Guild Wars 2- The Art Style

Guild Wars 2- The Art Style

I’ve read a lot of misconception about GW2
while reading blogs ,forums and their respective comments but the one that
puzzles me the most is when people claim the graphics of GW2 are bad,
even really dated. It puzzles me because some of them even quoted ArenaNet’s
statement that GW2 has a stylized Artistic feel to it but they took
this statement as an Excuse for bad graphics rather than what it actually
says In this video I plan to do three things. One
is showing what amazing features the GW2 graphic engine has, features
which in my opinion make it one of the best engines available for an MMO
right now. Secondly to highlight all the artistic beauty this game
has. Finally I will show how all this comes together to create a most beautiful
world. Cause ultimately its not the features that make the art but
the art itself. First thing we’re going to cover is refraction.
Refraction is the process that makes light bend as it passes from one
mediums to the other This is a perfect example going on right here. Looking
through this ICE statue one can see whats behind but slightly distorted
as you’d expect if look through mediums like plastic or glass. Generally
we take these things for granted but this is really something hard
to do especially in a rasterized engine. You can see clearly that this process
is not automatic by a bug that I uncovered while making this video,
if you’ll notice fire does not show through The ice. And if you’re asking
yes, but report submitted. Anyhow this is not a feature you
generally see in a lot of MMO engines but as I am sure you agree it adds
quite a bit to the artistic beauty of the world. The next thing we’re going to look at is reflection.
Look at this big bright room, It is mostly made of marble as
we’d expect in real life the floor reflects the room but at a very low
intensity. The floor is not a complete mirror showing everything. This can
be well seen as the floor doesn’t reflect my character as this is
not bright enough. At the same time you can still make out the shapes and colours
of all the well lit detail in the ceiling. Once again, top notch attention
to detail. Next we have caustics. Caustics is a process
light goes through when passing from different medium which are at
a curve like this glass window. In addition this being an aquarium and thus
fill with water that is in motion due to waves you can also see this
effect on the light which is also in motion on the floor and the wall.
Truly well done. If you ever did any 3D CGI I am sure you can
appreciate how hard it is to make your material look exactly like the material
you want to recreate. Even worst is if you’re trying to make a material
look like a specific material while using a cartoony artistic style.
Yet look at the video going on right now and tell me that that material
doesn’t completely feel like it is metal. The way light reflects and
the way it shines immediately make you realize that is without a doubt metal.
Once again couldn’t be done any better in my opinion! And it is not just metal, looking at this
material I can immediately tell not just that it is marble but also that it
is wet marble, really seem done to perfection in my eyes. One feature you’d expect of a modern graphics
engine is for it to support a high polygon count. Once again the Guild
Wars 2 graphics engine doesn’t disappoint here either. Characters are highly
detailed, Environments and cities are also highly detailed. Those high
buildings in the distance aren’t some billboard with an image, they’re
actual objects so much so there are portals that take you in some of
them and you can view them from different angles. this Same high level of detail can be found
on statues which are simply breath taking. You can definitely tell these
are amazing sculptures and not some quick model designed to fill the
world. If this wasn’t enough the viewing distance is also pretty huge. Once
again I really have no clue how anyone can say this game has bad graphics. Next I want to step a bit away from visuals
because after all the artistic quality of this game doesn’t end with its
graphics. Great art is very much dependent on attention to detail. And in GW2
this attention to detail goes beyond its visuals. Hear a bit these different
flames. Just by their sound you can tell how many there are as well as
how big they are as the size of the flame is also reflected in the fullness
of its sound. Size is not the only great characteristics
of these sound, hear the following sounds, see how realistic they sound
and notice how the sound randomizes in a way that it doesn’t sound
like the same clip repeating over and over again, truly great stuff. notice the attention to detail, even the water
spray is randomized That’s it for this video, I hope I managed
to help you see GW2 the way I see it, Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and
it is perfectly fine if this artistic style is not something you like. However calling
it bad of really old is in my opinion incorrect. Let me close this video by showing a few scenes
of how all this comes together to really create artistic beauty. As always please feel free
to leave your comments and thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2- The Art Style

  1. Its not split into zones just because of changes and bug fixes, but also because of models and textures. Keep in mind if you're loading stuff on the fly you're gonna slow down the game, if you keep everything in memory you will require a ton of memory to keep every object, texture,normalmap,sounds,music, animations of every single thing in GW2 in memory. Zoning is a way to replace all that stuff in memory while not having a negative effect on you while playing the game.

