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♫♫ ♫♫>>Oh, welcome into your holiday headquarters here at QVC. I´m Courtney Webb.>>Hello. I´m Julia Cearley.>>And we are here to talk all things kitchen and bakeware because those are the gifts that we are shopping for this morning. So, do you know someone in your life who needs a little to, like, up their baking game?>>Let me tell you who. You´re looking at her. [ Both laugh ] I´m hoping to pick up a trick or two in this next hour.>>Perfect! Well, not only if you want to look like the hostess with the mostest, maybe you want to give the gift for the hostess with the mostest. We´re starting off with Lenox.>>Starting with the best of the best.>>Best of the best. And not only — that brand´s been around since 1889.>>Yeah, it is the brand of presidents.>>That is so true.>>It is very true, multiple presidents.>>It could be yours. And so we have a square cookware from Lenox here in that iconic, signature embellished holly-and-berry motif. It´s durable. You can put this in the oven, and, not only that, it holds 2 quarts.>>Yeah. I mean, it´s a nice, perfect square. It holds a lot. But it´s just so beautiful. It does have that classic holly-and-berry motif, which just never, ever goes out of style. But it´s so displayable, as well as functional.>>It is, because not only can you bake in it, you can also put this in the dishwasher.>>Mm-hmm.>>It´s all obviously oven-safe, up to 400 degrees, which is fantastic. But then, like you said, serve in it, and you just look like — you went above and beyond.>>Well, of course. And you can put it in a microwave, too.>>Mm-hmm.>>Which is even better. Where can´t it go?>>That´s so true. Nowhere, really.>>Nowhere, really.>>So, get it in your home or the gift for somebody else.>>Well, you know what I love about Lenox?>>Tell me.>>I have my grandmother´s Lenox wedding china.>>Oh, my goodness.>>In the very classic autumn pattern that I love so much. And what I love about Lenox is that they´re kind of like heirloom pieces. These are pieces you bring home, and you pass down, and you use just generation after generation because it never goes out of style. It´s always beautiful. It´s always classic.>>That´s so true because I actually — anytime we host anyone at our house, I always bring out my Lenox.>>You do? And every single time, someone goes, “Oh, my gosh, you did not have to bust this out.” And I´m like, “It´s dishwasher-safe!” It´s the same thing if I would have needed to put out any other plate, but at least it looks so nice.>>But it makes you look really extra-cool.>>Yes!>>Like you put in a lot of extra effort.>>And it makes people feel special. So, if you want to make your holidays feel a little bit more cheerful, or maybe you want to bring this over to someone´s house, like a neighbor, and you want to give them this beautiful dish in this square, which the size here — let´s talk about that.>>I´ll tell you because I have it.>>Perfect!>>We´re looking at 10 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 2 1/2 inches in depth. Holds 2 quarts.>>That´s perfect. So, if you´re gonna make some brownies, maybe a casserole.>>Ooh, what about, like, a really good egg-frittata thing, like something in the morning for Christmas morning?>>Put some bacon in it, and I´m there.>>Okay.>>I will be there.>>Duly noted.>>[ Laughs ]>>I´ll remember that Christmas morning.>>Exactly. Bake it and I´ll be there. So, the other thing, when I think of this, I think of, like, there´s this bread pudding. It´s kind of like a ton of sugar and syrup with blueberries and broken-up French bread that you bake in the oven, and you just pour the egg on there.>>Oh!>>It´s so good. But this is the perfect size for that dish. And you just have the cinnamon and the nutmeg. But with that holly motif and the berry motif, I feel like this is just exactly what will bring you that little bit of cheer.>>You know, I also think because it´s so beautiful and it´s so classic, you can just display it, like we have up here on the table.>>Such a good point.>>Just put it up on one of those stands, and it just looks so gorgeous, all that painting and the etching on the sides there. It´s just a stunning piece of serveware. But it´s also decor at the same time.>>It is, and if you look so closely, there´s just a little bit of a high and low. You can kind of see the little lighter green there, and it just shows the detail that goes into Lenox. And not only that, it looks fragile, right? But this is so durable.>>Mm-hmm. Oh, wow, I just saw that shot. I couldn´t even see it from this side.>>It´s so nice.>>Oh, it´s gorgeous.>>So, either way, you have this wonderful square baker. You can get this home. Dishwasher-safe…>>Yep.>>…microwave-safe.>>Yep.>>Oven up to 400 degrees.>>Yep.>>Am I missing anything else?>>Dishwasher, oven, microwave.>>Use your oven mitts.>>You got it all. You got it all right now. I also love in that motif that it evokes feelings of wintertime, not just holidays, but wintertime in general. So, I say make your wintertime favorites, those things that fill you up with warmth and cheer because that´s what this dish brings. Oh, and we do have, in case you´re interested, we have a rectangular size, as well, if you want to make it a set.>>[ Gasps ]>>We got it right here.>>I feel like it always makes me look more impressive when I have a set of something.>>Well, it does make you look impressive.>>[ Laughs ]>>Here we go.>>You want to bring your “A” game on the holiday season, and that is huge. I mean, that one right there, that´s 13x3x10. So, 3 inches is gonna be the height of that.>>Yeah.>>Casserole or…>>There we go.>>Perfect. So, they match really nicely.>>Pretty sets.>>And you can get them here at QVC, and you always have that holiday-return policy, till January 31st.>>Which is just making shopping so much easier and so much more convenient and takes all the guesswork out of it.>>It really does. So, if you´re shopping for a baker, and you want to get them Lenox, this would be a great gift for them, or maybe for you to add it to your collection. And because the colors are so simple, you could really match this with anything. So, maybe if you only have this one piece, this is still really stunning.>>But it makes such a statement, no matter what your decor is, whether you´re farmhouse or you´re modern or minimalistic, because it is a minimalistic piece, like you were saying. It just brings a little bit of extra holiday cheer, a little bit of extra holiday fun. But it just looks gorgeous, and you just feel fancy ´cause it´s Lenox!>>Always feel fancy with Lenox.>>Yes!>>For sure.>>Yes, you do.>>That´s the point.>>Oh, my goodness, it´s so pretty.>>Well, I´m excited about that. I hope you get this home and just know you have that rectangle, as well.>>Yep, you have that on dot-com for you. Speaking of dot-com… Go ahead and go to, and you´re gonna find all sorts of great gifts for virtually anyone who you have on your list — for him, for her, for kids, for teens, and everything in between. There´s such an assortment on there. I mean, you see all these things that we present here on air, but then, when you go to the Gift Guide, you go to dot-com, it´s just like…>>Next level.>>…it´s like real Christmas every day that you go. It just keeps on coming and coming, presents over and over again.>>For anyone, too.>>For anyone and everyone. I have to actually do my shopping. I haven´t even started yet. Have you?>>Oh, my goodness! It´s still October for us.>>Yeah, but it feels like it´s getting close! [ Laughs ]>>Well, if you´re watching this now, it probably is very close. So, the fact here is, is that we are bringing you another piece that is from an American-made brand. This is made in the USA from Ascot, and it´s a pie-and-cake carrier.>>Oh, I love tote-able food. [ Laughs ]>>That´s a genre.>>It is! We have the two colors for you to choose from. We only have the red, and we have the navy. So, this gives you some nice, little holiday cheer. Both you´ll use year-round.>>Oh, right.