100 thoughts on “How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies

  1. This is just one of those videos that for some reason you just watch OVER and OVER again. This is like my 5th time and i just watched it less than a week ago.

  2. I don’t get… why didn’t she used the egg whites that she separated before (when she used the 2 egg yolks for the dough) for the icing

  3. I made these but made them Halloween themed bfor my brothers birthday which was yesterday lol we had use like one fourth of the recipe to test and then we used the rest because it was good

  4. First of all I’m watching this in October???!
    Second of all in the uk these are called biscuits because they are hard and cookies are softer 😀

  5. such a lovely recipe, indeed!! Winter will be coming soon, so i really need to try this such a cute recipe!!

  6. The end of the ruler is cut off because the people who make the rulers cant perfectly cut at the 0 so they give it a little bit of space when they cut it, i learned this in my engineering class

  7. Every year my family makes my great grandmas holiday cookies that got passed down to my mom, and hopefully gets passed down to me they are so tasty, but this year I’m going to try and make this recipe for Halloween 👻

  8. ugh I hated that trend "add a little bit of almond" they said, "it enhances the flavor" they said. I literally cannot un-taste almond flavoring, nothing turns me off of a cookie faster than someone adding almond flavoring.

  9. Don’t add almond extract! Even he smallest amount. Blech. 🤢That’s the sugar cookie ruiner. I made a batch with and without and across the board, everyone I shared them with said the ones without were better.

  10. The best sugar cookies are actually thick, chewy in the middle, and have chocolate chips in them because they are chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, just make chocolate chip cookies.

  11. Put a damp towel over the top of the royal icing bowl, and it won't get crispy. You'll have a lot longer working time 🙂

  12. I like your cookies. I follower recip, you didn't say how much if the liguid eggs you put it. Can you tell me Please??

  13. You do know that Royal icing tastes like royal crap don't you, yes it makes super pretty un-edible cookies but who wants that, use buttercream icing on them they may look less than perfect but the taste is perfect. Fancy decorated cookie or great tasting sugar cookie? I know which one I prefer.

  14. I tried making this today and everybody loves them 😍😍😍 thank you!! I love seeing my family enjoy what I bake 😊

  15. Really nice video! Since you needed two extra egg yolks for the cookie batter, couldn't you have just used the whites from those eggs to make the royal icing? Seems a bit wasteful 😮

  16. I’ve never made sugar cookies before, wish me luck. I can already see I will have some trouble finding those eggs for the icing, I’ve never seen that before in my local stores and I bake a lot for the holidays.

  17. I've recently begun attending a day care hospice one day a week and usually someone in the group will bring in a treat to have with a cuppa. These cookies, or biscuits as we know them in the UK,lol, will be my contribution …… once I've converted 'cups' into European measurements. They look delicious and fairly easy to make.

  18. Every year for Christmas my grandmother buys me really nice cookie cutters so that I can use them to make her Christmas cookies the next year. I’ll ask her what she wants for christmas and she’s like, “cookies.” Then I have to make a separate batch for the rest of the family cause she will not share. My cookies aren’t even good… so 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m super glad to have found this video, and will 100% be giving this a shot this Christmas. I never knew I needed to keep the dough cold!

  19. I know you said you used white sugar since you want a pale color but if I want a darker tan santa cookie, should i rather opt for brown sugar?

  20. In 8th grade we did the exact same thing like the exact same steps as this but ours weren’t Christmasy it was flowers and hearts and Cookie Monster

  21. For icing, you can use a cheaper method: Powder/Casting sugar + Water.
    For thinner mixtures, use more water.
    For thicker mixtures, use more sugar.

    You can also mix coco powder into it for a nice thick chocolate icing.

    You DO NOT need any salt, extract, egg whites or anything else. The only thing you "might" want is food colouring.

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