Fight Homelessness with Invisible People This Giving Tuesday

Fight Homelessness with Invisible People This Giving Tuesday

(suspenseful music) – Each year, as many as
3.5 million Americans sleep in shelters, transitional
housing, and public places not meant for human habitation. As the result of the
affordable housing crisis, the number of people
experiencing homelessness in both rural and urban communities is increasing at an alarming rate. Rents have gone up 75%
in the last five years while wages have remained stagnant. Cities like Phoenix are hit the hardest. We all know about Los Angeles, but communities all over
America are suffering from the affordable housing crisis. The homeless sector is housing more people than ever before, but
more people are entering into homelessness for the first time than service providers can help. Reports estimate that 7.4 million people have lost their homes and
are living with family or friends due to economic necessity. Of these invisible people, 1.3 million are children under the
age of six years old. As our homeless crisis grows
to epidemic proportions, so does community resistance to solutions that will save lives
and save taxpayer money. Opposition against the creation of new supportive housing units is often fueled by negative perceptions of homelessness and homeless people. These negative perceptions have
been reinforced for decades. Town halls turn into shouting matches, legal battles are funded by communities to stop progress to ending homelessness, community boards like Nextdoor are filled with nasty comments from angry neighbors. Anti social media accounts are
growing at an alarming rate. The use of hostile
architecture is increasing, so is violence against homeless people. A recent report found that
NIMBYism, not in my back yard, is one of the two most
significant barriers to building more affordable housing. The public’s inability
to relate to homelessness is our biggest obstacle to ending it. Hi, I’m Mark Horvath, I’m the
founder of Invisible People. We are the only national
education based non-profit working to end homelessness in North America. Through innovating
storytelling, education, news, and advocacy, we are changing
the narrative on homelessness. In fact, we do it better than anyone. (inspiring music) Housing programs have been created, feeding programs have been
created, but more importantly, millions upon millions of people have been educated on homelessness. This year, we launched a
brand new Invisible People. We still have the innovative
first person interviews from the experts, homeless
people themselves, but we also launched a online portal for young adults to
learn about homelessness. We now post original news
content on homelessness five to seven days a week, and get this. We have about 20 writers and
25% of them, five or six, are homeless, and about five
or six are formerly homeless. 50% of our writers have lived
expertise on homelessness. They are the experts. We also launched an online
platform for you to write, email, tweet, or call your legislators to demand that they do something about
the affordable housing crisis and work to end homelessness. As homelessness grows, the
opposition to real solutions that will help people is also growing. Our work is becoming
more and more important. Thanks to supporters
like you, we’ve been able to scale this last year, we reached a billion people on
social media last year. Our minimum yearly benchmark on YouTube is now 30 million views. We have 325,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s unheard of for non-profits, much less a non-profit in
the homeless services sector. And it’s all made possible because of you, because you believed in me,
you believed in this work, and you believed in Invisible People. Today is Giving Tuesday,
and we’re launching our season of giving campaign. I’ve participated in some
amazing Giving Tuesdays, but this one is most definitely historic. An organization that
believes in the importance of this work and believes
in Invisible People is making a generous seed donation to start our giving season
campaign of $50,000. (bright music) I’m blown away, grateful. This is definitely the
best Giving Tuesday. If you’d like to be part of this year’s giving season campaign, there’s a link down below. YouTube doesn’t take any fees, so it’s 100% passed through
onto Invisible People. Your generous donation will help us expand educational content
in the schools and colleges, help us expand our journalism
to reach more people, to hire more writers, to
hire more homeless writers. We’ll be able to empower
more homeless people to share their own story,
to educate the public on homelessness, to
influence policy change and help end homelessness. Thank you. I think the world of you, I always have. – Well, that’s important, damn it. Who would if you didn’t? (Mark laughs) Thank God for you. – [Mark] All right, I love you, Catherine, you’ve been always a good friend. – And so have you,
you’ve been the only one that has been honest and
upright with me since day one. – [Mark] Well, thank you
very much for talking. – And I hope that anybody who’s
thinking about contributing to your funding to help you, to help us, will see this and decide there
is no chance they won’t help. – [Mark] That was an unsolicited
request, but thank you. – You’re more than welcome,
if I had the money, I’d be helping you. – [Mark] Yeah. Thank you very much. – Thank you, Mark, good luck. (calm music)

90 thoughts on “Fight Homelessness with Invisible People This Giving Tuesday

  1. And we gave invaders who dont belong in our country every benefit in the book take care of our anerica homeless and vets

  2. Banksters are stealing our homes. Courts and lawyers are all in on it.
    Stole 6 properties from me in California. Made me homeless.
    Chase pure evil

  3. Im writing music and hope and pray I can make an album that sells and with the money I make can help others😃👍 – Composing and producing my album is stressful, but at the same time im building new life in sound and life. Score music / EDM / style music. 🎼😎

  4. I've been off and on the streets of northeast Detroit for years, bless you Mark Horvath for giving back to people who need help, and I'm glad it helps you brother. ♡♡♡♡♡

  5. Thank you for your tireless efforts to push positive solutions.
    I worry about if (or when) Social Security and Medicare are reduced we will see devastating results. Our elderly, disabled and medically frail barely surviving on those benefits will be forced to the streets to die, many after working all their life paying into that system.
    The American Dream? No, I do not think so.
    We have to do better.