  2. This video is amazing! i have played on 2 beta weekends so far, and wasn't that excited about the release anymore, but after watching this video i fell in love again! Well done!

  3. great video! i'd like to add a few things to help highlight your points. it seems your footage was from beta weekend 1, which was 100% CPU bound and only used 1 core. in other words, changing graphics settings that weekend had ZERO results. if they looked so good in BWE1 on a CPU contsrained build, imagine how mind-blowing these will be when they finally optimize the game for graphics for release? THEN we'll see everything you pointed out even better!

  4. Great video, man. I too noticed the exemplary background sounds they implement into the game, I was very impressed with how real it sounded. The developers really went the extra mile when making this game.

  5. The only thing I hate about the graphics is the fact that you can only use FXAA as anti-aliasing. It blurs the picture too much and still doesn't remove jagged edges enough. I would want at least multi sample AA and the possibility to force super sample AA on. I also don't like the depth of field, but I just leave it turned off.

  6. compared to basically every mmo out their to date comerbp82,guild wars 2 has by far the best graphically effects and textures and has highly improved on it from guild wars 1, no your facts because it will bite you in the ass one day

  7. Sub Fee Glasses: Glasses in which make people judge a game based on weather or not it has a sub fee, if it does its awesome if not it must suck and have shit graphics, But what eve go enjoy you asian grind fest that is Tera

  8. The guy might be a fan of Crysis/BF3 graphics. These people are used to have a "complete" visual perfection in a game, which means they care less for the game itself

  9. GW2 has better graphics than in TERA, and the armor in GW2, as well as cloth seems "live" on character, since TERA is a typical kawaii game

  10. TERA has no dynamic environment, unfortunately. This video shows huge elements rotating and moving. You can feel the weather change, the heavy rain and wind, cold breeze on the north, blossoming plants and gigantic mobile bosses, that aint overdetailed anime demons which had overpopulated TERA. Want a fast-paced aiming-based action – choose TERA, want a fast-paced strategy-based action – choose GW2

  11. your figurative way of chatting with interlocutor is delusional. Anyhow this video proves that fantasy and storyline beats kawaii world.

  12. kawaii is a typical word used to discribe everything ridiculously japanese-based, for me. TERA is a typical asian product, with skinny booby girls swinging giant axes and being half-naked just for the cause of the style. GW2 has folklore and fantasy objects tied together, conjoined. GW2 is cut off this kawaii style, that is one of the top reasons to like it. And Tera has Nothing to compare with the quality of the environment of GW2. Let us end this argument.

  13. I can only admit they are equal, that is the mark. You might not have watched this video in HD, as in this video is present everything Tera lacks: good music, artistic and original environment, MUCH better quality and distinctive Statues and architecture. And more obvious – aquatic world TERA totally lacks. I rate these equal to confine you!

  14. You've lost the link to this conversation, why bother about TMNT ?! Character models + climate is what GW2 is better, also GW2 has much more variations in armors.

  15. There are only 2 things what i want to be added to GW2, quiver when u are carring a bow and belts around your belly or on your back for holding the swords etc. and it ll be perfect!

  16. You're going too far now. Polygon count might arguably not be impressive on a singlular object (not sure I agree when seeing some armors or even statues) but the level of detail in GW2 is insane. Consider scene 4:04 in the city. The background back there, those towers and houses at the far end are not billboards, they're 3d Objects. The number of polygons in that shot must be insane. There is no clipping 100m down, geometry is shown for as far as the eye can see. Textures arent plastic at all…

  17. … They some of the best textures / materials I have ever seen actually. I cant understand how you can say that metal or rock seem plastic to you. Geometry shaders are Direct X 10+ and not supported by all graphic cards. Same story for tessellation. Multi threaded rendering is Direct X 11 and would add nothing to the graphic quality. Water effects include both refraction and reflection what feature do they miss that would make them passable in your opinion? Sorry but your exagerating now imho.