>>But this is the season where you´re bringing pies, and you´re bringing cakes, and you´re bringing all sorts of food to your neighbors, to holiday parties, to potlucks, and you have to have something that really makes everything transportable, and that´s why I love this. I love this brand, too, Picnic by Ascot.>>Yes.>>I love it. They just bring that sort of British, European elegance of the picnic. They bring it with style. I really love them.>>Well, I do love style. I do love style, and I do love picnics. And those are all good things. So, what can I fit in here? Because this is actually quite deep and not to mention it looks like I have an expander here on the side, like my luggage?>>Oh!>>Or does this zip off? Oh, this is what makes it easier for you to get it out.>>Oh, that´s smart. Oh, there´s a pie in here! [ Gasps ] I do have a pie in here!>>Look at that. So, if you wanted to just take it like that, ´cause if you´re scared you´re gonna hit the sides of your cake?>>Yes. Oh, that´s so smart. What will they think of next? So, you have those two zippers — one at the bottom, one at the top, this really great handle. And, you know, I like that the sides are rigid.>>They are. They´re nice and sturdy.>>So, if you´re transporting this car, and there´s any sort of slipping, sliding, it´s gonna keep everything really in place.>>This is 12 inches, right?>>Yes, it is, for sure.>>So, you can fit your casseroles, your cakes, clearly, your pies.>>My pies!>>Your muffins, your appetizers. I mean, this isn´t just for your round food.>>[ Laughs ]>>Well, I´m just saying.>>It´s true.>>It´s true. If you put a little rotisserie chicken in there, I´m sure it´ll fit.>>I bet you it would. Did we talk about the mesh pocket at the top?>>Oh, let´s go into that. I´ve kind of been showing it.>>Have you? Alright, let me unzip mine.>>Say you do, like, a charcuterie tray, and you have everything in here, and you just want to put those little utensils in there.>>Do you know I live on charcuterie?>>Do you really?>>I do. I really do — like, meats, cheeses, crackers.>>You mean that type of food. You don´t make a charcuterie tray every day for fun?>>No, I kind of do.>>Oh, perfect!>>[ Laughing ] Like, every day!>>You are the hostess with the mostest.>>I just make it for myself.>>Oh.>>You know, I like to be fancy. But yes, please do, anytime. Don´t bring just round food.>>See, this is the gift for the person who invites themselves over to your house. This way, when they come over, they´ll bring something in this. That´s what you give this to someone.>>Look how easy it makes it to get it out. That is so smart.>>Because I have messed up many a cupcakes in my day, trying to reach in and grab them out, and then you end up messing up the frosting.>>Especially if it´s on the larger side. It really gets close to the edges. You´re gonna ruin your icing or something like that trying to get it out. This is so genius!>>And then, of course, this is zip-friendly. Hot and cold items can go in here.>>Oh, yeah.>>Good to know. And then of course just easy to go. Easy pack, easy store, put this into the fridge, put it in, take it out, go to your potluck, go to your friends´ houses, travel in this. You´re not gonna have to fret as much as if it were open, and you´re carrying it around, or your have those glass toppers. This one is gonna be more durable, and it´s from a really great brand.>>I was gonna say, the durability on this is really key. It´s using that canvas construction. So, all you have to do is wipe it clean. It´ll be really nice and easy. Keeps everything nice hot or cold. Oh, I think I need this.>>So, what´s really funny. They say that this has that 600 polyester, and that´s a fancy way of just saying it´s durable and stable and good quality for your money.>>Well, the 600 denier, that´s what they make the Army tents out of, right?>>Yes, it is.>>Yeah, so, you know it´s gonna be durable. It´s gonna be strong. It´s gonna keep everything right in place.>>So, we have two color choices. We have that beautiful red. And they all have the white trim. So, maybe, like, Fourth of July, maybe Memorial Day, maybe you´re getting the navy for when you´re out at the beach or you´re going to someone´s beach house. You could use this in the summer, but it´s all-year round, not just for holiday season. But you´re choosing color choices, same sizes.>>Same sizes — 12 inches in diameter for each one.>>Great brand.>>It just takes you everywhere you need to go. Look at that handle.>>And the fact that it doesn´t flop. You know how, like, you can hold something on the bottom, it could just flop on the sides?>>Let me see what yours feels like, ´cause mine has pies in it.>>This is flopless.>>So, I´m looking at the bottom, and it´s really nice and stable and durable. Really good durability — it´s really nice and rigid.>>Super-durable, from a brand that´s designed and manufactured here in the United States for over 25 years. This is that Picnic at Ascot. So, if you want to be a little fancy, maybe you should get this one for yourself or someone else.>>You know I always want to be fancy.>>Always want to be fancy when you´re a hostess.>>Such a good gift.>>Alright, so, we have so much more on our dot-com —, that is, and you can search different gifts, maybe Holiday HQ. And that means that you´re seeing everything at our holiday headquarters. That could be unique gifts for friends. It could be gifts for family, maybe gifts for yourself. But the fact is, if you´re confused on what to get to somebody, this is a great place to do all of that shopping. And we have Easy Pay.>>I love Easy Pay. Easy Pay gets me every time.>>It does. Easy Pay makes my day.>>Yeah. I love that we´re doing this show in aprons.>>Oh!>>We haven´t even mentioned it yet.>>Well, you know, some things are just better in aprons.>>I think so. I think we should do all our shows in aprons.>>We should. So, because we are shopping for the baker in your life, or maybe you are that baker, and you´re just needing a couple, little pieces to add to your collection or start one — Temp-tations.>>Temp-tations. You know, I didn´t about Temp-tations until I started working here.>>Oh! Well, it´s only at QVC. It´s exclusive to us.>>And it´s become a problem.>>Mm-hmm.>>I love it, and I just love that they´re so collectible that you — ooh! Oh!>>Don´t forget Santa mugs.>>Santa mugs! Hi, buddy!>>We´re just getting super-cozy here this morning. Okay, so here we are. This is Temp-tations. Now, this is the Floral Lace set. You´re getting a set of three. So, there´s lots of colors here, but you´re getting three separate bowls, and it looks like we´re seeing the green right here. So, actually show you one little one inside. Then you have the third, but you´re getting all three of these home from Temp-tations. So, let´s start with the colors. You want to start over by you, Ms. Julia?>>Yes. Right in front of me here we have the red, which has that beautiful hand painting. Remember, these are all hand-painted, which is such a great part about Temp-tations.>>And what a great gift to give someone and say, “That´s hand-painted.”>>Yeah!>>It shows so much craftsmanship. Also means that your piece is always going to be unique because no two are gonna be exactly alike.>>Great point.>>So, this is the red right here, and you can see on the inside it´s a nice sort of kind of like bone color on the inside. You still have that hand painting on the inside, as well, sort of carrying that motif from the outside in. And has that really sweet beading that I love on the floral lace.>>You can feel it.>>Yeah, you can hear it.>>Oh, you can hear it.>>Can you hear it? Yeah, okay.>>Texture.>>Texture! Next to that is the gray, which is one of my favorite colors that they do. It´s like that perfect kind of dark elephant gray.>>Mm-hmm.>>And then the contrast, that same sort of ivory bone color on the inside with that gray painting, as well. I love the contrast of the white painting on the gray and then the gray painting on the white.>>Mm-hmm.>>Just sort of keeps it going.>>And very modern.>>Very modern, yes. Green?