  6. The rich people feel guilty whether or not they realize it. They project their guilt onto the homeless, complaining. Instead they should be helping homeless.

  7. Why are they allowed to raise rent so expensively greed is a terrible thing it is ridiculous but it's very loud to charge for rent shame on them shame on them

  8. Thanks again Mark! I appreciate what you do and I’m thankful I have partnered with you on Patreon. Wish I could do more!

  9. Your channel is amazing, thank you for all the work you do. You are really making a difference in making homeless people visible and raising awareness on the homelessness crisis.

  10. Good luck. I won't be able to contribute until January. Which I will.
    This can happen to anyone of us.
    It's not right,
    It's cruel,
    It's so inhuman and injust. The world is fruitful and plenty full.
    There is enough resources for all hundred times over.
    We are one human family that need to look after and help each other.

  11. Its about 39 degrees today here in Ohio and I went into town to grocery shop. Right in front of the Krogers Store on a bench was a Young Man in his maybe late 30's , long beard, with his Shopping cart filled with his possessions and his Big Dog. I just had to stop and give him something .Another couple came out of the Starbucks inside and brought him out a Cup of Coffee and something else .He was just so nice , respectful, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation. !! My Son gave him a few dollars and we just chatted. I could tell he too enjoyed the interaction, the chance to talk to people. We NEED to start having dialogue and praying for solutions and helping in any way we can .Thank you Mark , because you are making "Invisible People" MORE Visible !

  12. God bless me to be a greater help and blessing to the least of these who are also humane beings and also your children.

  13. Please if you have just a dollar to spare to donate. every little amount counts to help. Lest help each other.. my family was homeless and we got help now I’m returning all the help people ones have me and my family…

  14. Every time it gets cold outside I always think about how fortunate I am to have a place to stay always think about the people that have to contend with the cold it's a desperation Inever want to experience again

  15. maybe if they dont want you I pretty sure other countries will take them. Their are many homeless that are bright and educate. Some experts are in offices and cubicle who collect data. If many experts come to the problem and ride the problem then they can be call experts.

  16. I bought my first dozen pairs of socks from a discount store a month ago, and already gave 6 pairs out to 3 homeless people. They were Chapelle, Brian and Dave, from York, PA. I believe I made their day and they certainly made mine. Invisible People inspired me to give what little I can to help out those in need.

  17. When I was a small child, my Dad would take my siblings and I to Vancouver during spring break (my parents were both school teachers – my mom would go on holiday with her mum). My Dad would take us downtown Vancouver and we would spend the day down there, meeting people, hearing stories and sharing ❤️ … he had a friend who ran a soup kitchen, we would help in the kitchen and serve meals. Whenever I see a homeless person I take the time to SEE them, I know a smile can go a long way. Thank you, Mark for what you do, I have been watching your videos from the start.

  18. This is cool how do I become homeless? Owe… That's right I have to vote democrat. That way elites get to make rent cost too high like they did to California.

  19. I was homeless as a child. Very frightening. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. A kind lady, Sister Jan, took our family in for about a year. She saved us until my mother was able to cope. Bless you Sister Jan. May you rest in peace.

  20. Grace videos yes rent is going high a lot of this could be avoidable if people find alternative living they're not doing it because they're brainwashed that they need to housing…

  21. Thank you for everything you do. You have opened up and educated me about homelessness. I agree that the there's a false stigma attached to homelessness where people don't understand what causes homelessness.

  22. Thanks for the video . Wish I could help but i am still fighting every day to not be homeless again. 955 a month does not go far. Especially when one is dealing with 16 medical conditons and I have to pay out of pocket for many of the expenses. Don't know what i am going to do in 4 months when my lease is up.

  23. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I was in the city last week. People are begging on the street and no doubt there are many you don’t see. I’m very conscious of homeless people because I easily could have ended up like that if it wasn’t for my family. There aren’t as many homeless in Australia but it’s growing. Good on you for the work you do, Invisible People 🌹❤️🌻🌈👍

  24. Hi good for you for helping the people , the goverment should do something help for a better tommorw, we have homeless in greece bet most just walk by you no how it is, love from greece

  25. Donated! Thank you for all the work that you do. It has been a pleasure watching this YouTube channel grow into something big.

