How to Style with Color | Wearapy Fashion Makeover

How to Style with Color | Wearapy Fashion Makeover

– Hello Hunnay, today
is such an exciting day because I am going to let one
of you, my fam, into my home. Well, not actually ’cause
I have to clean up, looks like a (bleep)
hole here, but virtually. So get ready ’cause I
think one of my fan members are calling right now. Who’s gonna do it ’cause I don’t know how to work the wifi here. (upbeat music) So Hillary, one of my fan
members that I met on Instagram, she’s actually gonna be dialing in soon. But before she does,
I wanna share with you what wearapy is about. Wearapy is my theory
that anything you wear when it comes to color or texture, can instantly give you a
therapeutic mood boost. For me, today, one thing that I think instantly enhances anybody’s
mood are fluorescents. I got a little mini on today, ha ha. It’s so electric. It’s something that is
eye-catching from afar. And as you can see, like out in the world, we use fluorescent colors when we need to get somebody’s
attention in traffic. Think about it, guys, when
you’re studying for a test, what do you use to bring out the words that may be unforgettable
to you, a highlighter? I’m your human highlighter, see. Even if you’re shy, you can still get away with wearing fluorescent colors, it just depends on what you pair it with. So for me I have like
a fun little band shirt that pulls in the yellows,
this is pretty obvious. But you can wear fluorescent
colors with neutral tones like maybe neutral sandals, neutral heels. Even like a neutral sweater over it. Every time you pair fluorescent colors with a neutral-toned blank, it just shows a confidence
that you are playing with color while you’re still trying
to stay pretty mundane with the rest of your colors. It could be an earring,
it could be a headband, it could be a fun skirt,
but definitely pull in fluorescent colors if you wanna just give yourself a little
yeah, works for everybody. (whacky music) Wait, wait wait, check my hair, do I have chia seeds in my teeth? Okay, hi, Hillary. – Hi. – How are you? – Good. – It’s so cool to
actually talk to you here, because the last time I saw you was on your sweet Instagram post. – I wanted to share with
you a very sweet moment in the video where Mama
Mai admittedly opened and said that she was
confident in her daughter and I wanted to say
from there, I paused it. And I randomly bursted out with tears, because I felt that her mom
in the video was so genuine. – I can’t believe that you
posted that video for us. – Yeah, I actually, when
I saw the video and I, I had to pause that moment
because I was just like, wait, that’s something that I’d
share with my own mom. And I just kinda like started crying. You know, you never know
how strong moms are. But that kinda resonated. I wanted to share it and hopefully someone else
would relate to it too. So, yeah. – Yeah, I appreciate that so much. I saw it, when you panned your camera over to the freeze frame,
and I know that moment that my mom and I had. I’ve never heard you say
that you’re proud of me. And that means a lot. Sometimes I think it’s okay
to tell me once in a while. – Okay, in this case if
you said it I can tell, yeah I’m very proud of you. Without you, mom I don’t sit here. That’s because of you. That’s why, okay, I raise
you, I take care of you, you become successful, now you
pull me over here with you, that I have to say thank you so much. Without you nobody know who’s is Mama Mai. – In Asian culture, first
of all, we don’t talk about our feelings. Second of all we don’t talk
about being proud of one another ’cause there’s so much pressure
to just always be your best which is part of our love, but not everybody understands that. – Right, exactly. Showing that to people, it really, it makes me appreciate your culture a lot and what you have between you and your mom and as a mother and daughter duo, so yeah. – Well, this is perfect
that we’re connecting today, because I decided to
talk to my fam out there, specifically about wearapy. Sometimes there might be days where you don’t feel so energetic or you might not feel as confident. Well, the good news is, through
fashion and through colors and the right textures,
you can channel that mood that you wanna have through your clothing. So, I’m gonna teach you that
through your closet, okay? You know I’m a big fan of bright colors, like neons,
– yeah, yep. (laughing) – Fashion prints, things like that, but there’s a reason why I
wear every single color I wear, whether it’s on the show
or in my everyday life, and I wanna teach you that, okay? (whacky music) I love you, thank you, mom, bye. – [Mama Mai] Why you
love me when you ask me to do something for you? – Can you hear her, Hillary? She talks (beeping) all day. All day, friend. That’s a lot. Why don’t you throw
some outfits towards me, tell me where you wear them
