GAME: Real Or Fake Fashion? | Make Thrift Why #3

GAME: Real Or Fake Fashion? | Make Thrift Why #3

[intro music] This video is brought to you by Squarespace.
Whether you need a domain, website or an online store, make it with Squarespace. Annika: Hellooooo internet! Happy 2018!
We’ve got Giovanni with us again for another episode of Make Thrift Why, except today we’re
going to do something a little bit different. People send me in a lot of strange and wonderful
clothing, um, for my series “Make Thrift Buy”, where I recreate them. And we have a few episodes called “Make Thrift
WHY”, where we just make fun of these clothes. Luci: Click on the i! Click on the i!
… Will it appear with the i…? Annika: It might be on that side. Luci: Let’s point to all the corners just
in case. A: Click on the i! L: Click on our eye! A: So I thought that instead of just ragging
on the weird and wonderful clothes that people send us, um, instead this episode we’re going
to play a game. L: And this game is: Make Thrift Why or… Together: Fake Thrift… Why! L: It’s a mouthful! A: So here’s how the game is going to go.
L: Ok. A: In this game, some of the items that I
am going to be describing are real items, that actually exist, and that you can actually
buy. But some of the items I’ve just made up with
my brain. So I’ll read the description of the clothes,
and you have to decide whether it’s real or fake.
L: Okay! And what do I win? Do I have to get a certain amount right to be the winner?
A: Oooooh – good question. Let’s say you have to get over 50%, and if you do…
L: If I win, you have to hem these pants that I’m wearing and the blue pair.
A: *sighs* okay L: Next time you’re sewing
A: Okay, I told Luci that he had to hem his pants himself – alright, if you get over 50%,
I’ll hem your… L: You’ll hem the pants!
A: I’ll hem your pants for you. L: Yesssss. A: Okay.
L: Okay. A: Item number 1! Are you ready? L: Item number 1. [silence] These are my laser focuses. A: The description of this item is, a sweater
that’s made of a see-through, slightly beige-coloured mesh on the bodice, and thick knitted arms,
so it has the effect of looking like a torso-less sweater. It sold last year for £1550…
L: *sigh* A: Which is about $2000 US dollars. L: Mmmmmm. I would say that is… real. A: Final answer?
L: My final answer is that that’s real. A: Okay – it is real!
[ding!] L: Can I see a picture..? Ohh.
A: The brand is Calvin Klein. L: I didn’t expect it to be that sheer. Like
it really just looks like the arms of a sweater. A: And it is sold out.
L: Ohh *laughs* A: It’s sold out.
L: Yeah, because they make like three. A: Okay, number 2. A scarf that’s made entirely
from transparent plastic material, seemingly negating the point of wearing a scarf, but
hey, that’s high fashion for you. So it’s a transparent scarf. It currently sells for
$880 US dollars. L: And it’s made out of plastic.
A: Yeah. L: You can see right through it.
A: You can see right through it. L: Mmm. I’m kinda trying to second-guess you
now. Like, would you… coz you’re trying to invent things that sound like they would
be real things… uhhh… I’m gunna say… L: My gut says “fake”, but I’m going to go
against my gut. A: You’re going to go against your gut?
L: I’m going to go against my gut and I’m going to say “real”. A: You might get an upset stomach if you go against your gut. L: *sighs* Woof. Your Honor – I move that that joke be stricken from the record.
A: Real? L: Real.
A: Okay… [Fail sound effect]
A: It is fake! L: Darn it! Should have gone with the gut!
A: Should have gone with the gut. L: Ahhh – you just made that up?
A: I just made that one up, yes – but 2017 was the year of transparent fashion, so –
L: That’s why I should have – that’s why my gut was telling me fake!
A: Mmhm. L: I should have known – it’s not just all
going to be transparent stuff. A: Or is it?
L: Well that would be – oh – ah – you’re playing with my mind! A: Okay are you ready for the next one?
L: Yep, okay! A: So we’re one for one.
L: What – hang on, you’re getting points as well? I thought I was just getting points
for everyone I got right – we’re not competing. A: Oh – yes.
L: On “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, the host doesn’t get all the points that they
don’t! A: [laughing] awww, maybe they do.
L: No – they don’t! A: Okay, number 3. So you’ve got one out of
two so far. L: Okay.
A: Okay number three is – A transparent plastic “cape” that looks exactly like a dry-cleaners
