High vs Low. How CAMERA elevation can influence a WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY image. The Chobe River.

High vs Low. How CAMERA elevation can influence a WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY image. The Chobe River.

Hi! I am Janine from Pangolin Photo Safaris. I am on the Chobe River with you today. I want to see, together with you,
how low can we go? Have a look at what difference it makes to just change your angle a few feet. We are going to start off from our swivelling chair shooting this hippo lying low in the water. He has a gorgeous grey heron sitting on his back. I am going to increase my f-stop to f/8.0,
just to make sure that when I focus, either on the bird, or the hippo, that
both are going to be in focus. I am also going to underexpose just a little bit to make sure I don’t get any get any highlight alerts on the grey heron. If the hippo turns out a little bit dark, I can easily pull the shadows back in
post-production editing. So, let’s have a look from the chair. Nice! The hippo looks a little bit dark, but at least I didn’t blow out my bird. I am going to tighten my gimbal, take my camera, and get all the way down to the ground…. …and do some camera yoga!! And see what difference this makes? You will see my horizon often slides
even further into the background, and my foreground gives me a really beautiful shallow depth of field. This is as upfront and personal as I can get with this hippo. Let’s have a look how it looks from standing all the way up high. I can even stand on the nose of the boat and see how high I can go. This is more of a spectator angle. I don’t change any of my settings. I only change my location. You guys tell me which one of the three
angles you like the best? Leave me a comment down below. I would like to hear from you. Have a look, when you shoot wildlife, what works best for you. Don’t forget to subscribe. If you enjoyed this video, press the bell
button to get notifications. Thanks for joining me. Bye bye!

15 thoughts on “High vs Low. How CAMERA elevation can influence a WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY image. The Chobe River.

  1. Thanks Janine. I like middle as you can see some of the water behind it and gives it more detail of the where the hippo is. But an excellent video showing the difference the shooting angle/height makes.

  2. I like the middle angle as it shows the background in detail. As in the location of where the action was taking place, the river and the river bank. Thanks for the tip

  3. I prefer the higher shot as it shows more presence of the hippo and emphasises the respective size comparison of the hippo and the heron. The addition of more water adds more definition to the shoot location.

  4. I thought I was going to like the lowest angle the best. I like the depth of field in that one. But then you showed the higher angle, and I like seeing the water the hippo is lying in. Tells a more complete story, I think.

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