving your attention and your full thought process
to whatever it is you are doing that day. Next up, what if you describe yourself as
startup. Well, in this case, you’re most likely working
for a company that’s new that’s adventurous. The typical startup look is the sports jacket
with the t-shirt with the jeans, maybe with the sneakers. And, again, it’s about mixing different
types of clothing together about the non-conformity about disrupting an industry, so why not wear
clothing that kind of disrupts itself. Next up, we’ve got the gentleman who describes
his style as classic. To me, this is a timeless style and I absolutely
love it because it is something that has stood up to the test of time. Next up, let’s talk modern. So, if a guy describes his style as modern,
to me, what he’s doing is he’s taking the classic and he’s also not afraid to
bring in some of the cutting edge fashion. He’s going to try some things out. He’s going to say, you know what? Can I take this classic look and maybe take
one piece off, put in a more modern something a bit more fashionable, something that’s
been around for a few years, I’m going to take a little bit of a chance and maybe add
an edge to my look. Next up, we’ve got the guy that’s going
to use the word situational, we’ve got the guy that’s going to use the word versatile. They are actually different. So, situational, he dresses for the situation,
he’s kind of a chameleon. He’s going to find out, okay, for this event
I need to dress a bit more formally, for this event I’m going to dress down. So, he wears clothing that he can either dress
up or dress down. Now, the guy that’s versatile he simply
wants the option, he doesn’t necessarily find himself in the environment, it’s more
about how he feels. He wants the versatility to be able to dress
up dress down, go with a more rugged look. So, he’s a guy that simply wants to be able
to change for his own sake. So, this last set of words I’m going to
zip through them because I think they’re all self-explanatory. But, this is for the guy that is dressing
to have fun, the guy that is dressing for himself. First up, we’ve got complicated. Next up, we’ve got expressive, then we’ve
got the functional man. Next up, we’ve got improving, followed by
learning. And, I like this one, me. Then, we’ve got playful, practical, progress,
rustic, simple, street, and thrifty. So, did you find a word today that concisely
describes your style? If you did, let me know down in the comments,
guys. And if you want more, you want to start to
develop habits that make you a better dressed guy, guys, I’ve got this video for you right
here, ten habits that you can develop in ten minutes or at least start to develop in ten
minutes so that you can very quickly start to dress better. Now, gents, do you need to describe your style
in one word? No, you don’t. But, it’s a lot of fun and, guys, if you
want to have fun, I’m linking to my free Facebook group down in the description. I actually took all of these words out of
that group when I asked this question along with some other questions one of them was
describe your style in five words. Yes, you can describe your style in five words. Here are some of these. Okay. Well, at least he tries. I like that, that was pretty funny. Steve McQueen, James Bond, me. Pretty good job there. I woke up like this. – Carlos Franco, which I think you are more
of a sprezzatura guy, right? Needs improvement, watch more RMRS – David
Cahill. David, I appreciate that. Vintage rockabilly and 50’s inspired. – Joseph Abel. Smart, casual with military influence. – Kiss Barnabas. Refined Viking and classically modern. – [Daniel Amos Caton]. Upscale, working class, retro norm core. – [Ben Cleardon]. Ben, no idea what that means. All right, guys, again, I want to hear from
you down in the comments. Let me know what you think of this video and
I will see you in the next one. Take care, guys. [0:08:33] End of Audio

100 thoughts on “Describe Your Style In ONE Word | RMRS Style Videos

  1. Describe your style in one word. Comment below!

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  2. i know my measurement as i always go with bespoke clothing to make my clothing classic rather fashionable trends

    I am able to send the message according to the situation through my clothes

    I always go with the Quality over Quantity and Discounts, along with detailed eye on functions like button, thread, stitches, color size , cuff size etc..

  3. I don't think any of the words used fit my style definition. I blend a lot of each in my daily wear. But it's not something like complicated. Each outfit has a use, but can also be adapted for various situations. And overall I'd say I have a basic wardrobe, with plenty of classic and modern styles. Guess I'll have to bust out a dictionary to find my style word lol. Thanks for getting me intrigued Antonio!

  4. super awesome video, but i couln'd find the word that descibes my style. the words i would use to describe my style would be copy i guess. because i find inspiration everywhere.
    i dress dapper, street and everything in between, depending on my mood and situation. i like to stand out by dressing up a casual outfit or dressing down a dapper outfit. this way i am always one up from other dudes my age and my cloting is never basic or boring. i like to experiment with my cloting. my goal is to wear 365 different outfits a year and never dress basic.

    words for my clothing: stand out, experimental, different, casual cool.

  5. I would say the word Structured describes my style the best. I use the interchangeable wardrobe concept to create different levels of formality suited to the environment, keeping practicality in mind.

  6. I love how you said Rakish, and maid a comment about a pirate ship all while showing a picture of Johnny Depp. that was priceless.

  7. My five words were all on the dressing for himself guy. Expressive, Improving, Learning, Me, and Simple. But I totally knew Simple was going to be on there before i played the video.

  8. I definitely feel the dressing for himself, but also the rakish, rugged, sophisticated and maybe a mix of modern & versatile

  9. My one word is “timeless”

    I want to look back at pictures of myself next year, in 5 years, in 25 years, and be proud of how I dressed.

  10. Im 47 im never worried about me im learning that mans have rigth to dress and look well , …by the way rugged style

  11. My style is deffinity goal oriented – business / business casual . I always dress to impress and be the best dressed man in the room.

  12. Hey Captain, what is rugged and classic? When working or going out to dinner I wear dress slacks, a button down and a blazer but when I'm just out and about I wear my flight jacket and either jeans or chinos with a polo.

  13. One word probably more versatile but still learning

    Let me take a shot at five words. Robert Downey Jr. RMRS learning. Did i nail it?

  14. Adventurous cause I’m just playing around, having fun, experimenting to see what works best for me also I don’t like wearing the same thing more than once a week

  15. My style is tactical: simplicity look yet with military/SWAT/ police inspired details specially when it comes to jacket and coats. Stick to neutral color base>black,white,gray,brown, beige,khaki,Navy,army green,wine. A typical outfit would be a henley shirt+dark jeans/cargo pants+ boots and for accessory military/ black g-shock watches+ a pair of aviator glasses. if it’s chilly I throw a jacket on as long as it has Military resemblance another great example the quilted jackets. It might seem simple but the work that takes finding some of those particular items with such details specially Henley’s+shirts or cargo pant without making the look being overloaded is tough.

  16. I just found your channel and really like it.

    I'm the dress for me kinda person at the same time I want everyone around me to like me.

    The stuff you put out is going to be a bid help towards that goal and it well be nice to impress the ladies.

    Kelp going and know that somewhere your changing lives.

  17. Rakish would best describe my style but some others describe it a little two. second choices Like Me, i acually reffered to myself like this as; this is just me . elegance and classic.

    This Rakish is just Me.

  18. Yeah I am definitely the "Me" guy. That's simply because I'm not afraid to aspects of my interest in hobbies into the way I dress. Most of you who have seen my pics on RMRS facebook know I love video games and love to incorporate subtle game references into how I dress. So instead let's call it "Gamer-Casual"

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