>>Then we have our green, and that´s a great green. It´s almost like a Kelly green meets, like, fresh grass.>>It seems very like shamrock-y, like an Irish green to me.>>It does. And then, last but not least in your Floral Lace set, we do have it here in our black.>>I love the black.>>You know what I love about the black so much, in both the styles? If you collect either the Floral Lace, or if you collect the Old World style, as well, I love it because no matter how modern your house is — so, my house is pretty minimalistic, pretty modern. But if I bring the black in, which is the color that I usually go with when it comes in Temp-tations…>>Yeah?>>…it gives me a little touch of like that classic look while still keeping a modern vibe because of the colors.>>Mm-hmm.>>So, it gives me just that little, like, an edgy, classic look.>>You need a little edge.>>I always do.>>Especially in the kitchen. You got to bring the edge in the kitchen.>>Especially when I´m wearing this apron.>>These are coming up, by the way.>>[ Laughing ] They are!>>Three sizes. The first one here, you´ve got this cute, little, small one, which is 2 1/2 quart. Then you got into your second one, which is 2 quarts, and then your bigger one here. Oh, I´m sorry. 2 1/2 quarts. You´re looking at 1 1/2.>>Six ounces.>>Oh. Go, go, go.>>Okay, the small one´s gonna be 6 ounces for your prep bowl.>>Yes.>>The medium right here, this is 10 ounces. And that´s gonna be 5 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches high.>>Perfect.>>Maybe that´s what you were reading.>>Yes.>>This is gonna be 4 3/4, the small one, which is 6 ounces — 4 3/4 in diameter and 2 inches high. And then the largest one for the nesting bowls is 16 ounces, and that´s 5 1/2 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches in height.>>Where´s Tara when you need her?>>[ Laughs ]>>You are Tara for me. Thank you so kindly.>>I got you, girl.>>Oh, my goodness.>>It´s alright. We´re in this together.>>Thank you, thank you. But, really, this is the size of my cereal bowl, to be completely honest with you.>>It´s my ice-cream bowl.>>You can use these for anything — ice cream, cereal. Maybe you´re doing some of your mixing. Maybe you´re putting some of your nuts in here for when guests come over. Maybe you have some chocolates or some dips.>>Chips and dips…>>Definitely.>>…to go with my charcuterie.>>Now…of course. Set of three. Now, we do have the Old World set available, which is over here by me.>>Mm-hmm.>>If you´re interested in the Old World, just know you can go to to get this style here, which is absolutely beautiful. So, you can see the difference between Old World and Floral Lace. But you´re still getting all those three sizes of those prep bowls that nest together. And, of course, this is on for you to get.>>I love nesting bowls for multiple reasons. One, when it comes to prep, I like to have nesting bowls. I´m the kind of person who chops all my herbs ahead of time, gets everything all measured out so I have it all in front of me. That´s just as far as prep is concerned. But as far as entertaining is concerned, again, I like to have things that are a little monochromatic. I like things to match, especially on the table in style, not necessarily in size. I love it when it´s the same style but different sizes. But then, it´s super-easy to store. It saves so much room, and it´s such a space saver.>>It is, and the great thing about Temp-tations — dishwasher-safe, microwavable, refrigerator-safe, freezer-safe, and oven-safe up to 500 degrees. And something that I love about Temp-tations — not only is it only found here at QVC, but it´s a female-run company.>>Oh!>>How cool is that?>>Yeah, the coolest.>>So, whether you´re giving this as a gift, you have black. Then you come over here to green. You also have gray. And last but not least…>>We have the red right here.>>Beautiful red and that´s Floral Lace. But Old World is available on And remember, this is kind of that modern dinnerware for you.>>I love it. I love Temp-tations. I´m telling you, I love Temp-tations. It´s been life-changing. I´m gonna just take this off for a moment.>>We got to talk about what you´re gonna be wearing while you´re in the kitchen.>>Yes.>>Not just about our aprons.>>Not just about our aprons. I´m putting the apron back on, P.S. And in the meantime…>>Now check this out. Do you have a baker in your life? Or maybe they have everything. They have all of their bakeware, their Temp-tations, their dinnerware, their Lenox, all of their pieces, and their decor is just on point. Maybe they just need a simple “T,” because this one is definitely for the bakers in your life. There´s a mixer on it from Life is Good. You´re seeing it here on your screen. It´s the Women´s Superpower Mixer Crusher Vee.>>Crusher!>>If that doesn´t say everything right there, I don´t know what does. So, this is really great. It´s a classic fit. It´s barely skimming the body. And as far as comfort goes, Life is Good has that great quality in their fabric. I mean, it really is. It´s 70% cotton, 30% polyester, and machine wash, tumble dry. Color choice in this?>>I´m so comfortable in this.>>Heather gray.>>I have to tell you. This is, like, the favorite T-shirt that you´ve had for a bajillion years and washed it 15,000 times.>>The college “T.”>>Yes! Every time you wash it, it gets cozier. It gets softer. But, this, like, right out the gate feels just like that.>>Mm-hmm. And it has a great, empowering message, as well, and that´s what Life is Good is all about.>>It actually says…>>Read me.>>Sorry! [ Both laugh ] “The Life is Good company” and then, on the bottom, it says, “Gratitude, simplicity, humor, creativity, compassion, openness, courage, love, and authenticity.”>>Authenticity.>>That´s what you´re mixing up in the kitchen, because, really, that´s the hub.>>Well, you need a little bit of all of it. So, mix it all into one perfect, little cake. [ Both laugh ]>>Alright, your size chart is on your screen, but go to to see the size chart. You do have sizes extra small through 3X available to you. We just have the one color in the heather gray, but it is a flattering silhouette. Who doesn´t love a V-neck?>>I love a V-neck. I really do.>>Those are my favorite.>>And this isn´t too deep of a “V,” either, so I don´t have to worry about if I´m bending over, picking up my dog, picking up my niece or nephew. I´m gonna be very covered, very comfortable. I love the length of the sleeves.>>I was gonna say. It´s not too short. It´s just a good length on the sleeve.>>I´m not a big T-shirt person, to be honest with you. I don´t wear them very often because I feel like the sleeves never cut me in the right place, and I always feel like the “V” is either too low or too high. But this one, they really hit the nail on the head.>>They did such a good job. The length on that, 24 to 29 inches in length. So, you do have a little bit more. So, you can tuck it in. You can keep it out. Do you have a little, like — what does it say down there?>>Yeah, it says, their little locker tag. “Do what you love and love what you do.”>>There you go. Says it right there on your shirt. Just look how well that´s done. The quality of this shirt is fantastic. And of course you have the Life is Good on the back, as well, the cute little logo on the back.>>Do I?>>You do, on the back of your neck. There it is.>>Oh, there it is.>>There it is, minus…>>I didn´t even see that. It´s all the little details.>>…minus your… [ Both laugh ]>>So sorry about that.>>Now, you don´t want to cover that shirt up, but if you do need an apron, these are coming up a little later in the show. So, just know if you need a little ruffle in the kitchen.>>You know, Life is Good, they´re all about gratitude and simplicity.>>Yes.>>They talk about that a lot. I love what they stand for, the thoughts of optimism.>>Oh, for sure.>>But the simplicity definitely comes through in such a good way in this T-shirt, in the way that it feels and the way that it fits and just the way of the design. Nothing is overwhelming. It doesn´t look like garish and in your face.