or where you want to wear them and then I’m gonna give
you some wearapization. I’m gonna wearapize your clothes. – My first choice is this
shirt from, a long sleeve, from Express and the question I have is — – That’s a low ass cut neck, girl, where you wearing that to? (laughing) – Right? And the issue I have with this shirt is that it’s low cut
and for someone like me who is kind of top heavy
– okay. – How do I, how should
I wear this properly without accentuating my girls too much? (laughing) – Okay, well, okay, so that first top, so tell me where would you wear that to? ‘Cause it has to be the right place for the right outfit too, – If places, like I’m going to dinner, just a regular family dinner. Just something easy, casual, you know, but I just wanna be conservative, ’cause I’m going out with my parents, so I don’t want to be so showy, you know? – Totally, my immediate thought, there’s two ways you can go about it. Obviously layering it. You’ve gotta layer
something underneath it. Now, the easy idea that
a lot of women would do is they’d get a cute bralette, you know, a bralette is
like a top, that’s shaped like a bra, but it actually has straps that look less like a bra. So, it’s almost like a tank top, right? So, you could get a bra
that has cool straps and let it, I would shift it, so that the opening,
instead of being here, it’ll actually kind of
drapes over one shoulder. So that way it removes
being revealing the center of your cleavage, but allows you to have a little bit shoulder. If you wanted. Otherwise my favorite thing to do, is actually get a razor back turtleneck. So if you get a really thin turtleneck, these are easy to shop
on even Zara or ASOS, get at thin turtleneck that
comes really narrow here. That way when you wear
the thin turtleneck, that’s like a T-shirt material, then you put that top over,
you get two little slits of skin here and then
you allow the turtleneck to show and it has a little bit more of a rock and roll edge to it. – Oh, okay. – And I would do it with a light color. Don’t do it with black
because then it looks, it’ll just only give one
look which is very punk rock. If you go with a beige or a tan, or maybe even like a heather
pink or a light baby nude pink, that would be, just soften the looK, and then wear it with some skinny jeans or even a white jean and
that would be really hot. It’s cute, I was just like,
girl, you’d better wear something under that. You’re like my little sister, I’m like, what are we doing now,
Hoodrat, hoodrat, Hoochie mama, I’m just kidding. That’s what I wear. Also, you supported The Real. You’ve been such a great
fan for such a long time. – Oh my God, I got starstruck
and I remember seeing you and I was like, oh my
God, my dream came true. Among a lot of people,
I was like, oh my God, I’ve seen her on TV and now she’s here. I’m like, this is my opportunity to get a perfect selfie, so. – I’m all about that too, girl. Every moment needs a selfie. So, I’m glad you did that. You’re totally my fan. (whacky music) – This halterneck I got from
Khol’s is by Jennifer Lopez. – Okay. – My question is, I tend to
wear my regular strapped bra, but for this it makes me look
heavier than I actually am, is there any way I can wear
this, but not look too chunky? You know what I mean? Or too top heavy? – Okay, so the first thing I wanna say, just because in two tops already
I heard a little red flag which is your concerned
about your bust area. – Yeah. – Okay, I want you to own who you are. Own your truth. You’ve got a beautiful bust line. God bless you. I was blessed with a chest
like maybe when I was 24, and I didn’t know what
to do with it either and then I just started
to just really embrace it. And yes, there are the
right brassieres to carry it so that you look proportioned, but I want you to stop being shy or stop being negative about it. It’s a beautiful thing
and you can shape it in different ways, but change
your perspective, okay? Don’t be embarrassed about it. You gotta own that, okay? – Yeah. – And so that means, chest up like this, back straight and make sure
that you fell confident about what you’ve been
blessed with, alright? Let me see that top again. – Um, yeah, so, it folds in the front. – Yep. – And then —
– I like the color. – It stretches so it’s really comfortable. But yeah, my concern is, what type of bra should I just wear underneath it or should I just grab my normal
bra that I normally wear? You know, so. – Okay, so I would avoid
wearing an underwire bra. Here’s why, when you wear an underwire, it hoists everything up and gives you much more
plumped up cleavage. I would go for more of a T-shirt bra. A T-shirt bra usually comes
in the shape of triangles and what that does, is it
allows your breasts to breathe, it allows it to open open up so it doesn’t actually look
so confined and pushed up, it just kind of lets it lay naturally, but tighten the straps