bag, except that the name of the Laundromat is replaced with the name of the brand, who
sell this piece for £650[sic] British pounds, which is about $750 US dollars.
L: So it’s, so you know when you get your dry-cleaning back and it has the plastic casing
over the top, this is like a cape you put on which is that just plastic casing.
A: It’s meant to look like that. L: I don’t think I need to think very long
about this one, I think this is real. It’s soooo – silly.
A: [laugh] Yeah. L: That I think you, that I don’t think this
off the top of the dome. I think this is really… A: You don’t think so? What about after the
transparent scarf? L: No, this is real.
A: This is real? L: Yep.
A: Okay, you’re ready? L: Mmhm!
A: Final answer – real? L: Final answer real.
A: It is real! [ding!]
L: I knew it! A: [laughs] It’s by the brand Moschino, and,
unfortunately, is sold out, and this – L: They’re all sold out!
A: Yeah… [exasperated laugh] L: Sorry everybody, I guess you’ll have to
get a regular dry-cleaners bag [laughs] and wear that!
A: That would be an easy “Make Thrift Buy” though!
L: Yeah, it’d be a very short episode! [Sings intro music to “Make Thrift Buy”, with the
ending “zipper” sound effect being emphasized]. A: So this is the description from “Browns”,
who is a retailer of high-fashion, who sold the dress: “This clear Moschino dry cleaning
cape overlay dress is the only kind of laundry you’d be willing to do (for your trusty au
pair takes care of that kind of stuff).” Coz you’re rich!… You don’t have to do your
laundry. L: Hang on – so – wha- [laughs]
A: This dress showcases the brand’s economical – let’s just highlight that word – economical
– fall 17 runway theme. L: Why is it economical if it’s £650?
A: This is how Capitalism works. L: Hey, your au pair might be doing your laundry,
but you can still wear the bag – WHAT?! WHAT?! A:[laughs]
L: …What?! A: Okay, number 4 – so this is a “key charm
bracelet” that is a few pieces of chain with several old-looking keys attached to it, with
a large keyring clip to fasten the bracelet. So it basically just looks like a ring of
keys for a business or something that’s been slipped over your wrist – and it retails for
£630 Great British Pounds, or about $850 US Dollars.
L: I’m really torn on this, because it could – it sounds like something that would be real,
but it could also be the case that I know when you were writing these fake ones you
were sitting on the couch, and from our couch you can see the wicker shelf where we keep
our keys. So was it the fact – was it that you looked over there and you saw the keys
sitting there and you were like – the more I say this, the more I’m like this IS what
happened. This one is fake. A: It’s fake?
L: It’s fake. And you’re trying to trick me by having it
be in pounds, and then changing the pounds to dollars – that makes it sound more like
a real retail item. A: Alright – you ready?
L: Okay. A: This one is real.
L: Awhhhh! A: [laughs] – and is by the brand – I have
no idea how to pronounce this – Bal-en-see-ah? L: Valencia?
A: I think it’s Bal-en-see-ah. So this is what it looks like –
L: Ohh. Okay – great. A: [laughs]
L: It looks GREAAAT – A: So this is the description, from “Browns”
fashion again – L: Mmhm. Browns again.
A: Browns again. A: “This metallic Balenciaga Key Charm bracelet
is the key to success because as Lord Chesterfield so rightly stated: ‘if you are not in fashion,
you are nobody’ (and god forbid, one is a ‘nobody’). The result of impeccable Italian
workmanship, this bracelet has been crafted from gold-tone and silver-tone metal ” L: [laughing] ohhkay.
A: “And features multiple keycharms.” L: On the pro-side: it’s made by Italians.
On the con-side: Who is Lord Chesterfield?! Is this someone all British people know about?
Lord Chesterfield? [laughs] “As the famous Lord Chesterfield said: Who
is Lord Chesterfield?!” Some kind of fashion… lord? Does Britain each year appoint one Lord
to be the Lord of Fashion? A: Yes. I believe they do. If you’re from
Britain – let us know. L: Let us know.
A: In the comments below. L: The only Lord I know of would be like,
Lord Vader. And as Darth Vader once said: “If you’re not
in Fashion, you’re nobody!” A: You’re nobody. Okay, number 5.
An orange fluro workwear vest with high-vis detailing that retails for $1,200 USD and
looks basically exactly like those kind of cheap safety vests that construction workers
wear. The only difference is that it has the brand