>>No, and it´s not.>>But the message comes across.>>And it´s not boxy. It´s a good shape for a woman´s body.>>Yes.>>And that´s why they created this woman´s-sized shirt with the extra small through extra, extra large, 3-extra large. But I love that the mixing bowl, I mean, think of all the women in your life who mix things up, who are in the kitchen. They don´t even have to be that great of a baker. The point is, is that they´re in the kitchen. They´re creating those wonderful moments for you during the holiday season. And this is just a fun way to kind of share something with them without maybe buying them the huge KitchenAid mixer that costs, like, $300. That´s expensive.>>I want someone so badly. Will someone get that for me for Christmas and the T-shirt?>>Yes.>>Wrap it in the T-shirt?>>That would be darling. That would be so darling.>>If you have the means, I say go ahead and do it.>>Actually, my stepsister, we got her the KitchenAid mixer, and I feel like I need to get her this shirt now so that she can wear it. She, like –>>Does she love it?>>She started crying when she opened it.>>Oh!>>It was such a moment, and I wish I would have videoed it. She was just like, “Oh, my gosh, a mixer!” She´s a huge baker. So, this shirt, honestly, I feel like she would just rock this because it would just mean so much to her. It´s her life. She loves baking for her family.>>She does, really? I feel like we, especially as women, we juggle so much all the time, whether it´s kids, family, work, school, whatever it may be, but we have such a great tendency to bring the whole family together through what we do in the kitchen sometimes.>>It´s just a nice sort of reminder for that super mom in your life or super grandmother or super daughter that you may have that, like, it does not go unnoticed, everything that you do. And you still embody all these things that are listed in this bowl.>>And the fact that it´s machine wash, you can just wear this while you´re cooking in the kitchen and get it all messy and then just throw it in the washing machine.>>Yes! Thanks for that, too.>>Yeah, so simple. Alright, so now, remember. Go to when you´re shopping for gifts. You can see what´s trending. Yes, if you want to know what´s going on out there, we did the work for you, whether it is from jewelry to cookware or maybe it´s just some of the bestselling clothing. It´s all here on We are your holiday headquarters, and we did so much research and went high and low and tested so many things to bring you the best of the best. So, just know that we´ve got your back, and we can help you shop this holiday season so you can spend more time with family and friends and less stress. Let´s be honest.>>Ah! I´m starting to get stressed about it, Courtney.>>Don´t. Don´t. You have a holiday headquarters, Julia.>>I do.>>You work at the holiday headquarters.>>I´m literally in the holiday headquarters right now. And I´m panicking. No, it´s all gonna be good. I´m getting good ideas. On my little cards, I write little notes for the things that I — like, “Ooh, Mom might like this.”>>Yes!>>So I don´t forget.>>And this is unique, okay? I don´t know if you´ve ever heard of Nordic Ware, but this is the Sweet Snowflake Shortbread Pan. Have you ever seen something with such intricate detail that you´re gonna bake in?>>It´s unbelievable.>>That it will actually produce the shape? I mean, detailed and crisply. I couldn´t believe it. When I saw — I actually had to Google and look for results because I was just like, “I have to see how this works.”>>I did, too.>>I mean, whether it was shortbread or scones someone made out of this…>>Someone made scones in it?>>Yes!>>Oh, God, I love scones.>>I was like, “Oh, my goodness.”>>I love scones so much.>>You would look like such a professional baker. When you put your finished product in here, and then you take it out, all of those impressions are gonna be in your dish. And then, you can slice them.>>Perfectly sectioned.>>[ British accent ] Perfectly sectioned.>>Oh, with an accent, as well.>>Oh, yes.>>[ Laughs ]>>Cheerio, darling. Cheerio.>>Oh, oh!>>[ Normal voice ] So, you can wow your guests with this is basically what´s happening here.>>And, you know, we eat with our eyes first, right?>>This is so true.>>We eat with our eyes first. I´m all about presentation because if the presentation is good and the food is… Especially my baking, because my baking is not good. My food is good. My food is okay. But baking… I have a 50/50 shot.>>You need to make it pretty.>>If I can just make it pretty, just make it pretty, please. And this makes it not just pretty but makes it impressive at the same time.>>I mean, really gorgeous, too. Okay, so this here, also made in the USA, which I really appreciate and love. If you ever want to get pieces like that, we have a lot of them here at QVC. It´s a nonstick-coated cast aluminum, and you´re getting this home. You do need to hand-wash it, but it´s oven-safe up to 400 degrees.>>Yep.>>But you can pour up to about 6-cup capacity in here.>>Oh, really?>>Six cups´ worth of whatever.>>That´s a lot of baked goods.>>Brownies, shortbread.>>Scones.>>You´re killing me with the scones.>>She said scones, okay?>>And the British accent. You know I lived in England for a few years.>>Did you really?>>I did.>>Did you have a lot of scones?>>I had so many scones! I had a lot of scones.>>That´s fantastic.>>And tea, a little spot of tea.>>If you´re gonna have a little tea party, or maybe these are gonna be Santa´s “scones.” You don´t have to do cookies. Santa gets enough cookies, okay? Make some Santa shortbread. You know, Santa might want some shortbread this year. I´m just saying. That Santa might eat a lot of cookies.>>Lenox bakeware waiting for him.>>Exactly. So, look. This is a picture of that shortbread, Julia. Look at that!>>It´s so impressive. It has that nonstick coating, which means you can really pop it out really easily, and it will retain that gorgeous, stunning, stunning shape. Look at that. I mean, I didn´t even make it. I don´t know who made that, and I´m super-impressed. I want to be their friend. I want to go to their house.>>It´s definitely one of those striking creations that you can make yourself. So, maybe you want to give this to someone because they have all those cool, little baking needs, right? They have the cool, little pan, but where do you find this?>>It´s so unique.>>It´s this gorgeous snowflake. And, really, if you wanted to, you have halves here. So, if you´re gonna take this to that church potluck, if you´re gonna take this over to a friend´s house who goes above and beyond, you can go above and beyond without trying so hard.>>Without… [ Laughs ] I try.>>Your above and beyond does not need to be sweat, tears, and stress. Yours can be, “Look — I just popped this in the oven and flipped it over. We´re ready to go.”>>And you know what would be kind of cool is if you made something, like scones or shortbread, whatever it is that you choose to make in this shortbread pan, bring it over to whatever party you´re going to, and leave that for your guests.>>What a great idea.>>What a great present, what a great gift.>>And the way that it looks — so, it´s actually not that heavy. It´s pretty lightweight. But it looks like something you could have for years and years and years and kind of pass down. It almost looks kind of like this kind of old-school vibe, where you´re like, “This was vintage.”>>Yeah, well, it has that traditional sort of snowflake motif.>>Mm-hmm.>>I do love this company. You know that they were established in 1946?>>Oh!>>Yeah.>>Amazing.>>It started with just like a specialty Scandinavian cookware company.>>Scandinavians — they know what´s going on.>>Nordic Ware. But now it´s just expanded, and it´s a global company. But they´ve been around so long because the products they put out are durable, they´re detailed, and they´re absolutely stunning.>>I thought I would get this for my grandmother because she loves to bake, and she would just have so much fun with this because it´s unique and different. She could never create this.