  18. For me Guild wars 2 is not only the king of all MMOs, but more like the master of all games. Just a world thats so amazing,that you can wonder in which world you want to live….the question is only: How long will it take until a game beats this?

  19. I don't understand how anyone could say this game looks bad…

    Ultra realism doesn't necessarily equal beauty.

    IMO this is one of the most beautiful games I've EVER seen, and I've been gaming for twenty-six years.

  20. In my experience the only people interested in "tweaking fanbois" are in fact fanbois… Usually of an inferior product or game who in their pathetic attempts to cling to the delusion of their chosen games superiority have to insinuate that others aren't up to par.

    Either that or fools harassing others for kicks.

    Both are pathetic btw.

  21. it's not even fully optimized yet (I don't think so at least), everyone should wait for the product to be out before making any judgements

  22. I lol'd at the sound part.Audio sounds real! Like it wouldn't be recorded from real life and just modified at some places. xD

  23. The textures all around are low right now. Arenat already said this. On release the textures will be fix.

  24. I agree a lot of the gw2 community bothers me. However it is a great game. That does not mean, it does not have flaws in it. Because ive seen several. Through my beta exp.

    However It the most fun, Ive had ever in a mmo so far.

  25. alimentatore 600W
    Scheda madre Asus P8H61 Socket H2 (LGA 1155) Form factor: ATX FSB standard: 1.333 MHz Chipset NorthBridge
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  26. Recording Audio from real life isnt enough and thats the whole point of what I was saying. You see you cannot record hours of a water fall and put it in a game because the game would become really huge. If you just record a few seconds of a real waterfall and repeat the audio players will pick up on the fact the sound repeats and it would feel fake. What GW2 did is having that sound change subtly all the time which is what I mean by making it sound real because it doesnt sound repeating anymore

  27. I cant say for sure obviously but from what Arenanet have been saying Multi-threaded rendering wouldnt help at all much less vastly improve performance. The performance issue of gw2 comes from the CPU being the bottle neck, they optimizations they're making is trying to offload as much from the CPU onto the GPU as possible. Using multi-threaded rendering would put up more load on the CPU which will make performance worst and not better.

  28. They do need an element of randomness, if each time a wheel turns it makes precisely the same exact sound you will know something is off. Its the audio equivalent of having every character of a certain class look exactly the same. It will bother you at least at a subconscious level. In life we're used to have variety. In real life a wheel turning sounds different each time it does a revolution for various reasons, having that variation ingame makes it more immersive.

  29. Most of it yes. But some of the footage was recorded in medium quality because the client reset to medium and I didnt realize that. But for the most part it is maximum settings yes.

  30. I think you misunderstand about what randomness I am talking about it. If you simply grab a wire and start swinging it in the air and you listen to it you will notice that while you're doing the same motion exactly the sound isnt exactly the same, its subtly different with every revolution. The randomness I am talking about in GW2 is instead of developers having just recorded say 5 revolutions of the whooshing sound and repeat it as long as you're in range they sample 5 revolutions (part 1)

  31. (part 2) and randomly play sample after sample with some randomness added to pitch etc… (I am over simplifying it, as I noticed when walking through water there are most likely more factors taken in consideration) but anyhow, you will not be near a windmill and hear a cow sound, thats not the randomness I am talking about. The windmill will sound exactly like a windmill but the sound will not repeat exactly the same with each revolution of the fan. You will still know exactly where you are

  32. This is one of my absolute favorite GW2 videos. If you want to show the game to someone you know, this video definately among the more important imho. Thanks!

  33. I look at this video, and I wonder why I haven't been keeping track with this game until recently. What an awesome job, now I have to get that GTX670 by the 25th =)

    Also, I really think the marketing department of Areananet should do a better job informing the public about this game, its strength and appeal. I had the pleasure of playing the beta for a very brief period of time this past weekend and I can already say this game has a ton to offer.