so that they’re lifted. Make sure you get the right chest size. Make sure you get properly measured and make sure it’s
hoisted up so that it’s, usually you have to adjust
it past your shoulder line so that it’s really really
configured to your shoulder, the width of your shoulder. Tell me a little bit about yourself and about your journey. – Well I’m a 22 year old,
living in California. My story really begins when I was 17. And I found out I had
this tumor in my stomach and I had to go through multiple doctors, who kept saying it was nothing, it may be some allergic
reaction to some food I ate, to the weather to puberty,
hormones, whatever, until one told me that I had cancer. My mom was really persistent
with doctor appointments and stuff and so she was really headstrong and wanted to make sure
that I get the diagnosis that I needed and being
the mother that she is, she was very anxious as
to what would happen, so she did her best and lucky
enough we went to City of Hope where they treated me and
four years later, I’m here, all better now, so yeah. – Wow, that’s incredible. So your mom essentially saved your life. – Yeah, exactly. – So glad, and Hillary today,
how are you feeling now? How are you, health wise, emotionally, physically, everything? – Well, it’s been a
rollercoaster to say the least, because you’re in that transitional stage where you wanna become your own adult and since I was 17 and now 22, that stage of where I was
supposed to go off to college and meet friends and go out and party and homework and all that
stuff, is now delayed. So I have that transitional struggle, but health wise, it’s all good. I’m going to gym at least
three to four times a week. Um, draw guns. – Yes, go to the gym yes! Strong and sexy. – Each day I don’t take it so granted, because I know that each day it may, God forbid be your last and you just try to push it forward and do your
best in every moment, yeah. – Well I can tell you right
now, just the way you look, you’re glowing, I love
that you got your muscles, you feel strong, hunnay,
it’s going good for you. – Thank you. (whacky music) show me what else you got. I notice that you’re showing
me a lot of neutrals. You’re such a bright colorful person, I wanna make sure you’ve
got some color in there. – I’m very plain, but I love
this top that I also got. – I love that, that’s so Coachella. – It is, I rarely wear this,
but what couple cover tops, since I might be in school or
something or a rash struck, what kind of cover top
would be best appropriate to match the sequence
and this sort of color? – I love the reflection on that and Hillary, the reason
why I was really thinking about colorful you, is ’cause you’ve got such a fun personality, I would imagine patterns on you, so that, the fact that it has sequence and shine and hologram and patterns is great. And then it’s one a neutral tank top, so you don’t look crazy, right? You don’t look like Mama Mai. (laughing) Which is also a good thing,
but let’s wait til we get to that side of the world, right? Let’s enjoy where we’re at right now. I would actually pair
that with a denim jacket. I see that with denim, a light denim, do you have any jean jackets? – Yeah, I do, I actually
have on in my closet yeah. – Perfect, I think a denim
jacket would go number one with that, I wouldn’t wear it
with a cardigan or anything ’cause then it would
just kind of age the top. It’s more young and festive. And again, get a great bra
so that you feel secure with your straps. And then underneath you could
actually do jeans of course, if you wanna do like a Canadian suit, denim on denim with your jacket. Or I would even wear some
cool shorts or a cool skirt, do you wear shorts, do
you show your legs ever? – Uh, summer times, but yeah. – Yeah, I would tuck in the tank top. Get a great skirt, it could be either, it could be a longer skirt
towards your knees if you want or it could even be a longer maxi skirt that’s A-line, do you
know what that means? A-line so it just gives
you this cool shape of an hourglass figure with your top. And then you could also put
a great chunky brown belt. So you give it a little
bit more about woodsy vibe. You play off the aztec pattern that it has and go more of that Coachella vibe. Girl, send that top to
me, I wanna borrow it. – I don’t know why I
haven’t worn this yet, but I don’t know — – I can tell, it looks like
it’s just barely been touched. – Yeah. – Girl, wear it fast before Mama Mai cuts it into a head band. – (laughing) Probably. – She’s doing this new thing lately, she’s cutting everything
into head bands, it’s crazy. – I chose these two pieces
because I have a question on wearing stripes. Would you recommend that
someone, with my size and height, be wearing stripes or flannel? Or does it just make me look shorter — – Sure. – How do you think it would make me look? – Great questions, Hillary. First off, can you hold up that plaid, so I can see the shape of it? I saw the shape of the stripes. All the way up so I can see the bottom. All the way up, okay. Here’s what I would do. So, you’re slim and long and tall. What I don’t like about