name written across it on the back of the vest. L: It sooo seems as though it would be real. Because it’s such a bald-faced, just like,
way to get money from people… who… are… not.. pfht, phthpp L: I’m just trying to think of a not-mean
way to – pftht – but at the same time it is SO the type of thing that it would be that
it’s the type of thing that you would make up. A: Mmm… L: I’m trying to do the flip, the old flip-reverse-flip-brain-flip. A: [laughs] Have I got to you? L: Very much so, yes. Look, I’m just gunna
go with my… I’m not going to try and do the flip-reverse-flip-brain-flip. I’m just going
to say: Real. A: Real?
L: Real. A: Okay, we’re locking in real.
L: Okay, real. A: Fake.
[fail sound] L: Arghhh.
A: [laughs] L: *sighs* Wahhhh
A: But if it were real, it’d go really well with the Key Charm bracelet from before.
L: It’s soo – now that you’ve put this out there, this will be made.
A: Oh – it will. L: Someone from Browns is watching and they’re
like, “well, I have the description in mind already”.
A: Browns isn’t the designer – L: No, they just describe the items.
A: [laughs] L: The Browns description writer is being
like, “What would Lord Chesterfield think about this hi-vis vest?”
A: What WOULD Lord Chesterfield think? L: [laughs] W – W – L – C – D.
A: [laugh of realisation] Ohh! L: What Would Lord Chesterfield Do?
A: W – W – L – C – D. L: LCD.
That just sounds like almost the website where you buy LCD TVs.
Both: [laugh] A: Not WWLCD.
L: WWLCD. A: What would Lord Chesterfield do?
L: What WOULD Lord Chesterfield do? He’d put it on. He’s a fashionista.
A: He is a fashionista. L: Who is Lord Chesterfield? A: Okay, I’m winning at the moment!
L: Mmmmm – why is me losing you winning?! We’re not competing!
A: Ah, yes we are! L: You’re the quiz-master!
A: Everything is a competition and I’m going to beat you!
L: *sighs* No, you’re the quiz-master and it’s – I just compete against myself!
A: Okay – well, you’re losing. L: [laughs] Ohh!
A: Next item! L: Bring it on.
A: Are you ready? L: [breathes in deeply and clears throat]
A: Sitting up straight, okay you mean BUSINESS! L: Yeah I mean business.
A: A black knee-length skirt that’s been made out of nylon puffer jacket material,
and scattered around the bottom of the skirt it just has a bunch of armhole cuffs attached
to it, um which the brand calls a “ruffled trim”. And it is sold originally for $1385
US dollars. L: *sighs* It really sounds like real… and
you’ve done the quote-marks, like… I’m trying to do the double-flip-reverse-brain-flip…
A: [laughs] L: It’s not working for me.
A: I don’t think it’s worked for you that well so far! L: Okay – ahhh – real. I think it’s real! A: You think it’s real?
L: Yeah. I think it’s real. A: Is this the double-flip-reverse-brain-flip?
L: No, I’m going with the gut! A: You’re going with the gut?
L: I’m going with the gut and saying real. A: Alright! It is real!
L: Yessss. A: Now you’ve gotten 50% correct!
L: Thanks gut. A: The brand is – ahh, I do not know how to
pronounce this – L: Com-de-gar-son?
A: I think so. Come-de-gar-son. L: [Australian accent] Co-meh-des Gark-gons.
A: [Australian accent] It’s co-meh-des Gar-sons, mate! A: Um, so there’s only one left, one size small left in stock, so quick! Get your hands
on it! L: Hey guys – oh, oh my gosh, if it sells
out after this video… A: Do you like the look of this?
L: Yeah, I mean, it’s really, really, really expensive.
A: Yes. L: And it will fall apart immediately because
it has raw edges! A: Yeah, so the thing is that it says, in
the description, it says “raw edges throughout”!? L: Alright.
A: A ski mask that’s made out of a transparent mesh-like fabric, sewn together with a thick
colourful stitch in all different colours and sections.
And it retails for only $480 US dollars. L: It sounds like something that would be
real – it doesn’t even sound that weird. Or like, it sounds like weird, but like –
A: … I think you’ve been desensitized. L: It sounds weird but in a way that’s not
very creative. A: Mm.
L: I’m – I’m trying – my temptation – A: Are you trying to do the double-flip-brain-flip?
L: My gut says real, but my temptation is to do the reverse-flip-brain-flip and say
FAKE. A: I don’t know, but you did use the gut reaction
last time… L: And how much are you saying it is?
A: Four hundred and eighty US dollars. L: Four hundred and eighty… I feel like
that’s a made-up number you’d come up with. You’d make that up, that number.
