Going to a Japanese style arcade in Chicago with Gyaru girls (Blackout vlog)

Going to a Japanese style arcade in Chicago with Gyaru girls (Blackout vlog)

time to take some photos before riding the train! you got this! i had to take my coat off too a second ago you can do it! here are our photos! you can see them on the Blackout instagram it’s @blackoutgyarusa this is the train in Chicago! its like this we only have 3 minutes left! cold! wait but if it’s in 3 minutes we have enough time compared to Tokyo this is so empty lol here it is. it’s here ITS HERE GUYS who jumps first!? the bus is gonna be here in about 20 minutes so there was a dunkin donuts next to the bus stop dunkin is a donut place its the same company as baskin robins but i dont know why they dont have it in Japan i’ve wondered that but anyways… this girl here is drinking an iced drink i dont get it the reason escapes me it takes awhile to get all the way to round 1 ugh its so dirty the chicago bus app is so convenient and you can charge your bus card with the app FKCING COLD it’s already 10 pm so this mall is already closed apparently you can’t bring guns in here we made it to round one chicago! or maybe its not hachiko i dont really think i want any of this stuff omg wtf its all messed up do you see this!? this looks super gyaru yay i look so tan again!? again with the kpop what is this!? its so… its like a cyber purikura machine what is this its so weird what is this!? its tokyo! we can take a photo in tokyo! are we really going to!? oh it came out its actually cute! it looks nice this purikura machine looks fd up this is wild “thanks for everything” i like this recently ive been using the word “ya de~” in Japanese a lot im obsessed with ittt lookin good yooo i wanna take the ending of the video but reina ooooh so close can u get it? and that was the galcircle “Blackout” meeting for you guys! did it look like fun? I was happy i could show you guys my town Chicago and im excited to do a lot more now make sure to keep watching! this was natalia natchan and reina eri and momo and we’re BLACKOUT! hold up that doya was disappointing good enough we had fun~! please check out the blackout instagram page @blackoutgyarusa and look forward to my new song (cover art by @dededooo)

27 thoughts on “Going to a Japanese style arcade in Chicago with Gyaru girls (Blackout vlog)

  1. When was this video shot? Is everything locked down in Chicago now due to COVID-19? Here in Portland, Oregon, being caught outside for non-essentials can result in a misdemeanor charge. For introverts like me, nothing has really changed, but for extroverts I imagine the lockdown is agony.

  2. かわいいのは認めるけどダイエットしすぎよくない。


  3. えりちゃんのキャラが独特でいいね 

  4. アメリカの夜の町て、ムチャ治安悪いイメージあるんだが?東京とかわらんような?

  5. なっちゃん!4月8日は、大丈夫⁉️なんでも今週から入国して2週間は🦠にかかってないか、観察されるみたいで大変………

  6. アメリカの日常や街並みを知る事が出来ます。

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