Harry Styles’ Fishnet Stockings CRASH The Internet!

Harry Styles’ Fishnet Stockings CRASH The Internet!

Leave it to Harry Styles to cause one media
website to completely crash due to the overwhelmingly high volume after one of his most shocking
photo shoots to date went viral, buuuuut are we really surprised? What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here
with Clevver News, and don’t worry, Clevver isn’t going anywhere! We are still going to be delivering you all
the celebrity news that you need to know, we are just going to be working from home
to do our part in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Alright, now let’s jump into this story… Alright, so let’s get into this beast because
I know you’re curious as to what exactly happened that caused Harry Styles to pull
a Kim K. and basically break the internet. But first off, I gotta hand it to British
magazine Beauty Papers to grace us with enough Harry Styles content to get us out of this
quarantine. They shared a video to Instagram featuring
Harry, IN NOTHING BUT FISHNET STOCKINGS, and this is not a drill. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It truly is the light at the end of a dark
tunnel and the gift we didn’t even know we needed until now. That said, Harry Edward Styles broke the internet
with his soul-melting grin and raw sexual magnetism so I guess you could say we’re
back to square one. The magazine announced Tuesday that Harry
is set to be the cover star for April’s ‘Treat People With Kindness’ issue, and
made the announcement alongside a set of steamy photos that will likely be your next phone
background. Let’s see those fishnets again! Alongside the video, the caption read QUOTE,
“BEAUTY PAPERS. Harry Edward Styles x Beauty Papers for REVOLUTION
issue. ‘Treat people with kindness’ resonates
as a revelation and revolution in itself. An undeniable call to action and invitation
to make a kinder world — whoever, whatever and however you are.” In another video, Harry appears to rock a
dramatic eye makeup look and dresses to the nines wearing a classic navy Gucci suit while
rattling off the names of famous figures among other answers in response to a series of questions
that aren’t heard. But shortly after Harry’s shoot debuted
on the website for the public to drool over, Beauty Papers announced via Instagram stories
that their website had been temporarily shut down due to the sudden high demand of issue
orders. The outlet wrote on Instagram QUOTE, “Beautiful
people, our website, as you know, is down due to an overwhelming response. Please hold tight…thank you.” Thankfully the beautiful people of Beatiful
Papers knew we needed something to hold us over while they sort out their technical issues,
so they tweeted some beauty inspiration courtesy of Harry and Gucci. A link to Gucci’s matte lipstick was posted
to Twitter, which Harry was wearing during the shoot, so for a whopping $34 that you
would’ve spent elsewhere had it not been for the Corona quarantine, you, too, can look
and feel as confident and as sexy as Harry Edward Styles. But not only was the website down, once things
were back up and running, fans pointed out a massive problem with credit card payments
and shipping. One user took to Twitter, saying, “It says
shipping is 2,000……..harry better be delivering it to my mf doorstep then.” I meannnn, at that point, take ALL my money
for Harry to hand-deliver my shipment to my doorstep… So if you’ve already jotted down a few beauty
tips from Harry, blew through all your quarantine snacks and are waiting for your shipment to
arrive, might I suggest taking a peek at Harry’s recent ‘Tiny Desk’ concert series he performed
for NPR. With nothing but a guitar, mic and his touring
band, Harry performed a series of songs from his latest album Fine Line, and it’s as
if an actual angel was bringing us these perfectly crafted vocals. Check it out:
At this rate, I’m not even surprised he broke the internet, but for now, we’ve got
plenty of Harry’s Tiny Desk concert footage to get us through the quarantine, and here’s
to hoping fans are able to get their hands on a copy of Beauty Papers magazine. Right now I wanna hear what you guys thought
about Harry’s photo shoot and those fishnets, and which song you loved hearing him sing
acoustically during his Tiny Desk series, so get the conversation going down here in
the comments. Then don’t forget to click right over here
for another new video and as always, be sure to hit that subscribe button and click that
bell for all the latest news updates. Thanks so much for tuning in, I’m your host
Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Harry Styles’ Fishnet Stockings CRASH The Internet!

  1. Harry is Harry, that's we all love him, deep down everyone wishes they could be as free as him. Go for it people!!

  2. He's breaking all the f***ing gender rules, guys!! It's a revolution. Bless you and love you Harold.
    You'll always be in a special place of our heart… ♥

  3. Remember 2011 Harry crying ….Look at him now ..He has grown so much .
    I am so proud of him .He is following his heart and don't give a fuck to those shitty people and their shitty comments ..💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  4. Let's be honest Harry Styles can pull off anything and anyone who has the audacity to judge him are just sick.