A: Okay..?! [laughs] L: That’s the sort of number you would make
up. A: [confused laugh] why?! L: It’s fake.
A: Why? L: It’s fake!
A: Okay, it’s fake? L: It’s just the kind of number you’d make up! 480 is such a made-up number. A: [laughs] Okay – it IS fake. L: Yesssss. I KNEW 480 was a made-up number!
A: But I did do a little picture of what it would look like.
L: [laughs] A: This is what is would look like if it existed.
L: [laughs] A: It’s not your granny’s ski mask. Or – maybe
it is. L: It kind of is! It’s sort of a patchwork
– it’s like, if everyone had super cool ski masks for the school trip and you’re like,
nanna, made you one and you had to wear that. A: Aww.
Alright – L: Next!
A: Next one – L: I’m on a roll.
A: So these – this item, is sleeves that have been chopped off a shirt, and then re-purposed
as leg-warmers. And they still have the cuff’s buttons around
the ankles. And they’re sold for $670 US dollars.
L: Ummm – [gross sucking noise] A: …What is that noise?
L: That’s the thinking suck. L: Fake.
A: Fake? L: Yeah, you made this one up.
A: Okay. It is fake! L: Yesss! YESS.
A: [laughing] A: And this doesn’t exist… to my knowledge.
L: Okay. Both: [laugh]
L: I bet it does. A: Okay so the next ones are: green cargo-style
pants that have had the entire crotch cut out down to the thighs, save for the waistband,
and all the edges are left raw. So – I’ll do a little kind of, let’s kind
of – it was hard to describe – But there’s like a hole cut out just like
here. L: Oh. Good place for a hole.
A: There’s just a big ol’ hole, and, around the hole’s edges, so the edges are left raw,
and around the edges there are little studs. Like sparkly studs.
L: Ummm – real. A: Real?
L: Yeah – real. A: Gut feeling?
L: Gut feeling. Going with real. A: They are real!
L: Yessss! A: And they look like this!
L: [sighs] A: They are by the brand “Asos Exclusive”
– L: [disbelieving laugh] Because everyone’s
really fighting with ASOS for this great idea! A: – and I guess they’re convenient for going
to the toilet? L: Ahhh –
A: So this – L: Hang on, I’ve just got to put my phone
away. A: [murmurs] …could have done that at the
beginning… L: Next one!
A: Okay, so this is a hooded sweater, or “hoodie” that has two head holes instead of one. But
instead of being worn the right way up, you flip it upside-down and you stick your legs
through each head hole. And then the – the elastic at the bottom kind of does-up as like
a waistband. L: Nup – it’s not real.
A: It’s not real? L: This is from Annika’s deranged imagination.
[laughing] Fake. A: So we’re saying fake?
L: You made this up. Fake. Fake. A: Alright – it’s real!
L: [surprised] WHAT?! A: [laughing] And it looks like this!
A: Okay so – L: [loudly] Oh my GODD.
A: This is – and I think it’s Dollskill – Dollskill posted this to their Instagram Story a few
days ago and since then my inboxes – all my inboxes – have been blowing up with people
sending me this item. L: It has an almost… medieval look to it.
Like kind of Renaissance-fair look because of the ties.
A: Really?! Mm. L: Because of the ties at the top of the bottom
of the hoodies. A: Yeah – like old bloomers?
L: Yeah – that is, that’s pretty silly. A: I like how they’ve styled –
L: [putting on a voice] “Heh, you know what – it’s a bit silly”. It’s a BIT silly!
A: I think this is a little bit silly! L: Awhhh, I think it might be a bit silly.
A: I think this video might be a bit silly. L: Uh ha ha – Ohhh boy.
L: Dolls…skill? Dolls-kill? A: Dolls-kill. L: Well I think they’re kind of – they’re a bit cheeky, aren’t they. A: Yeah, Dollskill, they, they know this is silly. L: There’s a little bit of a – it’s “tongue-in-cheek” A: It’s tongue-in-cheek, yeah. A: I think they’re pretty incredible. L: What would Lord Chesterfield think of these?
A: What *would* Lord Chesterfield think? L: [posh British accent] “I say, those pantaloons
are a reversed jacket…a-loon! A: [laughing] Good ol’ Lord Chesterfield.
L: Good ol’ – A: WWLCD. [fun electronic music] A: So this is a sweater top with 17 different
sleeves protruding from various places along the bodice and along other arms.
L: I feel like you made this one up because it’s so, just… silly. It’s just a sweater
for a 17-armed monstrosity. A: Have you seen my videos?
L: Yeahhhh – my gut says fake, and my double-flip-reverse-brain-flip also says fake… but my DEEPEST gut says
“real”. A: [laughing] Your deepest gut?! Where’s that?
L: My deepest gut – my intestines. A: Your intestines say “real”? Giving you
