Designing a 21st Century Biker Jacket – with Asher Levine | FASHION AS DESIGN

Designing a 21st Century Biker Jacket – with Asher Levine | FASHION AS DESIGN

People come to me to design because they know
I’m going to create something that looks unique. It’s going to be sexy and then it’s going to exude this powerful element. Which is why I’ve designed a lot for musicians
and people who want that rock star look. And a biker jacket is imbued with all of those
sexy, masculine features, right. Whenever I design a new biker jacket, I draw a classic biker jacket. And then I begin to take those biker jacket
details and manipulate them. With the MoMA biker jacket, I wanted to go
really beyond that. Are you, are you gonna put it on right here? Mhmm. Oh, not on the mannequin, ok. Yea yea we’re gonna feed it in, so… Cool, yea careful, cause this… Oh yea, yea. It’s not, it doesn’t have that long of
a run right now… Wow, this is really exciting, that this is
the moment we’re…. Yea, captured on camera. Yea. Stick a bitch on. The idea for this prototype actually came
about two and a half years ago when we were talking to him about designing a motorcycle
jacket where you could signal based on the motorcycle jacket itself using animations to do that. Someone will be able to plug the system into
their bike, a little wireless dongle essentially, that would plug into the motorcycle’s computer
system, much like any car’s kinda operated by a computer now. And via bluetooth, it would be able to send
to the jacket when it’s turning, left or right, whether it’s braking, if there’s
a car or an object in your blind spot and all sorts, all sorts of different animations. This is going to be for the base of the entire
jacket, and Asher has designed multiple pieces, actually, to sit on top of it that will diffuse
in a very nice looking way. And it won’t look like the Terminator,] like
the Terminator’s cousin at that point. Wow. Really, really good. So that’s going to be more like the, what…Ok
I mean there’s still a lot of work to do. But you know what Tyson, see look, it’s
not really coming through, so we may have to make a panel of LEDS that go right here,
for the lapel Yea, for the lapel. You know, cause it should integrate with that,
right. When it comes to a biker jacket, there’s
the look, but then there’s the utility, right? You need flexibility to move, but you also
need protection, so the base, the skin base, which is based off of the fractals of butterfly
eggs, is made up of two different types of polymers, one that’s stretchier and one
that’s harder, so typically you’re used to seeing biker jackets with big pieces of
armor on it, however, what if we brought the size of the armor down and attached it to
a flexible base. You can flex, but then you also have these
little microscopic armor plates. Then when you combine that with the lighting
technology, then that’s another layer of utility. You are communicating with other drivers on
the road of your presence, and where you’re going, if you’re stopping. All of those things that we’re used to communicating while we’re driving. You see someone putting their blinker on.
You can see them blinking. Oh, they’re putting their brakes on 200 feet in front of me because
their car is going red. But now when we brake, the jacket will go
red, so it’s kind of using these you know, communicating archetypes of driving and merging
it with a design aesthetic. It looks so good, the diffuse is pretty good. Yeah, it’s all hanging on the LEDS here,
because… And we’re not even gonna see that… Oh right, cause of the shoulders… Yea yea, the shoulders, and then we’re gonna
have shoulder elements that have the animations in it Right. The material fabrication is completely futuristic. The silhouette, though, plays with, you know,
the asymmetric lapel, but we rounded it out. The whole jacket is kind of round. And I love to accentuate the shoulder blades,
and I use that as an opportunity to, you know, house our diffusion lights, but also, I think
it’s so sexy to accentuate the arm and the elbow, so we added these like extended harness,
like, you know, patterns that diffuse the light as well. So bending the silhouette, what is sexy, those
are all questions that we think about when we’re designing. See this front? Woosh, this is gonna be translucent, so, so… When something falls outside of the boundary
of what people perceive what something can be, that’s when you push the understanding
of anything. So for fashion, right, when people go, “What
is that made out of?” or, “What is that silhouette?” it’s expanding their idea of what it can be. And that’s why I like this whole prototype,
is because we’re given this opportunity to expand people’s understanding of what can
a biker jacket be and what can a biker jacket do and how can that change?

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  1. Aren't the full pieces of armor meant to diffuse the impact of a fall though? These smaller armor plates will still protect against scraping damage, but if you fall down on the asphalt while wearing this you're still pretty likely to break your bones, or am I wrong here?

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