>>[ Laughs ] I know I couldn´t!>>Now she can.>>Not in a million years!>>There´s no way. And my sugar mama is quite talented.>>Oh!>>She is.>>Are we gonna bring in some baked good from grandma to the QVC lounge?>>We could do something like that. Alright, so, now we´re gonna pop on over to Le Creuset.>>Oh!>>[ French accent ] The French, my darling, the French ware is here.>>I´m putting my apron back on.>>[ Normal voice ] Oh, as you should. Okay, so talk about having something for display. I feel like a lot of Le Creuset items — I´ll be honest. When I got them for, like, wedding gifts and stuff, I did not use them. I´m sorry if you got me one of those. But I keep them out because they look so nice, and they´re just so impressive. When you have people come over and they see your Le Creuset out, they´re like, “Oh, she must cook. She must be…”>>Every time I see Le Creuset…>>”…Rachael Ray.”>>…I just drool over it. I really do.>>Look at these colors.>>The colors alone — yes, of course, stunning. Look at this holiday motif we have going on right now, too.>>I´m like, “Do I need three Dutch ovens?”>>[ Laughing ] Do you? [ Both laugh ]>>Doyou?>>I maybe do.>>This is absolutely perfect. So, the color choices we have here — very obvious here. Let´s start over at this. This is called…>>Hmm.>>…Meringue? Cerise.>>Cerise.>>Cerise.>>Okay. Emerald Green right here in front.>>Ooh.>>And then this is called Meringue.>>Meringue.>>Meringue. Oh, we do have other colors on dot-com because I know a lot of you collect Le Creuset. I do. I always — Oh, that one´s Meringue that you´re seeing right now?>>Yes. That´s what we have in front of us, too.>>Provence is another color that we have. Flame.>>Ooh, see, Flame is what I have in my house.>>Next one is Truffle. Ooh, I haven´t seen that color before.>>So, I love Truffle on anything, so maybe I need that.>>[ Laughs ] And there´s the Emerald Green again that you´re seeing there on your screen and then the Cerise that we have in front of us, as well.>>Which is that gorgeous red.>>I´m a collector of — I don´t think we have it in this one.>>That´s Caribbean, that blue.>>One of the blues. Oh!>>Caribbean?>>Yeah.>>Do you have Caribbean?>>Mine might be a little bit darker, but I´m a collector of that. That´s what I love about this brand, is that you just collect and expand. And they are so durable. They last forever. They´re cast iron, which means it´s going to slowly distribute heat, evenly for even cooking. So, there´s — With a Dutch oven like this, there´s like virtually nothing that you can´t use it for.>>Right.>>You can sear your steaks in it. You can roast a full chicken in there, make your favorite stews or soups, anything like that. You can even bake in this.>>You know, the first dish I ever had in a Dutch oven was a peach cobbler.>>Ah!>>And it was while I was camping. And it was over –>>What?!>>It was over a campfire.>>Ah!>>And isn´t that the best way to be introduced to a Dutch oven?>>That is the fanciest camping I´ve ever heard. Now, that is glamping to the extreme.>>Oh, I mean, you have to have a Dutch oven and make Dutch-oven peach cobbler! It´s the best, on the campfire, and you all snuggle around and eat it. It was just delicious. So, this is kind of one of the number-one most recommended Dutch-oven brands out on the market. I mean, Le Creuset just — You were just going on about how great it is. This is something that either you will have forever…>>Yeah.>>…or if you give this as a gift, you are beyond nice.>>You are the coolest.>>The sweetest, nicest person on the planet. So, whatever color choice, they all look gorgeous, and I love this kind of ombré effect that the lid has.>>We have it on all of them, really.>>Mm-hmm, even the Meringue, yeah. And then the “Le Creuset” is obviously on the top, and then of course you do have that logo on the side of it, as well.>>Just so everyone knows…>>You have to know.>>…that you´re doing it right.>>Yeah.>>You´re doing it right. You´re going big, or you´re going home.>>The label´s part of the pizzazz. I mean, this is a vessel that you´re investing in.>>A vessel, indeed. What I like about this series and this Dutch oven — the larger handles and knobs on top. So, if you are pulling this straight out of the oven, you know, you can really grab this even with oven mitts on without a problem. There´s so much room in there. It´s not a wimpy little handle.>>No.>>And same thing with the knob on top. Like, that knob is huge.>>So, what we are calling this color is Cerise…>>Cerise.>>…has a black one. And then our other two have that silver/chrome look.>>Oh, they´re so beautiful.>>So, we can slow-cook in this. We can braise. We can roast.>>Sear your steaks in it. Caramelize all your vegetables in there. And what´s great is that it is cast-iron construction, but on the outside and the inside, it´s enamel, sort of like this glass-like finish on the enamel.>>So, do I have to season it? I don´t have to season this. There´s no seasoning involved.>>I feel like, yes, seasoning because it is — No? Yes?>>You tell me.>>I don´t know. I know you don´t when it´s cast iron, but this is coated in enamel.>>Right.>>So I don´t know the answer to that.>>Okay.>>But let´s find out. Someone will know.>>So, this high has “France” on the inside so you can see that it is truly the Le Creuset that we know and love and that you want to have. But this is really one of those indispensable pieces that you´re just going to have in your home. And you´re gonna look like a pro. Whether you´re a home cook or a professional cook, the look of Le Creuset, the having of it — I mean, it evenly heats. It slowly heats. It retains that heat inside. So, this is such a powerful — and I´m gonna say it again — vessel.>>Vessel.>>It´s a vessel.>>You know when you´re a kid and you dream of your — or an adult — and you dream of your dream kitchen? Whenever I think of my dream kitchen, it is filled with Le Creuset.>>Oh. Well, maybe your kitchen is already filled with Le Creuset and you just need to change the color of your Dutch oven. This is a great time to do so.>>It´s so great for newlyweds. It´s so great for new homeowners, if you´re just building your collection.>>Ah, I just can´t say enough about it!>>And you can use this on your stovetop or your oven.>>And over campfires. Just saying.>>So, your colors –>>I´m just saying.>>Your colors — we have the Cerise… the Emerald Green. That is called Truffle. That´s such a cool color. I love it.>>It is.>>That one´s called the Flame.>>My jam.>>Ah! Provence.>>I really like the Provence.>>It´s pretty.>>It´s so classic-looking.>>White… and the Meringue, which is sort of a nice alternative. The Meringue´s kind of cool.>>I know. I´m trying to figure out –>>Kind of marshmallow-y.>>This is all true. That is all true. Alright. So, we have to go back into Temp-tations…>>Because I have can´t get enough of it.>>…´cause the look of it, the quality, and the uniqueness — The fact that it´s only here at QVC — that alone — I´m always like, “Yes, that means no one else can get this.” And then when people see it at my house, they´re like, “Where did you get this?!” and I´m like, “QVC.”>>QVC, guys, of course.>>The holiday headquarters. [ Laughs ] Okay, so, tell me about this one because we´re actually getting quite a lot of pieces in here.>>We are because Temp-tations is fantastic, and this is the season where we are constantly entertaining and we´re constantly hosting. What makes Temp-tations so fabulous is that it´s a one-stop shop.>>It is.>>It´s from your freezer to your oven to your tabletop. So, I mean, think of the lack of dishes. This is one thing you have to clean instead of 15 things. So, this here — this is the — Is this the Floral Lace?>>We have Floral Lacing it up.>>This is the Floral Lace basketweave 4-quart baker set. So, you´re gonna get the baker itself, which is 4 quarts. You´re gonna get the lid, the Lid-it, which makes for really, really great presentation, as well as travel. And you´re also gonna get the wire holder right here, which is great ´cause it really protects your surfaces, protects your table.