that real feeling? L: Yeah… but I don’t trust my intestines.
A: You don’t trust them? L: Nahhh – I’ll go with the gut, and I’ll
go with the double-flip-reverse-brain-flip –
A: [laughing] L: – and I’ll say – I’ll say… ffff-fake.
You made this up so you could photoshop 15 more sleeves onto a sweater.
A: Why do you think I photoshopped all of these?
L: I don’t know – you’ve got photoshop fever! A: Okay, this one is fake.
L: Yess. A: But it is not without precedent – see this
photo of a real sweater with 2 additional sleeves attached to the… shoulder?
L: [laughing] I suppose, it has to be fake because there’s just not enough real-estate
on a sweater to put 15 more sleeves on. A: It would also use up a LOT of fabric.
L: Well, that’s not a concern of theirs is it, it’s still going to make a profit because
they sell it for like, $5000. A: You ready?
L: Yep. A: Oh no, that was the last one!
That was the last one. L: Oh… bit of an anti-climax!
A: Sorry! And so, you got 8 out of 14 correct, which
is just over 50%! L: Bom bom bom bom bommm bom bom… [victory
music] I hope that’s not copyrighted. Whatever.
I did like 2 seconds of it. A: [laughing]
L: I’ll make up my own victory music. Da dun daaa da daaa! Da daaaa da da daaaa! Da dun dun da dun! Da da da dun! A: Ooooh, this is sounding a bit like Star
Wars… L: Da da daa douhhhhh…
A: Congratulations. I think I did a pretty good job of tricking you with a lot of those. L: You did! I had to use everything. I had to use the gut. I had to use the deep gut.
I had to use the double-flip-reverse-brain-flip. What was my prize again?
A: I’m going to hem your pants! L: Ahhh – Except now I feel like people will
see this and they’ll be like, “the prize is that she’s going to do some sewing for him?
That’s so incredibly retrograde 1950’s gender roles…”
A: Tell Luci – in the comments down below, tell Luci if he’s just the worst, and –
L: Nooooo – look everyone. Let me come clean. I’ll hem my own pants.
A: [laughs] L: I can do it for pure pride.
A: How about this – L: Ok?
A: I will show you how to hem a pair of pants, and then you will have the knowledge to hem
all of your pairs of pants from then on in. L: Yep, alright, you know what? That’s good
because buy a person a fish, they’ll eat for a day. Teach them to fish, etc, etc.
A: Yes. L: Teach a man to hem his pants and he’ll
be hemming pants left, right and centre. I’ll hem my pants into shorts, and I’ll hem myshorts into underwear, and I’ll hem my underwear into handkerchiefs. A: [laughs] NOW – we do have a Sponsorship to promote! L: Da dun dun dun, da dun dun dun, da dun dun dun da da da daaaa A: Would you like – L: [louder] DUNNN DA! Dun dun dun DAAA dun!
Dun da dil la DUN! A: You’re – feel free to use that one, Squarespace.
L: That’s – what – [laughing] A: So did you know that I have a website that
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A: Just make it – we’ll make a gif of this. A: So my website, –
L: A: -is the place on the internet where you
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A: No, they emailed – I emailed them, they emailed me back straight away, fixed my problem
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Capitalism. [laughter]
A: So, if you are an artist, if you are a designer, if you are a musician, if you own
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A: Thank you all for supporting the brands that support this channel.
L: Thank you everybody. A: Um, thank you all for watching, and I’ll
be back for another video soon, this guy might be back sometime in the future.
We’ll see you all next time. [simultaneously]
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  1. I just watched two tutorials on quilting that made me grin and think of you! The first was a simpler rag quilt and when she talked about ‘cheater quilting’ I thought how cute a mini cheat quilt wall hanging or a Camden bowl would be as responsible upcycling. OMGosh! You could empty scrap piles with the later alone. Hope I get to see your approach to these! (the simpler rag quilt vid was by Darlene Michaud and the bowl was Mom and Pop Quilting I believe). To clarify, I can’t sew a straight line, but I thought of you as your ethical approach to refuse inspires me, not because these are “help” vids. I just hadn’t thought of these ways of using fabric or reusing clothes rather than the rag bin, and hadn’t seen you cover either, so I had to share. Mua!