  34. Graphics are great for an MMO… UI is UI. It can be customized, let alone with this being such a hit Addons for UI will be released, just like WoW.

  35. The detail in GW2 graphics is what i like the most, and was just astonished about it.

    Also GW2 is the first MMO which has a engine that is capable to show massive players fighting on the screen without changing into a slideshow or crash.

  36. GW2 is very awesome! The graphics are perfect and they made the game with a lot of details like you showed in this video: The sound of the air, the sound of the machines, the refelction,.. well done for showing that!
    I think GW2 is going to be the best game of the year, bigger and better then World of Warcraft! I dont play World of Warcraft because we have to pay for playing the game each month… and we don't have to pay for GW2 each month!!!!
    Great job for showing this video!! 😉

  37. Most people that state that are WoW fan boys that think that because GW2 only has one bar for abilities that it is somehow sub par. You will never actually find these people having played the game though, because if they had they would know that the GW2 UI is far superior because it's dynamic, interesting, fun and does not require people to buy a 30 button mouse. In other words they are afraid to try something new and better because it is different then WoW.

  38. You speak the truth my friend. I'm happy to see that there are some people, like you, who can apreciate all the details and efforts that the developers have put in this game. You give meaning to their work.
    Btw, thanks for the video, have a nice day.

  39. Do you understand the technological implications of what you are asking? Or simply how much more time they would have to spend on something only a fraction notice? But yes you are right it would be great if they could do it.

  40. The Guild Wars 2 graphics is like a fractal image. Your graphics card can only render so much but by scaling detail they give detail to what is essential, like in concept art. This is an art style that some can appreciate, while others would rather have a consistent level of detail. Also some like realism, some like cartoon and some like art-style.. Graphic is such a diffusive term, does it relate to what you see, to the engines capabilities or art-style.

  41. Like YowserUk said this randomness is not something I am asking for, its what the developers have already implemented in GW2!, I am talking about things I observed in the game no of my personal wish list for new features. You can listen about the randomness I am talking about in this very video from 5:53 – 6:26. Its two wood and iron wheels turning several times and you can hear how each revolution sounds differently even though if you listen closely it just consists of only 4 distinct sounds.

  42. This video has made me want to play this game again! Thank you!
    I was worried when I saw videos a few motnhs ago, but still pre-ordered and played one beta. The look of my character and the npc's made me really sad. But not anymore! If it looks like this at launch, I will be one REALLY happy girl! 😉

  43. One of my very favorite things about Guild Wars 2 is the places where there are tiny objects floating in the air: dandelion fluff, dust, luminescent pollen. It's the little details that make it great artistically. 🙂

  44. I have played all 3 beta weekends on the lowest setting just to maximize my FPS until the game got optimized, and i can tell you that the game still looks great on the lowest setting, there were still some moments where i actually had to stop and just look at how great it looked.

  45. The clothes looked (for the lack of a better word) flat. The NPC's and the characters looked cartoony and "childish". Really difficult for me to put my finger on it, and explain… The one on your video has texture and layers, which seemed to lack when I played the beta. My PC is really good, built by my friend for just playing games and my screen is newly bought as well, so it wasn't as simple as just saying I had a bad PC or a bad screen.
    There you go, as good as explanation as I can manage 😉

  46. The graphics look very off. Who wants to float around the game? Just another game that will be lifeless within a year.

  47. Nope, that was not why. Maybe I've explained it wrong… But either way, it doesn't matter anymore how it looked like then, what matters is that it will look like your video when it launches 😉

  48. Play the game yourself, immerse yourself in the sounds of the world, the little details, and engage yourself in the story, before you openly discard it. You won't be disappointed.

  49. I've played in every bwe and stress test to date, and I would say that during bwe1, I might have agreed with you a bit- since then, however, the graphics engine has seen optimizations, (it is still in beta) and as of the last stress test, I don't have that feeling at all. GW2 is simply beautiful. My only issue with the graphics at this point is texture pop in, which I'm sure will be resolved.

