Drooling Horse and a Biker Karma Chain Reaction of Events – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Episode 038

Drooling Horse and a Biker Karma Chain Reaction of Events – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Episode 038

Karma can be good or not so good. Just ask a drooling horse. Arrrrr. You know, an important part of livin’ life, livin’ the pirate lifestyle is Karma. The cycle of cause and effect, can be good Karma or not-so good Karma. This cause and effect interlocks us all in a chain-reaction of sorts. This is a one hundred percent true story that illustrates my cause and effect chain-reaction point. Hang on here we go. A police accident report contains the following accident. It seems that the automatic gate at a railroad crossing in a little town came down to stop traffic for a passing train. Stopped and waiting behind the crossing were an Aston Martin, a Norton motorcycle, I used to own a norton motorcycle, a horse and cart loaded with scrap metal, owned a few horses too, a Minivan, a Ford, and last of all a Mercedes. As the train was passing, the horse, located right behind the biker, was drooling, as horses tend to do. The biker, upset the horse is drooling on him, brings his elbow back, hitting the horse right in the face. Of course, this action caused him to let go of the clutch. The motorcycle jumped forward hitting the rear end of the Martin and causing the biker to fall to the ground. Meanwhile, the elbowed in the face horse, reared up and tipped the cart, dumping the scrap metal on the front of the Minivan. This action propelled the Minivan backward, smashing the front of the Ford. While this was all happening, a man walking his dog rushed to help the injured biker. But first he tied his dog’s leash to the automatic crossing gate. About this time, the train had passed, so the gate went up, yanking the barking dog twenty feet in the air. The dog’s owner, still helping the biker, yelled to another person to lower the gate. At this point, the impatient driver of the Mercedes at the very back of the line pulled out and roared across the railroad tracks. The gate being pulled down to save the dog crashed down on the roof of the speeding Mercedes. hahaha Oh boy… My understanding is the biker, the horse, and yes even the dog survived the chain-reaction event. The point, our lives are truly interwoven. Our actions in all things affect those around us. And more importantly, our actions affect us. I hope you enjoyed this pirate lifestyle TV video. Be sure ta be subscribin’ so you won’t be missing a thing. And, if you have a question, ask in the comments. Me goal be ta motivate and stimulate YE friends ta be livin’ the pirate lifestyle! Arrrrr.

12 thoughts on “Drooling Horse and a Biker Karma Chain Reaction of Events – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Episode 038

  1. That's a good one, but can you imagine if they were all communicating among themselves beforehand? None of this "bad karma" would have happened in the first place. If our lives was so interwoven, we would have had patience, acceptance and ultimately, trust 🙂
    Didn't John Lennon said "All you need is love"?… that is patience, acceptance and trust; a true =3 of life

  2. Love the video and the analogy. It's kind of like throwing a stone into a lake… our thoughts, words and actions create ripples. 🙂 Also, are you using a different camera? The sound and picture quality is terrific.

  3. Very observant. Yes, I have a new camera. My 3 year old AGFA flip died 2 weeks ago. It still shoots video just fine, but the LCD screen died so I cannot see where the camera is pointing.

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