  2. one for next time "two puffer jackets that join together by a zipper at the bottom of both, so, when worn, gives the wearer extra arm holes and a hood between their knees" (330 au dollars at time of posting)


  4. Okay this is going to be a bit vague. But could you make Capri jeans? But instead of being a snug fit it would be distressed and baggy towards the end, not quite flared or bell bottom though

  5. Hahaha this was so funny. I want to play this game haha. Please make this in to a real card game. Copyright it haha

  6. Yes, there was a Lord Chesterfield. There are also Chesterfield cigarettes, which were named after……………no not LC, but after Chesterfield County, Virginia.
    Annika – I love your hair.
    I got all the questions except one right. It was the skirt one.

  7. Annika, this is just ridiculous… 188,95 € normal price, sale price 94,48 € – just because of a famous name??
    These can both be made thifted!!

  8. for your next make thrift buy could you possibly make the oberoi top ( from free people please ?

    Just going to leave this here… Not as crazy as some of you're items, but this is a button down shirt, that buttons onto a different, attached shirt…

  10. Hi from Chile, I just found you. Can you make this one? I love it but it's not in my country

  11. Can you try to make this next?
    I've been trying to find this jacket for forever now but nothings's come up 🙁

  12. moschino did a florescent work ware dress….

  13. Philip Stanhope (a.k.a Lord Chesterfield, which 'Chesterfield' is also another word for 'Couch' in Canada) was the 4th earl of Chesterfield and was a British Statesmen, living from September 22, 1694-March 24, 1773.

  14. That double hoodie would work very well for those conjoined twins Brittany and Abigail, no joke. They could both be happy and warm. (They're awesome af)

  15. Please try and make the Sequin changing shorts (or as they are known "Mermaid Shorts") I'm currently trying to tackle this project and I'm too nervous to try without some semblance for reference.

    Make, thrift, buy idea id love to be able to thrift some oversized shirts and do this myself

  17. I found this on Amazon and it's gorgeous and also $90.

  18. The 'fake' sleeves legwarmers do excist, cause I have done this a couple of times in the past for my post apocalyptic outfits 😉 lol

  19. Luciano totally reminds me of Officer Doug Penhall from the original 21 Jump Street! (yall are so cute btw)

  20. Loved it! But I'm left wondering about that dry cleaners "cape". Is it dry clean only? Would the laundromat give you a dry cleaners bag over your already "high end" dry cleaner fashion? DRY CLEANER CAPE SQUARED?!?

  21. WWLCD?

    "Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"

  22. There is a play where they make fun of a woman who made a jacket with an extra sleeve on the back… it's real fashion now so I guess she was ahead of time…😂😂

  23. 12:20 I'm actually wearing that now. My mom cut the sleeves off a sweater to make it a dog sweater bc our dog was shivering and she left the sleeves on a table. So i took them and am wearing them as legwarmers. The edit was me correcting the timestamp.

  24. If you don't know how to pronounce a word, copy/paste in on google translate, let google find the language, and hear it

  25. Wow those pant things look so horrible not gonna lie those r the ugliest things I have ever seen it looks like a hoodie but with two hoods

  26. That combination with double head he sweater tho.
    A swater used as pants, white sporty socks, black heels and what seems like a long blazer.

  27. Lord Chesterfield: “if you are not in fashion, you are nobody…”
    Me (quoting Emily Dickinson): “I’m nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?”

  28. i like the clear plastic laundry cape/cover cause its basically a comfortable raincoat/dress so you dont get your cute outfits underneath wet, and can still show them, plus if you did a diy you could decorate the top stuff however you wanted lol

  29. When I see long sleeved shirts that I like, I buy them, and cut off the arms, cos I hate long sleeves. I might take your idea, and make some leg warmers out of the sleeves! 🤣😂

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