  50. please DO NOT feed the haters, let them flame all they want just go on ignoring them, cuz im getting sick of the justifications that the people are tryin to make, the game CLEARLY speaks for itself.and those haters are clearly 15 years old or younger..

  51. I love your attention to detail. You've motivated me to go through this game meticulously to find as many amazing features I can.

  52. i liked the graphics overall , but i didn't like the hair textures ( they seem like plastic idk…)
    aside from that the art of the skills are amazing , the water effects is also great

  53. Caraemm, yours is one of the few truly intelligent and thoughtful Youtube series on GW2 that I have encountered. I have watched them all at least once , and I'm now a subscriber. I hope you will continue to upload your thoughts on this game as time goes by. I have not had an opportunity to play yet, but have pre-ordered, which will give me access on the 27th, of Aug. today is the 21st; I can hardly wait, and your videos have increased my enthusiasm for and understanding of the game greatly. Tha

  54. The land of guildwars2 was absolutely breath taking. I ordered a new pc, because my old pc's time has come, and I wanted to experience GW2 in full life. In full settings without lag you completely experience a full new game.

    The cities have many minor details on such large structures. You wonder how they do it with a team of under 300 people. You would believe they have an army of people.

    I only have 1 complaint and that is the hair. I understand how hard it is to do, but I've seen much better

  55. Look at the main character. It's really bad artistic work. Looks like Lara Croft in a slightly higher resolution. The animations arent stunning either. WOW was even better in graphics when it was released, because they used real artists to create it.

  56. oh geez..
    the artstyle….its bland and boring as heck..
    the graphics are outdated, accept it, no amount of little details you try to find make up for it.
    just compare it to a mmo from 2008, aion, it looks better art wise and graphically.
    the gameplay better make up for this lackluster shit, because my copy just came with the mail.
    dont hate on me fanboys n girls, i paid for it just like you did.

  57. You're just proving the art style (which isn't being talked about in the video) illustrates the subjectivity of the matter. For example, I really disliked the style of Aion since it felt like it was often over done in ways to hide flaws such as the low texture resolution (yes it has them). The only thing Aion has going for it in terms of resolution and technical versatility is the character engine. It was damn good. Too bad few games anywhere have imitated it.

  58. It is pretty dated in fact. There is a lot of washed out textures with next to no details on it for example; grass. While there are some straw of grass there is also a lot of flat surfaces where it looks like someone took a bucket of turpentine and threw it over a oil painting of grass and the outcome was a blurry mess.

    There is also a lot of issues with transitioning between different textures. For example; snow to grass or dirt to water etc etc, the transitions doesn't look natural at all.
    I'd even be so bold to claim  that WoW in Pandaria does it much better then GW2 and FFXIV def does it a lot better,

    Furthermore the characters looks like they were ripped directly out of GW1 with it's expansions. Flat skin surfaces bad animations, the anatomy is completely whack and it gets really bad when you put armour on the characters. Take a second to compare how armor appears for both genders in FFXIV for example and then look at GW2. Gw2 is also filled with ugly pastel colours everywhere just look at that purple dress your character have.

     literrary never see clothes that's purple like that IRL and that's basically GW2's big problem. It tries to come off like a painting the issue with this is that the game feels extremely unatural and unreal tehn combine it with a dated graphic engines on top of it. It basically look like a Korean inspired graphical mess of a game. 

    Even Rift looks more modern then GW2 and that's saying a lot actually.

  59. Guys I think this is the MMO for me, last time I played one was Ragnarok online and since then I haven't being able to return to the genre due to my super low spec pc. Now I'm building a new one amazing specs so my question is: do you guys still think the game can be played in 2014? I mean, is it still playable with lots of people? I don't have the game but from watching lots of videos like this one I'm falling in love slowly with it. I'll appreciate your recommendations! thank you in advance!

  60. Actually the art style is hidden in the textures too, they are paintbrush-like if you pay very close attention. This reflects to the map and Ui too.

  61. i just pllay it for 30 min and could not stand the graphs or the caracter movement XD, seems to have a good gameplay and story but, cant stand it.

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