>>This color choice is Cranberry.>>Mm-hmm.>>There´s your Lid-it. Then next to that is Green.>>And then — [ Gasps ]>>Light Blue. If you´re having a baby shower and there´s a boy — Oh, how pretty. And then also on, just know we have all of the colors, including what you´re seeing here, which is that beautiful — I guess you would call that the Red.>>Makes sense.>>And then you also have the Blue. Oh, Blue is sold out, actually. So, we do have Light Blue, we have Red, Green, and then you have the Cranberry.>>Okay.>>But then –>>Oh, yes, most importantly, because I know you all collect Temp-tations, as well you should, and there are two signature styles. We have the Floral Lace, which we´re seeing right here.>>Yep.>>We also have the Old World style, which is that hand-painted, sort of brushed-out flower look.>>Yes.>>This one´s a little bit more of like a tightly woven flower.>>Which one are you? Ooh!>>Ooh! I´m Old World.>>I can do that, too. I can hit this…>>Yes, you can.>>…and not have a problem because these are durable.>>Talk about durability, which is what I need in the kitchen.>>Yes, me too.>>Sometimes I´m like a Tasmanian devil.>>Oh, I am just like a bull in a China shop in the kitchen.>>[ Laughs ]>>My husband´s always like, “What are you doing in there?” I´m like, “You know, just trying to make a meal, honey.” [ Both laugh ] “Trying to feed my family!” So, just know that if you are someone who maybe has a large family, maybe you´re serving a couple of people, this has a lot of capacity in it. And with that dishwasher-, microwavable, refrigerator-, and freezer-safe and oven-up-to-500-safe, you are going to be able to do that job.>>♫ Where doesn´t it go? ♫>>Everywhere. Don´t forget, though — when you bring this home, we do have those wonderful holiday returns through the end of January 2020. So if you´re gifting this to someone who you know maybe collections Temp-tations already — maybe they have a different color than you thought or anything like that — it is risk-free completely. I mean, that is a really long — We´re still in October. I don´t know when you´re watching this, but we´re still in October right now. So, if you´re picking this up, it´s just really risk-free.>>But just know, too, I mean, these are separate pieces here. So you don´t have to use that wire frame basket if you don´t need it. You can just cook and bake in this and then set this up. And then of course you can put it in here if you want to, as well. Can we open our Light Blue choice? Because I want to see the inside of that one, as well. Look at that gorgeous color!>>Ooh!>>And you were mentioning this earlier — all that hand-painted craftmanship.>>All hand-painted. Yep. And I´m loving the basketweave. That´s a look that I don´t feel like we see very often from Temp-tations. So, if you´re looking to mix it up just a little bit, get a little bit extra texture or something like that, just sort of — I love highs and lows, and I love levels. But then it still has that same sort of — the motif that you´re going for if you collect in a certain color.>>So, this is the Temp-tations logo here, but then it says right there, “Certified hand-painted and hand-crafted.” Now, that part is upside down, but just know that´s what it says.>>[ Laughs ] I trust you.>>And so [laughs] you can see it for yourself. So, just know that when you gift this to someone, they´re gonna see that. That quality is there. You can only get it here at QVC. Color choices, though, for you to get this beautiful piece home, that 4-quarter baker set with the basketweave in Floral Lace or Old World — your color choices are Cranberry, you have Green, you have Light Blue, then of course on dot-com here you´re seeing Red, and then we are sold out of our Blue choice. But you do have Old World, as well, so just know if you like that, go right ahead.>>Which one do you collect? Do you do Floral Lace or Old World?>>I´m a color person.>>Okay.>>So it´s kind of like, if the colors go together, I´m down.>>Do you mix and match your colors?>>Yes, because — Yeah. I just — I´m a color — I´m all about color.>>[ Sighs ] I´m so the opposite.>>You´re like, “These need to match.”>>Yeah, I need everything to match, and my entire home is white, gray, black, and a little touch of gold.>>In Floral Lace?>>And some Floral Lace in black.>>Or Old World. [ Laughs ]>>Or, no, Old World. I´m Old World.>>Old World. Okay. Alright, so, we´re talking about mixing. So, Rachael Ray — who doesn´t know her? Let´s talk about her.>>Rachael Ray.>>Rachael, Rachael Ray.>>Rachael Ray. Household name in the kitchen. Is she not?>>Amazing! I have her spices, by the way.>>Do you?>>So good. Pardon me. [ Laughs ] Okay, so, we´re actually gonna talk about Rachael Ray in a second.>>Because you were naughty and you ate Santa´s cookies.>>I did, and clearly I forgot. [ Laughs ] So, look how darling these are. Don´t you want to cook in the kitchen with “I ate Santa´s cookies”? And look — there´s a bite out of it, as well. Chocolate chip cookies.>>´Cause you ate ´em. I, on the other hand — I am baking Christmas memories.>>You are baking Christmas memories.>>That´s what I´m doing.>>And they have ruffles. Her ruffles are plaid, and mine are white. But this is so cute. And if you are wondering about the one Julia´s wearing, you can go to and see that one, “Baking Christmas memories.”>>I love it.>>The item number on your screen is for Santa´s cookies. But just know that you have options. I think it´s one size fits most.>>Yeah. So, what is really — I had a fun idea about this.>>Go on.>>Okay. This is my idea for these since we do have the two options to choose from. You know, a lot of people host holiday, like, cookie baking parties. Make it a team event.>>Go on. I´m listening.>>And split the teams into two.>>Uh-huh.>>And one team has “I ate Santa´s cookies.”>>Yes.>>Other team has “Baking Christmas memories.” And they duke it out for the best holiday cookie. I know you like a little competition.>>I love a little competition. Mix it up, right?>>I thought you would like this!>>I do!>>What a fun idea, to pick these up for your whole party.>>I just think these are just fun. I mean, who doesn´t need an apron, especially one that is specialized from just the cuteness? I mean, C&F Home — okay, just know that they´re a brand that brings you really kind of unique and special touches to your home, to your kitchen in this case. And you just can´t go wrong. I mean, this is an easy gift to just give anyone.>>Oh, it´s a fun gift. It´s a fun hostess gift.>>Oh, yeah.>>So, my mother and I — Neither my mother nor I — neither of us bake. We´re both really bad at it. We cook like champs…>>[ Laughs ]>>…but not bakers. But there is this holiday cookie called Santa´s whiskers that only she and I like. Everybody else hates them.>>A holiday cookie called Santa´s whiskers?>>They´re weird. But for some reason, we love them so much. I don´t know where the recipe originated from.>>It´s a recipe, though.>>Yes.>>Okay. It´s not a brand.>>No, no, but we have to bake them. But we bake, like, four dozen of them and knowing that we´re the only ones that are gonna eat them. So, we have…>>What´s in this?>>Oh, it´s kind of like a sugar cookie, but there´s pecans in it and those candied red and green cherries, coconut. I mean –>>Where did these come from?>>I don´t know, but they´ve been around my entire childhood. But my mother and I — every year we will bake these cookies together again, and we´ll put them out at her famous Christmas Eve party.>>Mm-hmm.>>No one touches them except for us.>>What, are they not good?>>I think they´re delicious!>>[ Laughs ]>>I think they´re the best! But she and I always wind up getting into a flour fight.>>Ohh.>>It´s inevitable.>>That´s fun.>>It happens every time.>>That´s why you need aprons.>>That´s why we need aprons. That was my very long-winded way of getting to the point that I need these aprons.>>That´s why you work in TV, where you talk.>>Huh?