How To Send Fake Snaps on Snapchat (2020)

How To Send Fake Snaps on Snapchat (2020)

Welcome to a foxy tech tips tutorial on sending
fake live snaps on snapchat! I already posted a tutorial on this topic
with a method of doing this, ill link it down below, but I recently just found a new way
of doing it so i thought id show you. So literally all you have to do is go to the
search bar on snapchat and type in ‘camera roll’ . Under ‘community lenses’ tap on ‘try
lens’ for the ‘camera roll upload’ lenses made by Mikael. This will take you back to the snap camera,
you will notice that at the bottom it is displaying your gallery, you can swipe through your pics
and select the one you want by tapping it, and then you just have to tap the middle camera
button and your gallery photo will appear on the screen. You can now send this to anyone or upload
it to your story and it will appear as a live photo.. Note that this only really looks good if you
use a photo taken in portrait mode, or you edit the photo first to have portrait mode
dimensions, because landscape photos will look pretty weird when using this method… And that draws an end to this tutorial. Please like the video if you found it helpful,
and subscribe to foxy tech tips for more snapchat tips and tricks.

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  1. there is another, maybe better way of sending fake live snaps.. you can find the tutorial for that one here – ! Thanks for watching! 👌

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