Fred MacMurray’s Enduring Farmhouse Retreat

Fred MacMurray’s Enduring Farmhouse Retreat

(mellow guitar) – Healdsburg was a very,
very quaint small town. And when I say small town, I mean literally the sort of small town that Norman Rockwell would
write about, or paint. I was raised here. I was brought here as an
infant, and I grew up here, and this home has been
a very special place for me all the days of my life. (mellow music) My father was Fred MacMurray, and my mother was June Haver who was a singer, and a dancer, and had a very illustrious career there, and Dad of course had one of the most incandescent careers. He made over a hundred pictures. He did numerous pictures with Walt Disney when Walt was alive; 12 years on My Three Sons. He had quite a career. Dad loved to fly fish. This was his favorite spot
right on the Russian River. When he first walked onto this ranch, it reminded him of Scotland, and he felt immediately at home here. And eventually he was able
to buy the ranch in 1941. The first night when we
would come up from LA, it was very difficult for us
to all sleep the first night, because it was so quiet. And way off in the distance, the sound that was always so comforting to me was the sound of the train. (train whistling) The thing that’s so remarkable
about having a house with a tremendous personality
is that it dictates your mood. I love the staircase
going up to the bedrooms. It’s very narrow; very deep steps. They all creek. Those stairs have incredible personality. The bedrooms were comfortable, and they had a wonderful
smell of redwood, and pine. And we could hear the heater
kick on in the evening, and it was sort of our lullaby
at night to put us to sleep. I used to sleep in the one room that is the smallest of the three. And it was like sleeping in a tree house, because when I would look out the window, I could see all of the trees, and it felt like I was floating like I was in a sea of leaves. (mellow acoustic guitar) In the morning, very hot mornings, I would hear my dad
going from room to room, shutting all the windows, and shuttering up the house
to keep it nice, and cool. It slumbered in the
morning in hot summer days, and was beautiful in the evening. We opened up all the doors, and windows, and sat out on this porch,
and enjoyed summer nights, and in the winter up until about November, then the rain would come, and we were enjoying our
beautiful home inside. The den is my favorite room, because that’s where we spent most of our time as a family. The fireplace is always the centerpiece. I think of all rooms, and I used to sit right in front until my back was blood red, ya know, reading my books, and talking, and I loved that fireplace, and the little window
seat where I would read, and often homework as well. And the paintings. My dad’s Puter collection,
his mule mugs up there, and a lot of books, first
editions, Zane Grey, O. Henry’s. Everything that surrounded us
there lent itself to comfort. My parents didn’t
remodel out at the ranch, or change a lot of the decor, or even move furniture around that much, because in our family, the
furnishings, the favorite chairs, the favorite table, the favorite sofa all were like old pals; old friends, and you don’t unload your
pals, or your friends, especially if they’re doing
what you ask them to do. My parents always loved to cook, and they were in the kitchen all the time. Dad, one time I was doing my homework, this was down in Los Angeles, and he was watching Julia
Child on her television show. And he said sit down, and he told me to sit down next to him, and he said, “Watch her,
you might learn something.” (laughing) Out in our garden today, we have a rose that’s called Julia Child, in honor of Julia, and my
dad’s passion for her cooking, and her approach that cooking
is apart of your life, and can define a lifestyle. There are several, really
beautiful pieces in the kitchen, ane each of course has a story. The dishes that are in the
kitchen, and on the buffet, some originated with the
original family here; the Porters, and have been
added to through the years, and the little kitchen table, my dad loved that kitchen table because
it only cost a quarter. And the reason that it cost a quarter is that there’s a bad burn
mark on the top of it, and he found it some antique store, and of course the piece that
he made, the drain board. It’s a funny thing about my dad, I learned so many things about him, because of what was here at the ranch. He just didn’t talk about his life, or himself, or his childhood. Things came up when would
be discussing other things, because I asked him as
I was washing dishes, how did he know to put a
what they call a lip in it so that the water would drain, and that’s when I learned
that he had washed dishes in a fraternity house as
one of the five jobs he had when he was at Carroll College. I didn’t know that. So that’s how I found out about my father, about asking him things around the house. (soft piano) The porch swing that’s swinging by itself because of this beautiful
breeze right behind me, my dad and I made. The pieces all came, but there
were in a million pieces, and so Dad threw a canvas
out on the front lawn, and we were out there sweating for hours putting this thing together, and finally we got it right. And so we were sitting on it, swinging, to make sure the whole
thing wouldn’t fall down, and we wouldn’t pull any of
the pieces from the roof down, and there was a glint out
in the font lawn here. And Dad, ya know, is
kind of rolling his eyes, he even went like this, and he said, “Go Kate,
go see what that is.” (laughing) Looked like an important piece. So he looked at it, and
he tossed it like this, and he winked at me, and
he said, “Don’t tell Mama.” (laughing) Unfortunately my parents have passed away, and ya know, our family is
kind of scattered about, but I can still hear their voices here. I can still remember conversations. I can still remember holidays. And they will always be here in the walls; in the sound of the wind, ya know, in the smell of
coffee in the morning. (soft piano)

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful place, and a truly lovely tribute to family!! I think I'll have to put this town on my bucket list.

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  6. Thank you Kate for continuing the love and traditions begun by your Mom and Dad. We just finished watching your documentary about your Dad. Now I really know why I always enjoy your father’s performances. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  7. Heaven on earth ……… A beautiful peaceful life surrounded by nature . Reminds me of when my Mom and Dad were alive , our home was so cozy and lived in .When my mom made you a cup of coffee , in those days Folger's was her coffee it tasted like gourmet . Being the youngest of nine kids I miss our home life back then .

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  22. what a great video. Seems like the kind of life I would LOVE to have had. I'm jealous, and at the same time I;m very happy for you. Thanks for sharing

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