Fortnite HOW TO GET PURPLE RIPPLEY Style (Location & Unlock Guide) *Search the Hidden Gnome*

Fortnite HOW TO GET PURPLE RIPPLEY Style (Location & Unlock Guide) *Search the Hidden Gnome*

What’s going on Guys?! I’m Drew and This is the Dreworks! Welcome back to the Channel! In this video, I’ll show you where you should
’Search the hidden gnome which found in-between Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a buck. I’m in a hurry today, because tomorrow I’m
going to a snowboard trip, and I’ll just come back on Sunday afternoon… or something like that… so the next video … if all goes well you can expect it from Monday. We got a lot of challenges in this week, and
I know I won’t be able to get to the end of it all, however I’ll try create as many
guide videos today as I can, so I hope you have already Smashed the Like button and Subscribed
to the my Channel because we are starting right now! So let’ see where we find this hidden gnome! If we check the map quickly, we can find the
Logjam Woodworks, the wooden shack and a buck on the southwest side of the map, so we have
to find this little creature somewhere in this area. To get this challenge you need to complete
6 challenges from the Rippley versus Sludge Mission. During the landing I’ve already seen this
little man, he is standing next to tree in the swamp. The challenge description was right, because
we can see the wooden shack on the left side and the buck tree on the right! Fantastic! It was an absolutely easy challenge, which
makes us one step closer for unlocking the Purple Style Rippley Outfit! I hope you found this video helpful, and if
you do! Don’t forget to leave a like to this video,
subscribe to my channel and ring the bell! If you need any further help with any challenge,
I’m sure you’ll find a guide video in the Fortnite season 2 playlist, so don’t hesitate
to check it out on my channel! And at last but not least, now you can join
to my Support team by entering the DREWORKS Creator-Code to your item shop! I’m saying goodbye now, because I have to
work on the next video! So Thanks for Watching Buddies! And just like always! I was Drew and Catch you on the Next Video!

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  1. First if you see this I just want you all to know you guys are the best person in the world and don’t let anyone tell you different

  2. Tomorrow I'm going to a Snowboard Trip so sadly I can't finish all the challenge videos today, however
    as soon as I get home (on Sunday)
    I'll continue to make all of the left videos!
    💗Have a Fantastic Day Guys! Huge Love! 💗
    🟢 Creator Code: DREWORKS 🟢

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