  5. I'm only here to read a comments and thankfully, I've never saw negative comment😊. I LOVE Harry Styles and Proud of being who He is😊

  6. So proud of Harry Styles not only
    He showing His musculine side but
    He's feminine side to and if anyone
    got a problem with that Fu*k you..🖕
    you go Harry Styles love my baby Harry..👏👏👏🥰

  7. I’m proud of him. He’s gained so much confidence, I’m happy that he’s not afraid of who he is. Our beautiful confident baby 🖤🖤🥺🥺

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  9. He’s too good for anyone in the world. the lipstick fits his skin tone beautifully, he’s the most angelic person I’ve seen.

  10. Just touch his nettylegs out there with my shaky hands will blow me away
    Pleased me baby
    Teased me baby
    WE love you more a look much for this

  11. I’m not being negative but i am genuinely curious. What is the message he’s trying to send? I mean i love him, I’m just wondering.

  12. The only thing I can say is I wish he was wearing those fish net stockings in my house for me, singing to me with his beautiful voice!!! Good god Harry, can you get any more Sexy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. I am now waiting for one direction to crash the internet for when they come back together with zayn!! Hope it happens soon!!💓💓💓💓💓♾

  14. Omg i love him!! And if anyone talks shit about him, imma just strangle them with a fishnet! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. Harry's what we all wish we could be. Not giving a f*** what people think. Now that i'm older i'm getting the hang of it.

  16. Njiiinggg…….pantesan putus dari taylor swift,sama aja kaya sam smith bencong kaleng rupanya ni bocah!!

  17. Lord have mercy this man is so fine! Doesn't matter what he has on. A huge part of him being so attractive is who is he is on the inside, too.

  18. Just love him for who he is


    BTW don't be jealous cuz we love Harry more than you

    I'm doing something no one knows I'm gonna do

  19. I am honestly so proud.. looking back seven or eight years ago he cried bc he was scared to be himself because of what ppl would say…in his words: "ive always wanted to be one of those people who didnt care much about what people thought about them but I just…. I just don't think I am.." and now look at him. Being himself, not caring about haters and honestly hes rocking it. And im so proud and happy because now he doesn't care. Anow he is living he life how he wants and he is just enjoying..And if anyone has anything bad to say then they can just get out of here. I mean come on…not everyone can be in a fishnet and rock it. Not everyone can wear the suits that he is wearing and make it look so typical and nice. So ppl have to just take a sec to appreciate this. And more than this…they should appreciate what an inspiring person he is. because he is him self and thats also why we love him so much. And anyways im sure everyone would like to be as free as him. And im just so happy for him that he is.

  20. And also to all the ppl saying he is gay just because of how he dresses should probably stop wasting Their times on stuff they dont know and maybe appreciate this. Harry likes to play around with fashion , and he also supports LGBT..and if u know harry at all u would know that one of the biggest things that harry tires to spread is equal respect and love. And for ppl to feel comfortable being who the hell they are or want to be. So its only normal for him to do that. So maybe take that to ur heart and stop labeling ppl because its totally rude. Harry hasn't come out as anything and said he doesn't even have the need to. Thank u very much. Stay safe. Stay at home.

  21. We need to take a minute to appreciate the fact that Harry legit DOES NOT CARE about any social norms. He literally wore fishnets and loafers and broke the internet because he looked so good. The confidence he has is insane

  22. I hate how people see this and try to relate it to his sexuality. How he dresses has nothing to do with sexuality. He just wears what he wants and in turns gets all the girls

  23. God he is so hot. People are quick to say he is gay when seeing him dress up but him dressing how he wants makes him even more masculine.

  24. He looks so disgusting
    This is so awkward and this is how untalented people gain attention to be a manwhore to create nothing but stupid ideas
    Seeing him with this outfit was the worst thing I have ever seen
    Grow up and make good music instead of being the worst role model to teens

  25. He has the sexiest legs and feet ever. I can’t get enough of these pictures. Is it selfish to want MORE?! And I really loved his “Cherry” acoustic song on NPR. His voice was honey during that entire thing. And he was soooooo beautiful in that fluffy jumper he wore. Man can he get anymore perfect?! Yes. Yes he can. I’m everything and anything he does.

  26. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert OMGosh 📌

  27. Harry looks like a cry for help. Young impressionable children are watching these celebrities. I don't want a young 16 year old male to think it's normal to act like a cross dresser. That can lead to a series of poor life choices including drugs and strange sexual orientation. Harry's parents must be so embarrassed.

  28. All about drawing attention to himself with unusual behavior and looks so that he can sell more. Its about the $$ people.

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