both those shape tops, is they’re oversize which is great, I love the trend oversize,
but they bell out. So the top is almost like a bell, like a bell bottom top, right? And what that does is,
it kind of takes away from your great, tall, slim figure and it just kind of makes you look like you’ve got a little bit
of a Humpty Dumpty shape. I would, if you’re gonna
wear that flannel top, I would tuck in the front, so
that you have a high-low look. So tuck in the front into your jeans and let the back tail out, so then immediately people can
see your long gorgeous stems, your legs, because I notice
there’s slits on the side of it, so it’ll allow you to tuck in the front, now, yeah, the sides of the top. The actual center of the top. Oh, it doesn’t have
slits, wait, can I see, no, not that part but the waist. – The waist. – Yeah, let me see that. So, see how it’s high-low? Honestly what I would do is I would cut, cut right up the sides. So that way you can tuck in half and then let the other half tail out. The stripe thing, there’s nothing wrong with wearing stripes. I’m against that rule
about being certain sizes and wearing horizontal
stripes, it’s not about that. It’s about shape. Okay, hold that up, Hill. Now, see how the way it bells out, see that, girl, oh my God. It just, I don’t like the way. That top should be straight up and down, so then again, you can tuck
it in, you can belt it, so then that way it shows off your shape. The fact that it’s belling out like that, nobody needs all that extra fabric. Tell me the last person you know that wants to have extra
fabric around this area. Nobody. I personally wouldn’t
wear that shirt again, so stop finding tops that
are bell in that area. Have them straight up and down cut, when you hold it up it should look like it’s straight up and down. It can be tapered like your waist. But no this, no A-line, no. I’m into bell bottom pants,
I’m into bell sleeves, but you don’t want a bell tummy. Does that make sense? – It makes a lot of sense. – Yeah. – I was kind of figuring that, ’cause I miss more of the
comfort over the style, but as you said you want the
style to meet the comfort too. But you don’t want it to look sloppy on your way out the
door, you wanna look cute and everything, but also
have everything really, nicely fitted, so, can be
more presentable too, yeah. – You’re like the greatest
Asian student ever. (laughing) – Me, no, I could be a
little nerdy, but no. – Hey, Hillary, own it. That’s why they call us Asian, not B-sian. Ain’t nobody getting B’s up in this (beep) (laughing) I love it. (whacky music) I would encourage you to
incorporate more color into your wardrobe. I’ve noticed you showed
me four neutral colors and then one cute tank
top with color to it, but then you never wore it. Is there a reason why
you shy away from colors? – Um, I’m just, I’m not sure which color would be best suited for me. I just, like you I like to wear green or I like purple and
stuff, but I don’t know, I just, not sure what type would
fit my skin tone, you know? So, yeah. – Okay, so everything you just said about color matching your skin tone, throw it out the window, okay? This is what I want you
to start connecting to. Colors have different moods, okay? Every color plays a
specific role when it comes to influencing your mood. For example, orange is a
very citrus, vibrant color. People use it in energy. Orange, you’ll notice, when
you see it in commercials and things, it’s always like
it grabs your attention, because it’s such a lively color. Maybe go to the gym and
you wanna wear something that’s gonna wake you up a little bit or if you’re going into a morning meeting and you know everybody’s gonna
be wearing gray and black, then wear some citrus tones,
things like blues and greens, I actually see that
really go with your mood, ’cause you seem really calm
and chill like the ocean. So think about blues,
greens, turquoises, jades, any of those colors will
give that, I’m cool, I’m Hillary, hey, nice
to meet you, I’m chill. I heard you say purple. Purple’s a very regal color. Purple is very royal. When people look at purple, they think, oh this person is deep,
with a lot of emotion. And a lot of leaders like to wear purple, because they want to convey
that they connect with people. Red is a power color. That’s another color
if you wanna stand out. I see you more in the blue and green space and even the purple, because
I feel like you’re not trying to say, hey, I’m here, like I am. You’re more like I’m chill, I’m relaxed. – Definitely have a pair of those on the– – [Mama Mai] Purple too. – Wait. – Let’s try, let’s try the purple. – Speaking of color,
the melted crayola box just walked in.