>>You work in TV, where you talk for a living. That´s okay.>>Thank you.>>Yeah. We´re talking aprons here. There´s not much to talk about. You either like the apron and you want to get the one that says “I ate Santa´s cookies,” with the cute little white ruffle, or the one on dot-com.>>”Baking Christmas memories.”>>With the plaid ruffle.>>Oh, plaid ruffle.>>How darling, okay? So, whichever one you want to get, just know it´ll be a fun little gift for either you or your loved ones. I think they´re good. [ Chuckles ]>>So, for personality gifts, if you head over to our, you know, find who you´re looking for, who you´re shopping for. We make it so easy for you. We really, like, took all the guesswork out of it for you. And it´s gifts for the foodie, gifts for, really, anyone that you can think of.>>[ Gasps ] Are those Mrs. Prindables apples? Those are the best!>>I was on “Gourmet Holiday” the other day with Mary Beth Roe and Alberti, and I didn´t get to try them!>>I get them every year, and I get the most you can. And last year they came with gift boxes, and I gave them to everyone. And my husband and I probably ate like six each. But the fact is [laughing] they are so good.>>I ate everything on that show for five hours. But the one thing I wanted more than anything were those apples, and I missed out them.>>Try them. You will not be disappointed.>>Go to and find them there.>>Now we´re talking Rachael Ray. I was just so excited about her because she is just a known celebrity cook, influencer. She has her own talk show. She´s got cookbooks. She started cooking, I think, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and then took it to New York City.>>She comes from a cooking family. It runs in her blood.>>She does. So, she gave us this set here. This is a 10-piece mixing-bowl set. I mean, good grief. Like, talk about Mary Poppins of cookware.>>[ Laughs ] Mary Poppins´ carpetbag?>>Yes.>>I reference it all the time. Gonna pull out a big old lamp next.>>We have so many things here. So, you have a 2-quart mixing bowl…>>Mm-hmm.>>…a 3-quart…>>Mm-hmm.>>…a 4-quart.>>Mm-hmm.>>Then we go into these little guys.>>Our measuring cups. We have 1/4 cup. We have — ooh — 1/3 cup. This here is a 1/2 cup. And then we have the 1 cup. And wait. There´s more. 2 cups. And I told you that I love to prep, that I love the — I love to chop all my herbs, measure out my spices, measure everything out, ´cause I come from the restaurant world.>>Oh!>>I come from, like, a really high-end restaurant background, and I was taught to prep, prep, prep, prep, prep, so when you start cooking, you´re ready to go.>>You would not like me in the kitchen.>>[ Laughs ]>>You would be like, “What is this madness?”>>No! [ Gasps ]>>This set is probably what you would — You would gift me this set after you cooked with me in the kitchen and say, “No, ma´am.”>>I´m gonna make that little note, “For Courtney Webb.”>>[ Laughs ] This is a good set for an, whether it´s a starter set. Maybe you´re giving this to kids at college. Maybe you´re getting this for yourself. Or maybe you´re getting this for your second home, like the beach house that I wish I had.>>Oh! [ Laughs ]>>If I get these, will the beach house — Will the beach house appear if I buy these?>>I mean, there´s only way to find out.>>I´m not making that assumption. But just know also this does come with a spatula, a spoonula.>>A spoonula.>>A spoonula. I know. You´re gonna see that on, but just know if I can get one in here, I will. But the colors on here…>>The color palette is so gorgeous. It´s so modern. It´s so contemporary. It is so stunning to me. It´s like these icy blues. You know, like, if you have someone in your life who loves “Frozen,” that´s what it reminded me of.>>If Elsa´s cooking in the kitchen.>>[ Laughing ] Yes! Yes.>>How cute would that be if you had an Elsa cooking party with your nieces, with your grandkids, with your kids? I mean, literally a “Frozen” cooking party. This is brilliant.>>In your aprons.>>In your aprons. Okay, I want to show you real quick — I actually have — On dot-com here, you have the spoonula and the spatula. Have you ever heard of a –>>I just love to say “spoonula.”>>A spoonula.>>Is that the spoonula? Oh. Okay. [ Claps hands ]>>But we can see it on dot–>>Just know.>>Scaring me a little bit.>>[ Laughs ]>>[ Claps hands ] That´s how I´m gonna whip you into shape in the kitchen.>>It is.>>I´m gonna get you to prep.>>[ Laughs ] You will get me to prep.>>You´re gonna love it.>>These are dishwasher-safe, great quality on this. You´re getting all 10 pieces home.>>I have to say, though, when you do put it in the dishwasher, make sure you put it on the top rack.>>I love that because you really want to do that for especially your good pieces here. But these are high-construction, and you´re getting such a variety here. The fact that you´re getting five measuring cups? Because I always use, like, one — Like, the big glass one, right, the big glass measuring cup is always in the dishwasher. It´s never available for me. My husband uses it all the time. And so sometimes I just need this so then I can just be like, “Yep, boop!” Done.>>See? You´re prepping right there.>>Am I prepping?>>I am telling you right now, this is such a satisfying set to me. There is nothing about this that I am not in love with, and it would go — it would add a little touch of color into my home…>>It would.>>…which I need, as we know.>>´Cause it´s gray and white and gold.>>And I have all the grays and whites and sort of a gradation of color, just to bring a little pop of something-something in there.>>Let´s describe these colors, just in case maybe your screen isn´t bringing them up too well. Let´s talk about it.>>I´m going icy blue here.>>Correct, I would go with that, as well.>>That´s so pretty, and look at that reflection on it.>>It is. It´s very, like, inviting.>>Yeah. Oh, this makes me to cook. This I would go, what, like a really cool teal?>>Yes, like a deep teal.>>Yeah, really beautiful. They´re so shiny, and they´re so streamlined. I love how streamlined they are. Good handles. You know when things are really heavy or you´re making something that´s a batter and you´re trying to, like, cradle the bowl in your arm so it doesn´t slip out?>>Here, would you like a spatula?>>I would love a spatula.>>Or a spoonula?>>Um, I think this is the spoonula.>>I believe you´re correct.>>Yeah, I want the spoonula. That´s what I want. But you know when you´re cradling it, trying to, like, get it all out?>>Yes.>>This has these really nice, handy-dandy handles. Nice and study.>>I need that.>>Nice little pour spout.>>´Cause then I put my thumb in there and then my thumb gets in the batter and then I´m like, “Oh, I got to lick it,” and then I, “Ahh,” the whole thing. And then there´s nothing to bake.>>Think of all the extra batter you could get on your spoonula.>>That is perfect. The spoonula — technical term.>>Then you´re just not even pretending anymore.>>No.>>You´re really just taking a hefty spoonful at that point.>>That sounds so good. I just need some brownie batter, and I will be, like, in the best place of my life right now.>>I mean, what time is it?>>Delicious.>>4:15 in the morning? It sounds about right.>>So, Rachael Ray´s collection. Then we go down to our five measuring cups.>>Yes. What color would you call this?>>I would say that that´s kind of like a really beautiful, muted teal.>>Muted teal, maybe a little steeliness in there.>>Oh, look, and it says 1 cup right there, just in case you´re ever wondering. 1/2 cup right there, and then we´ve got our spoonula and our spatula. Okay, personal question here.>>Okay.>>Do you follow the ingredients, like the directions, the recipe? That´s the word choice I would like to use.>>[ Laughs ]>>Do you follow the recipe, bing, bing, bing, boom, like to a “T,” all the way down?>>I do the first time.>>Oh. And then you go rogue?>>And then I go rogue, and then I make it my own. I like to know what it should taste like the first time, and then from there I add my own personal spice, part of the pun.