Going in Style Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Morgan Freeman Movie

Going in Style Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Morgan Freeman Movie

Gentlemen, It’s the final rose tonight. Luke. The only choice she’s got. She’s not gonna move to a farm in those heels. She’s kissed ’em all. Wiv ‘er tongue. She’s a walking venereal disease. Chase. [laughter] I’m seeing an overdrawn balance in your daily checking. Yeah, my mortgage payment tripled. I disclosed a possibility of a rate hike during your refi. Do you remember that? (gun fire) Everyone on the ground, now! The three men walked off with 1.6 million dollars. They choreographed it like a dance. A conga line right into prison. They didn’t get caught. Semtex steel has frozen all pension payments. I’m thinking of robbing a bank. I’m thinking about buying a Ferrari. I just got drafted by the Knicks. Good week for everybody, huh? Williamsburg Savings will manage the liquidation of the fund. These banks practically destroyed this country, and nothing ever happened to them. I want to rob that bank. Let’s go get our money back. Yeah. We take exactly what’s on the pension, right? That’s all I wanted. What if we get more? We give it to charity It’s time for a practice run. We’ll be right back. I don’t want to stay in the car. It’s hot in here! Hello, Al! I gotta get some chicken thighs. Breasts are better than thighs, don’t you think? Never has anybody walked off with a whole pork loin. Jump in the basket. Who the hell you think I am, E.T.? What’s going on in the world anymore. Look what you did to Cindy. She looking like a Colombian drug mule. We’re gonna need professional help. Ya think? You Five-Oh? We’re practically Eight-Oh. From now on, you communicate by texting. How do you work it without buttons? It’s a touch screen. I’m groping it all over, nothing happens. Reminds me of that time we went to Reno. We ate like kings. We were kings. We still are. Ladies and gentleman. (gun fire) Halt! Paul! What are you chasing me for? Don’t make me tase you. This is not an admission of guilt. I am just tired.

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  1. I think I'll love this! Even so, I'm waiting for a sequel to "Freebie and the Bean" before Alan Arkan and James Caan kick the bucket.

  2. When Bruce Wayne left, Alfred and the CEO of Wayne Enterprises (Morgan Freeman) decided that now, with no Batman around, they could finally do that one heist.

  3. Believe it or not, this is a remake of a movie from 1979 that starred George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg. I had to look up the year it was made, but I remembered that it was pretty damn good film. Perhaps this one will be, also.

  4. Twilight Gangsters (2010 -South Korea)

    For eight years three grandmothers saved their money for a VIP tour packages to Hawaii. The grandmothers have all had difficult experiences and used their dream vacation as a beacon of hope in their lives. Jung-Ja (Na Moon-Hee) was once imprisoned and suffered the ordeal of giving up her son for adoption. Young-Hee (Kim Soo-Mi) has finally broken free from her cheating husband & heartbreak. Shin-Ja (Kim Hye-Ok) is a widow with a son that steals her money. Yet the three grandmothers have finally saved enough money for the dream vacation.

    The grandmothers then go to the bank to wire their money, but at that moment the bank is held up by robbers. The grandmothers lose their savings and the bank can't offer any assistance. It is at this moment that the grandmothers set off track the robbers down themselves. Using their guile and wisdom the grandmothers are able to track one of the thieves down named Joon-Suk (Im Chang-Jung). Unfortunately for the grandmothers, Joon-Suk was swindled by his gang and is now completely broke. The grandmothers are not willing to give up their dream vacation. They then make Joon-Suk train them in the art of bank robbing and the grandmothers then set out to rob banks themselves.

  5. My great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa will love this…. in hell.

  6. The 1979 original was a minor classic with some great ppl in it. Nice to see they've made the plot current with the mortgage and pension meltdowns.

  7. Barbara: Uhhh, Bruce?
    Bruce: Yeah?
    Barbara: Alfred and Lucius robbed a bank with a friend of theirs
    Bruce: groans I'll bail them out

  8. If Morgan freeman and Michael Caine robbed a bank in real life everyone would be able to recognise their voice

  9. Batman: "Alfred? Lucius? Why are you robbing this bank?"
    Lucius: "Because your cheap a** wouldn't offer us a 401K plan, that's why! By the way, everybody, BRUCE WAYNE IS BATMAN!"

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