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  1. I too remember the day Geri 'Our Lord and Savior' Halliwell single-handedly put the union jack on the map.

  2. Yeah. Because a bit of National pride is important.
    Its funny how artists feel like they have to apologize for wearing a UK dress years ago.

  3. hearing her speak it seems like she’s trying hard not to let out the Eliza Doolittle accent. Even though she never had it.

  4. She and Mel B were the Spice Girls for me. I loved them all but those two had the loudest personalities and most memorable moments. I can't even put into words how ridiculous a little chubby girl in backwoods North Carolina would have looked in a union jack dress and chunky space boots but man I wanted them

  5. Awww omg!! I had thatScary Spice barbie 1:04 I remember getting it for Christmas while we were in Byron Bay and how she had a snake arm band and tattoos unlike any barbie I had ever had and I loved it! :’)

  6. a band who will be recognizable by using the British flag way before them is Def Leppard. Rick Allen the drummer had Union Jack shorts.

  7. People will always tell you not to do things that they're actually scared of doing themselves. Never listen to anyone except your own heart and brain.

  8. Wow. I started watching this out of curiosity, as a product of the 90's, but I am leaving in "awe." Quite an incredible woman you are, Geri Horner.

  9. I was around when the Spice Girls were huge but very young. The most memorable thing I remember, miss, and want were the Spice Girls lollipop with the stickers in each package.

  10. Not that its important or anything just want to point out that the union jack is only called that when its flown at sea. On land its just the union flag

  11. She is so beautiful. I truly believe that she is more attractive now. She has found the fountain of youth. She is one classy and fit bird.

  12. National Front on the front, black-and-white death rune on the back – badass dress. A dash of panties to symbolise fertility.

  13. Wow, had no idea it was so DIY. Fascinating. Defs the first band I loved! Had my platforms and everything! Anyone else in a Spice Girls band in the 90's 😂

  14. Omg Geri your awsome. Of course I grew up in the Spice Girls Era. However For me seeing you with Ramsey and Gino and in Drive to Servive is where I really know you. Your hilarious. And well dressed Dam that white dress is smart.

  15. Spice Girls stayed forever in my heart I love them so much and the birth 1997 stay a memorable best spice girls performance

  16. No way she stitched a tea towel onto a dress – you can see it was specially made. What else is she fibbing about?

  17. She's Still So Pretty! So Beautiful. And I love taking a look into that dress! It was so iconic at that time and I had my own version of it — EVERY FREAKIN' WHERE!!! Shirts, on my toys, my dresses and pants, even cute little bandanas and my friends & I would reenact the Spice Girls every chance we got! I could have sworn I was Scary Spice and was going to not only grow up to be like her, but BE her! 😄 Hahahaha The look, the laugh, the power & strength, the talent and even the hair. And it actually all turned out pretty good for me, and is pretty close to exactly everything that I had dreamed up as a little girl! (The fashion though is only done for FUN & for photoshoots, but heck, I'm Still Doing It! All Types Of Fashion Styles Mixing Some 90s With Some Modern.) I'm just so, so incredibly lucky that I was an 80s baby so that I could experience the full 90s as my childhood! That was, to me, out of all of the decades (50s, 60s, 70s & 80s) the very BEST decade of the century! And that's saying a lot, because, although each of them came with their own challenges [especially for an African American living in the U.S. or in some other parts of the world], they all also had their unmatched gifts to offer and identifying cultures in each decade that the one before or after didn't offer in the same way! So each decade is special & unique within themselves, but the 90s is where it all came together! And what we seem to be constantly attempting to make a U-turn back to these days! But NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING will ever feel like it again! Even just due to the technologies we have now, and, with our lack of them then, the way we used to live, play, interact, hang out, create and …just, Everything! Talent couldn't be faked or self validated. Fashion was in a great discovery stage. Celebrities were all the more exciting because you COULDN'T contact them on Instagram or be anywhere they could see you in person let alone see you talk (so meeting them was MIND BLOWING)! Inspiration rarely had to combat laziness or too much self made pride or ANY type of comment section. (TVs & tabloids were IT! It didn't exist anywhere else, except for print [magazines/newspapers].) Even bodies were more natural. {Even for the celeb world, I'm happy to say that back then you could get through 20 music videos and not see one doctored artist although they existed. Example: TLC, Shania Twain, Tyra Banks, Gwen Stephani, Naomi Campbell, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, SWV, Brandy, Monica, Mary J. Blige, LeAnn Rimes, Britney Spears, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, En Vogue, Faith Hill, Faith Evans, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, MC Lyte, Sarah McLachlan, Erykah Badu, Gloria Estafan, Mya and so many more! And that's MORE than 20 just listed there! Not to mention actors & actresses as well. It was just far less Common, even in Hollywood where it is ALWAYS common.} And I always tell people THE greatest year for film & music was 1996, so it's all the more a memory lane treat that this group came out that year!

    Geri [Ginger] has grown to be even more classy & more fun than ever! I just love her and the rest of this group of women! These are always just such great Blasts To The Past! And get this. I'm not even 32 yet! 😄 Lol I've lived in 5 decades [80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s & now welcoming myself into the 2020s], I've gotten to experience the bests & worsts of them and gotten to firsthand witness all of the classic Legends which they seem to rarely produce anymore and I've had The Greatest Childhood Ever!


  18. "Cant have the British flag" When you are in Britain… Anti-western people you are garbage. Go live somewhere else if you hate it here.

  19. Sorry luv but fashion was not great in the 90s…at all lol talk about living in a dream world. 90s was the worst decade for quite some time when it came to fashion, music and movies yeh were some.great movies and the few song about it was the worst decade

  20. Dunno what I'm doing here, I've never followed the spice girls, didn't watch the movie, rolled my eyes when I heard them on the radio, and scratched my head when 'youtube' recommended this, but to be fair, she really does seem to have aged remarkably well.

  21. Girl Power <3
    Watch Mel C talk about her time in the Spice Girls

  22. She's so eloquent!!! Very well spoken and graceful, it makes her seem like such a beautiful person!

  23. I still enjoy listening to Spice and Spice World. The movie is hilarious. Thank you for spicing up my childhood!

  24. See I liked the 90s but it felt kind of generic after the 80s. Glad you ignored that idiot who said your flag was racist. Those people are cancer.

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