>>Oh. So, that´s — I´m gonna use that ´cause I don´t follow the recipe, but I´m gonna say that it´s because, you know, I want — I like to add my own spice.>>Well, when it comes to baking, don´t you have to be very, very specific?>>Oh, baking — I´m more talking like food, food.>>Okay, well, that´s what I do. So, yes, I try to follow it, especially if it´s something a little bit complicated.>>Yeah.>>I try to follow it as much as I can and then put my own personal spin on it.>>That´s good to know.>>Yeah, so now you know.>>It says that you are a confident cook. A confident cook, Ms. Julia here, she is.>>I try. I have actually learned from some of the best, I will say.>>Oh, really?>>They´ve taught me a lot.>>Perfect.>>They´ve taught me a lot. I miss those kitchens.>>So, now let´s go to Vera Bradley.>>I´m taking my spoonula with me.>>Take your spoonula. It´s something I haven´t really heard about. So, Vera Bradley — this was a brand that was around when I was in high school — before high school, actually, but that´s when I really was tuned into it. And it was so popular. Everyone had Vera Bradley bags and duffel bags and, like, those ones that you put your clothes in, garment bags. And I was just like, “Mom, Mom, I need a Vera Bradley. Like, I have to. It´s the cool thing to do.” Well, they went into cookware. And I love that it was designed by two friends.>>Yes. They saw a need.>>They did.>>They saw a need in the luggage industry, actually. It started with luggage.>>That´s where it started, yeah.>>They saw a need for feminine luggage, for something that´s fun and flirty and colorful. And, gosh darn it, they made it happen.>>And then they brought into the kitchen.>>Yep.>>So, this is the Casserole Carrier. We´re gonna start with this color choice over here. This is that gorgeous Bordeaux Blooms. I mean, you´re seeing kind of that maroon, the hot pink, that wonderful slate gray, that hunter green, Kelly green — it´s all there — and that wonderful Vera Bradley kind of floral motif that a lot of us know and love. Then…>>Then we have the — which one is this? — Vines Floral.>>Yes.>>I think this one is so on trend right now because we´re seeing — especially in fashion right now, we´re seeing this all over the place, with a stark black background and then big, bold, floral prints to really make them pop. So, this is kind of — this is a little bit on trend, but it´ll never go out of style at the same time. The colors are so vibrant. You have those beautiful purples in here and those — I would say those look like orchids to me. Beautiful purples, reds, corals, and pinks, little pop of mustard-y yellow, which we see a lot these days…>>Mm-hmm.>>…and then those great greens, as well. Such — Oh, look at those purples. I love it.>>So pretty.>>So pretty. And then this one here — this is Romantic Paisley, and it is just that, if you ask me. This is my favorite one personally.>>That one is pretty. It´s fun.>>Yeah, it´s fun. It´s vibrant. It´ll take you season to season to season. But I love a Paisley print. I do.>>You can´t go wrong with Paisley.>>I think they´re a little classic, but you can have a lot of fun with them. This is so colorful. I can´t imagine a color that is not represented here. It goes from turquoise to that Kelly green, again with those beautiful coral colors. And the background — I would call that, like, vibrant periwinkle.>>Yes.>>Right?>>I think that´s a good description for sure.>>Vibrant periwinkle.>>Alright, let´s dig into this baby because not only are you gonna be the most stylish guest at the potluck. You´re also able to put hot and cold items inside of this, which is fantastic. So, first and foremost, you´ve got your little handles here that do the little buckling for you so you can keep your handles together, but that way, if you have a weighty dish, you´re not gonna have to fret about that ´cause you do have this.>>And it will, like, distribute that weight evenly, which is really important.>>This is kind of where you´re gonna put your knives, maybe your service devices, maybe napkins, maybe anything like that. But just know there´s a little bit of cushion on this so that you can put those objects in there and not feel like they´re gonna — [ Clicks tongue ]>>Oh, yeah, poke on through…>>Right.>>…if it´s something sharp?>>Mm-hmm. Then — Why don´t you open up our inside?>>Alright.>>Because there´s more. This is about 18x7x13.>>Ooh! Hot and cold. I´m telling you.>>There it is.>>Oh, so much insulation here, so much room. It is huge!>>It is.>>I mean, that big Temp-tations bakeware with the lid that we just had would fit beautifully in here, wouldn´t it?>>Yes, it would.>>I think it would. They´re so easy to clean. You just simply wipe it up.>>It is. So, when you´re thinking about attending that potluck or you´re just — maybe you´re gonna go drop something off ´cause someone got the cold — because it´s that season where someone´s getting flu-like symptoms and yada-yada and maybe they have a whole family at home and they´re just trying to get things done. You come over with your Vera Bradley and your cute little casserole and your dish of soup and noodles. And you just come, and you pop this on. You say, “Here, that´s for you. Get better.>>Aww, that´s the nicest thing ever.>>I mean, it´s just the perfect little gift. I mean, we all need something where we can tote our…>>I know.>>…deliciousness.>>And, again, it´s the season for tote-able food.>>[ Chuckling ] “The season for tote-able food.”>>I have Friends-giving coming up ´cause I´m not going home for Thanksgiving. So I have Friends-giving coming up, so I have committed to a certain amount of dishes because Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday…>>It´s the best.>>…for the food and the food alone — and, yes, to give thanks, as well, because I have a lot to be thankful for, but really I´m thankful for the food.>>And the friends and the family. You know my family is so big that we have six turkeys?>>How big is your family?!>>It´s massive.>>Whoa!>>We are massive. And we have six turkeys. We have different kinds. We have a roasted turkey. We have a fried turkey. We´ve got a turducken. We´ve got a glazed turkey. We´ve got a turkey that my dad decides to do on his own and it´s his own concoction. I mean, I´m talking like six different turkeys. And my uncle is the same size and height and weight as Shaq, so he gets his own turkey.>>Whoa!>>I mean, that´s just how it rolls.>>Does everyone just bring their own turkey?>>No. My fam– My grandma, sugar mama, my dad, we all hunker in that kitchen, and we make all six.>>That´s unbelievable. I´ve never heard of such a thing. What I do, because I love Thanksgiving so much, I love the food so much, is that even if it´s just two of us, I will cook like it´s 10 of us so I can have the leftovers for days and days and days.>>I like that. Color choices, though.>>Yes.>>Which one? This is the Bordeaux Blooms.>>Really pretty.>>Then we go over to the Vines Floral. Lovely, lovely.>>Kind of like a jungle-y look.>>This is very “Jungle Book.”>>Yeah.>>Then we come over…>>To the Romantic Paisley, which I just love this so much.>>And this just makes kind of like a stylish food contributor.>>[ Laughs ]>>Can I just make up titles?>>Can that be a job? [ Laughs ] I want that to be a job.>>Courtney Webb, stylish food contributor. Alright, this is from Vera Bradley, so you know the quality´s there, the craftmanship, and of course the color and femininity that we know and love.>>Yep. She has such a loyal following, and I feel this just will fall seamlessly into your collection.>>So true. Alright, so, that is our holiday headquarters show. I´m Courtney Webb.>>I´m Julia Cearley.>>And remember — we have aprons.>>We have our aprons.>>Have a great holiday. And make sure you don´t eat Santa´s cookies.>>But in the meantime, why don´t you bake some Christmas memories?>>Have a good one and have fun shopping and remember — QVC´s here for you.>>Gift Guide.>>That´s so true. We have… ♫♫ ♫♫ ♫♫ ♫♫

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