– Hi. – Mom, I’m having a conversation
with Hillary right now. – I know, you’re talking
about purple, I love purple. That’s why I’m jamming. – So, mom, this is Hillary. Hillary, meet Mama Mai. – Hi, Hillary, how are you? – Hi, how are you? – Mom, I showed you
Hillary’s video on Instagram. Do you remember how cute she was? – Yes. – She’s here in person now with us. – Great and it’s a happy person. – Hillary, hold up some of those outfits just to show Mama Mai what first four outfits you showed me. This is Hillary’s closet,
mom, what do you think? – It’s nice, that’s a
nice one, I like that. – I like the color. – And then there’s a simple
casual flannel shirt. – I like that one too. – Okay. – And then I have one like,
uh, sorry, like a halter top. – Nice brown one. – Yeah. – And then the one that was really low cut was
this V-neck one here, so. – So I was telling Hillary, I mean, mom, what do you notice so far
just from the four tops that she showed us, what do you notice? – All color look beautiful but looks sad. (laughing) Looks sad, look look look um, no stand out. Like me, I like stand out like this. That stuff look beautiful
but look too casual. – Yes, so I think maybe —
– it’s sad. – So what are you suggesting? – I suggest you wear something
a little bit bright color. – Yeah, Hillary, you’ve got this smile, that’s lighting up the
entire screen right now. You’re so fun, you’ve
got so much life to you and obviously, you’re a survivor, there’s so much to celebrate. Start wearing a little bit of color, because what you’ll notice
is it’ll enhance your mood and I also think it’ll help get you out of that insecure state too, ’cause I know that there’s different parts that we just talked about
that you’re concerned about. If you wear the right color
though it’ll make you feel more celebratory about yourself. Mama, Mai actually taught me
what it means to wear color. When people see Mama Mai,
they immediately respond in an uplifted way, which
then also bounces off of her and makes her feel happy
that she made somebody happy through her outfit when it really just
made her happy herself. – Yeah.
– Does that make sense? – Yeah, makes a lot of sense, yeah. – So, I encourage you. I like what you have already, but I would say some more color, ’cause it does feel a little drab. – She wear that color it’s
okay, but once for a while, but if you wear everyday
look like you just came back from the funeral you know what I mean? Yeah, it looks dead,
look like dead person. – Yes, and by the way,
you can get creative too with dressing in different ways, like I have a vintage T
that’s a favorite band. This thing on Mama
Mai’s head was up-cycled from, mom what is that,
what is that you’re wearing on your, is that a scarf? – That’s a scarf, right now. – Why is it right now? What was it before? – Before like a little kid dress. And then on the top, they mess it up, so the mom throw it away,
I said don’t throw away, give it to me, I do something else. So I cut the top and throw
it away, I take that, become a scarf. – Oh my goodness. – You know what, Hillary? Oh my God I have an idea for you too. Make up is the easiest way
to incorporate small colors into your wardrobe and I know
you have some eyeliner on right now, right? – No, I don’t, I actually, I — – She have nothing. – Are those just your eyelashes? – They’re all natural, yeah. – Natural, she have a lot. – Oh how nice it is to
have natural eyeliner. – She have a lot. – Oh my God, you look gorgeous. I’m gonna send you some of
my favorite color liners. My friends at Too Faced
actually make these new eyeliner markers, they’re amazing. So you can just put a little bit of color and that way you don’t have to
invest it into clothing yet, but even in that boring
gray top that you have, a blue liner would be
really cool to add that in so that you have a little
bit more of that festivity. – No, but she can highlight her hair too. Highlight a few, you know — – She’s still living
with her parents, mom, let’s take it down a notch. – Are you living with your mom? Let me talk to your mom. Let me talk to your mom. Where’s your mom? – Go get your mom. – Where’s your mom right now? She’s so cute. – Just be really careful in criticizing other people’s
parenting skills, ma. Hi, mom. Mama Kwan, Mama Kwan. – Hi, Mama Kwan. – Mama, Kwan, hi. Oh my God, dude you’re. – Your mom beautiful, my God with the mother, daughter short hair. – What is this fountain of youth
you guys are drinking from? Mom, you look so young,
you look beautiful. – Yeah, she look young, beautiful. – Oh, I didn’t make up. – No, you don’t need make
up, you look gorgeous, oh my God, you guys, you’re beautiful. – She beautiful, she look happy person. – Mama Kwan it’s so nice to meet you. You did such a great job
in raising your daughter, she’s so smart and fun and she just has such a
beautiful energy to her. – I know, I know, she been working so hard for the struggle for everything. Now she’s back to little
bit average a person. Look, I can say I’m feeling much better. Thanks, God. – I love this.