  26. Greed:with government detachment ;is mainly the cause,and above all ..nasty little prejudices.
    The poor are becoming the new annihilated.
    Trumps not doing enough..he’s more invested in a arms race.
    We have a similar problem growing since a older person;I’ve not seen this type of thing before on our streets.
    It’s Tory disease.

  27. Trump ain’t did say or did a single thing for this matter and it’s just sad, that people don’t vote or try to at least do something about in a governmental scale

  28. Mark, I have been following your great works for a long time, I think that I am going to help you out here, I am going to get ahold of Guinness World Records and have them look into how many socks that you have given away, if they would put you into their World Records, then there will no doubt be someone that wants to beat your Record, then there will be somebody who wants to beat that persons Record, then, we need somebody to do the same with coats & jackets, then go a step further on who can house the most Homeless. God Bless you Mark.

  29. I WANT homelessness to end.
    I WANT poverty to be eradicated
    BUT everywhere I turn it seems nobody wants to see, let alone admits the giant big ugly elephant in the room. So let me get it out off my chest…
    TOO MANY PEOPLE but not that many available jobs! lots lots more people than jobs.
    The number of people by breeding multiply more rapidly than job openings.
    Even among the people who call themselves INVISIBLE, they VISIBLY have broods when they can't even feed themselves.
    You think that's how you could win other people's compassion? By exploiting your children?
    You want responsible people who work hard for their money to feel soooo guilty that they have to put up with your irresponsibleness and your screaming children?

    If I had money, I would require SOME (or great amount from stupid parents) SENSIBILITY before I help with more than just food and water.
    If I had money, i would not give charity to an ENDLESS CYCLE OF STUPIDITY

    I'm not saying that homeless people are not intelligent at all (except for the ones who aren't familiar with birth control methods), some of them apparently are. We certainly can't deny the circumstantial and bad luck factors that are involved (religious indoctrination is not and should not be an excuse).

    So… to whom it may concern, a.k.a people with money and/or political influence:
    lend a hand and some brain, please… thanks.

  30. Reverse equal rights 1968… Black man's burden shouldn't be a whites man burden!!!! AND BUILD THAT fucking WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. God bless you Mark Horvath ,thank you for the outstanding work that you do for all our brothers and sisters that have no voice .

  32. You know the part that bugs me is the bureaucracy of zoning. I believe if you can buy the property and build it, it should not be anyone's business. I feel the same way about HOA's and won't live in one. I buy a house and pay for it, I will do what I want with it. I feel that local government and HOA's that control zoning are filled with a bunch of busy bodies that think they know what is best. It's not freedom when local government passes ordinances that take away people's rights or freedoms.

  33. With all of the federal land that has no revenue, its useless for the government, why not open human sanctuaries across the country with tiny houses all over them. Let them live in those houses and help as caretakers to care for growing food and helping one another? Have one main house and the right kind of people running it. People with compassion for others. Non alcoholic or drugs. Safe for families. Give them a home to fall back on when life is hard. It can be done. Totally self sufficient. Well water, solar, fireplaces. No Bill's. Make it where money has no value. That's what's making people homeless.

  34. Solution is….

    One way ticket to ASIA. We really welcome all!

    Give yourself more time to slow down, seriously

    Too much Laws, GMO, drugs, depression, racism, financial gap, costs, food controls… time to slow down

    You guys are really tough; I could not withstand for more than 1.5 years. RESPECT!

  35. Been watching invisible people for a while, it’s really opened my eyes. I tell other people about it in the hope they will be educated

  36. The sad truth most homeless people are right where they want to be they don't want to work they are drug addicts alcoholics mental issues and they want everyone to help them because they will not help themselves I'm not saying I don't feel for these people I'm just telling you my truth

  37. Mark you should pay Twinkle a visit in Hawaii. What started out as a homeless camp has transmuted into the world's first homeless camp turned legitimate community. The last news article I heard about her she had almost a million dollars raised and several hundred homeless people living in the community. I'm almost certain she has registered as a non-profit at this point but it's amazing how a couple dozen homeless people living and Shanty huts "illegally" has become a legitimate way of life.

    Twinkle has creative housing for hundreds of homeless people and has proven to be a hundred times more effective than the nonprofits filled with people with college education. Just one homeless woman did what a legion of college Eggheads paying themselves lucrative salaries couldn't manage to accomplish.

  38. Homeless across people must and should give themselves up to there nearest shelters at once………….

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