HOW TO DO THE WASH N STYLE FOR 360 WAVES | How to wash your waves

HOW TO DO THE WASH N STYLE FOR 360 WAVES | How to wash your waves

The most important step of this process
is. .. HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas What’s up YouTube? It’s your host with the most!
Helping wavers from coast to coast, Wave Man Mike, and we’re back for another video.
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But without further ado let’s get this video started. Listen man, as you can see
my hair iss looking very very rough right now. I honestly haven’t been brushing it
that much for the last couple of days, and it’s just out of control and it’s
hard to manage, but that’s cool. I went on my community tab and you all
what type of video you want to see. Y’all said you wanted a wash and style video! You already know what type of video it is because you looked at the
title right? So we know this is a wash and style video. Let’s go! Okay in
this video I’m going to be using argan oil shampoo. It’s not for
any special reason or anything. This was close to me so that’s what
I’m going to use. I’m just gonna be using just a regular curved brush. This
isn’t a SmoothStylz brush but I do have a code for you to get SmoothStylz
brushes for a discount. I’m not using my SmoothStylz brush right now because
it’s brand new so I don’t want to mess it up with all the water and everything.
But if you want a SmoothStylz brush go to and use my code “WAVEMAN” for 20% off. All right… let’s get this video started. Step 1.
Get your hair wet. Okay so what I usually do is just stick my head underneath the
bathtub or the the shower, so I can get my hair wet faster. Now you can go
ahead and apply your first layer of shampoo. I just put it in my hand and
then I’ll rub it in like that. Then I just put it in kind of wildly. It’s
called scramble washing. You can see that it doesn’t really foam up when you
first put it in because your hair is still dirty it has chemicals
and everything in it which prevents it from foaming up. my hair’s kind of short right now as you
can see but it has a little bit of curls forming. Not real real curls but
it’s you know what I mean. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and rinse this out and then put more in. okay I’ll rinse it out. Here’s a tip for
whenever you’re washing your hair. whether you’re doing the wash and style
method or not, always use cool water or cold water. hot water it is very bad
for your hair and it does a lot of damage. it your dries your hair out. so
don’t use hot water. alright my hair’s rinsed so I’m gonna go ahead and put
more of the shampoo in. just a little bit because I’m gonna rinse this out again. see
that it’s a lot more white than the last time but the next time I do it you will
see it’s gonna be a big difference. this time while the shampoo is in I’m
going to brush my hair. I really can’t see what I’m doing but I
know my pattern at least a little bit. I mean I know it a lot. you know what I
mean. I know it decent enough to do this. it’s really not going to be perfect this
time and it doesn’t need to be because you’re about to rinse your hair out anyway. alright let’s go rinse it out. okay I
just rinsed it out. look at my hair. it’s free of all the shampoo and is free of
all the gunk and debris that was in it at first.
maybe I shouldn’t call it gunk and debris. it sounds so weird. but you know what
I mean right? so now it’s time for you to see what I was talking about. watch how much
it foams up this time. watch this. a lot more than that first time and still more
than the second time. this is crazy right? it’s almost like
it’s a whole new product or something. let’s go ahead and put some in my beard.
There’s really nothing growing there but it’s worth the try. hohoho Merry Christmas what’s wrong
with me bro. look at this! look at this! you hear that?
listen closely! listen! it’s the sound of you pressing the
like button! ha ha got you. all right, now that you got this spread
into your head! oh bars! go ahead and rinse this off your hands, grab your
brush and brush your hair. I had put my glasses on because you know I can’t
really see too good. I still can see but this is better. coming up I might make a video on how to
moisturize your hair and how to cut your hair because as you can see my hair is
clearly out of control right now. so I might cut it also it’s going to be dry after
this, so I have to moisturize it and I might as well record that right? Wow the shampoo dried up a lot faster
than I expected it to. I need a little bit more cause look at this. its kind
of curly right here. you see that? and I need that to lay down. maybe if I
just keep brushing it’ll lay down but I don’t think it will. no I don’t think it’s gonna lay down.
I tried putting a little bit more shampoo in and brushing it but it’s not
gonna lay down. but that’s cool because I got a cut coming
up and I’m definitely gonna take care of that. wow this really dried up a lot
faster than I needed it to. I can’t really do the brush session like I want to,
nevertheless let’s do the next step. now this is the most important step of this
whole process. so make sure you pay attention very closely. the most
important step of this process is…. With the shampoo still in your hair, take
your durag and put it on. don’t wash out the shampoo and then put your durag on.
keep the shampoo in your hair. you see the shampoo still on my hair? you see
right here on my beard. keep the shampoo on your hair and put
your durag on. like this. yeah I know I know a pink durag. who cares?
it’s just a color. it’s just a color. anyway it’s time for the next step and
that is to rinse your hair. this is when you’re gonna rinse out the shampoo. with
your durag on. let’s do that right now. okay ( clears throat ). okay I just
rinsed my hair out. remember only use cold or cool water to rinse your hair. don’t use
hot water. I might make a video on why you should only use cold water. I don’t know yet.
I’ll decide later but anyway my hair is completely rinsed out. at least I hope it
is. so now we wait. for those of you out there who have been messing up your
wash and style, here’s another tip. do not take you durag off until your hair
and the durag are dry. if you take it off while your hair is still wet
you basically just did the whole process for nothing. your
hair is clean but you did the wash and style for nothing.
for all that you could of just washed your hair the regular way. but yeah
I’m gonna go ahead and end the video right now. if you want to see the results go
over to my Instagram account @WaveManMike because I will be posting them on there. see here’s a
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this video right here. i already said that. thanks for watching. I’m Wave Man Mike. enjoy
your day. Go comment “long squad” if you watched this far. 💪

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  3. Yio you already did so many video's of Wash and styles you're just repeating your self . We already know how to do wash and style . You litteraly did tones of video's of wash and style and there nothing new in you method just the same thing . Looks like you do not have content ideas . Please try to do a video about something you never already did beacause its boring to see you always uploading the same video's that are already on your channel ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  4. When I do the wash n style method, I lose progress. During and after this method, my hair wouldn't look as good if I were to use products and stuff because my hair is dry. After a wash n style, how do u make your hair bounce back to become shiny, silky, laid, and moisturized? And what should I do after a wash n style before I go get a haircut?

  5. actually usually i follow all the same stuff, but i take my durag off after about 10 mins of drying and put aome moisturizer on, and then rag back up to dry and when i take it off my hair is very soft

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