– look she looks so happy. – You guys are so, you guys are precious, you remind me of me and my mom. – I remember it. When I saw you the first time at the LE, but I was like we gotta meet some time and I didn’t think it was gonna happen so it’s really awesome
to have this opportunity to see you out here, you know? – Well, that’s the whole
reason behind Hello Hunnay. Honestly we wanted a way to
connect more with our fans out there, our fam, it’s hard
for me to call you guys fans, because I don’t look at
you guys as just people who like us. We are inspired by you
and stories like this, so we wanna be able to
connect with people like you and with you guys to learn
more of how we can be stronger, more beautiful and more
confident together. – Yeah, that’s true, that’s
true, that’s not easy, oh my God. – It isn’t easy. It isn’t easy but it can be
fun if you just make it fun every single day with
one little step in a way that you can learn to be
better, to be more loving towards yourself. – Yes, exactly, exactly. Thank you, I was so happy, oh my God. – So cute. – Yes, it’s so cute. I love her hair color too. – Yes, my mom loves your hair color. – Oh really? – Yeah. – Oh thank you. – Like a brown, right? – It’s like a brownish red. – Yeah, I suppose I have the
touch it up in the 30 days. I’m trying to save money, okay? – Or burgundy. You can do at home too. – Say no more. Save money is our middle name. That’s all we do over
here is save money hunnay. Here’s a little checklist to
see if you’re a true Asian. Do you guys save your
Tupperware containers when you come back from places
that’s serve to go food? – [Hillary] No, we’re not that Asian. – What you talking about, I save it. – Send it to my mom, send it to my mom, she’ll save all your to go containers. ‘Kay, second test, when
you guys run out of shampoo or conditioner, do you put water in it and shake it and continue
to use it until — – I do that. (laughing) – Yeah, she do that. Yeah, that’s right. – Ding ding ding, you’re Asian. – I leave upside down
the bottle to try to fix. – Oh, she’ll put the bottle
upside down, I love it. – Yeah, I know that’s what
I did it too, same thing. – I love that. When you eat a banana
and you don’t finish it, do you put the half of
the banana in the fridge? – Yes. – Yeah, we do, we do that,
why, you throw it away? – Yeah, I throw it away, I don’t want no brown
bruised banana later. – No, most of time you don’t throw it, I know you don’t throw it, I
took and I eat all the time. – Mama Kwan, do you have
extra room in your house? Do you want somebody to move in with you? – Oh my goodness, she wish. What the hell you talking about? If I come to your house
one day, believe me, I’ll reach and everybody
the different color like me. – Yes. – More beautiful. – You’ll all walk out like you– – She already beautiful already. – You’ll all walk out like you’re ready to go celebrate the gay
parade in West Hollywood. (laughing) Hillary, I want you to
style up those outfits, however you do, send a
picture and tag Hello Hunnay, okay, I wanna see what you end up doing. I love you so much. – Thank you, yeah it was
a fun fun opportunity to talk to you guys, yeah. – Yeah, me too. – Don’t forget to follow
my Instagram, okay! Thank you, tell your mom too. Oh my gosh. Make you more happiness. – Hillary, run, I’m trying to save you. – She jealous. – Hillary totally set the bar high, so I wanna hear why you want
to be on wearapy as well, so hit me up below. Tell me why we should come
and do a closet consultation for you, I’m reading. – I’m so happy to see both of them. – I’m so glad you decided
to invite yourself. Hillary, thank you so much for joining us, I loved being able to talk to you. Thank you for the shout-out on Instagram. Comment, subscribe. Don’t forget to
hit that notification bell! so you know when every episode is coming. on Thursdays. I love you! -I love you. Whatever you need
Mama Mai over here for you Ok. Don’t forget. -I’m not paying you for this. (piano music)

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